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  1. Top hose prob
  2. Costs of a swap?
  3. Serp belts differences?
  4. Warning: May be a stupid question. Mkiv exhaust on sc300
  5. Car Won't start or idle unless Brake Applied
  6. Name That FPR!
  7. Noise that sounds like knock, but speed dependent not RPM dependent
  8. what do you think about that ?
  9. Torque Specs for valve cover bolts, 2JZ-GE?
  10. Strong smell of fuel
  11. rpm question
  12. Which ARP studs/bolts?
  13. 1jz or na-t 2j build
  14. 1JZ problems surprise surprise
  15. My 95 SC300 NA-T Build (Holset HX40)
  16. Turbo 4.8 LSx SC300 - 509wrhp @ 12psi
  17. Brittle Fuel Injector Connectors
  18. What's the skinny on NA-T with totally stock fuel/control?
  19. Heat Shield Rattle
  20. Any top mount turbo manifolds not made in China for this car?
  21. heater work without an a/c condenser?
  22. ppe engineering headers???
  23. Side by side pics of LS400 and TT calipers?
  24. Reliability and costs for 2JZGTE
  25. Built Auto Trans
  26. 92 SC 400 sputters
  27. New to the site
  28. about to buy my first sc300. just a few questions
  29. SC 400 Valve cover gasket?
  30. Codes 24 and 55... Stuck at work right now..
  31. PS, Speedo, Radio all went out. ABS light on. What just happened?
  32. Huge power loss Please help. PLEASE...
  33. guess who's car is still down...dies when in gear
  34. Vibration after 5spd swap
  35. Vacuum Hose sizes
  36. wierd vibration when driving. tranny or something else??
  37. AEM Map Sensor
  38. 98-2000 SC400 1UZ NA potential powers?
  39. Tuning and Injector Help 1JZ
  40. Where should I begin diagnosing loss of power?
  41. 1JZ wiring diagrams, schematics and info thread
  42. Trac and ABS relay delete
  43. 1992-1997 SC400 Primary Catalytic Converters
  44. 1jz VVTI swap info, a few questions.
  45. sc300 triple pump in-tank installation
  46. sc400 turning off when braking hard help.
  47. SC300 overheating again!
  48. 95 Sc400 tranny problems help please!!
  49. Hesitating sc400
  50. To helicoil or not to helicoil, that is the question.
  51. to Silicone valve cover gaskets, or not to silicone valve cover gaskets?
  52. sc300 exhaust
  53. Dashboard Problems
  54. Input needed; pics inside of my distributor cap
  55. Anybody with a 4.7 swap?
  56. 1JZ patch harness to 2JZ Aristo problem-CEL
  57. 5 Speed SC300 Won't Crank...Doesn't seem like clutch switch...HELP!
  58. my car finally starts and stays running...with a new problem
  59. T-IV or Dexron III for SC300
  60. Remove Cat or Resonator?
  61. **SC400 Crackling Under Acceleration & Stalling Issues**
  62. Bee-r Rev Limiter wiring help! (2jz-gte)
  63. Auto transmission?
  64. Cost to swap to a 2jz?
  65. IS300 LSD in a SC300?
  66. car shuts off by itself?
  67. Help with Clutch Fan install
  68. Catalytic Converters?
  69. Custom Exhaust system?
  70. Valve lifters and seafoam
  71. Transmission shift kit?
  72. Attempting injector replacement, need some advice..
  73. Engine Swap - '98 VVT-i going into '93 SC300 - I am going to rue the day...
  74. Using SC400 differential ring gear in Supra N/A diff?
  75. Using SC400 differential ring gear in Supra N/A diff?
  76. Planning on the doing the 2JZ-GTE Swap
  77. BOV block off for 1jzgte
  78. Power gains without Turbo?
  79. Very odd coolant leak
  80. IS300 oil filter on SC300?
  81. Transmission Question
  82. Trivial question regarding T-belt sticker
  83. JDM 2JGE weaker than USDM version?
  84. Eddie's 2jzgte swap
  85. Vibration from underneath when steering wheel is straight
  86. battery keeps draining
  87. SC400 noob with power steering questions...
  88. Ring Bushing Question
  89. Heater Control Valve help needed.
  90. Climate its not a fuse.
  91. sc400 to 2jzgte r154 swap help
  92. Couple Questions/ Problems...
  93. SC3 not entering diagnostic mode
  94. Removing Cat for Better sound??
  95. What else should I do while replacing head gasket?
  96. 93 SC 400 brake flush
  97. SC300 Coolant leak - Can't find source
  98. Timing Setting
  99. Waterpump leak after 6 months
  100. Supshortblock or rebuild?
  101. Dash wiring! Why?
  102. 97 to a 98 transmission swap
  103. Power steering out!!! Need new one.. But where with out breaking the bank?
  104. part numbers available: SC 2j shroud same as Gs 2j shroud?
  105. will there be problems?
  106. Need a battery
  107. Battery Issues Please Help
  108. Does the 97 +up SC 300's come wit LSD?
  109. getting rid of your fluid fan {sc400}
  110. 1jzgte question
  111. Sc300 auto shifter wont go into park
  112. Continuous battery/alternator issues.
  113. Lean surge at part throttle
  114. Invest in w58 and pray? or go r154 / v160
  115. Type IV ATF fluid- How much $
  116. Engine problems
  117. sc400 battery problem help??
  118. End of swap rev hunting issues
  119. Has anyone had an SC300 timing belt fail?
  120. Turnkey auto to manual swap WANTED, anyone qualified and available?
  121. 95 Lexus Sc300 Hp?
  122. GTE Swap vs NA-T for 600+whp
  123. Power Steering Pump? (video)
  124. I Need Help!
  125. Shift hesitation sc400 tranny
  126. Anyone used KS racing for 1uz w58 swap
  127. Clutch wont engage fully. Need Help!
  128. IAC / ISC price -- are you kidding me?!
  129. r-154 chance should i take it?
  130. precision 61mm at 8 psi...wastegate?
  131. 98 sc300 5 speed swap speedo
  132. 2jzge into a sc400 Questions
  133. Wrong Gas
  134. wastegate too loud
  135. Tranny Pan FIPG...How do I get the ****** thing off?
  136. Which aluminum intake pipe + filter for 2JZGTE with stock twins?
  137. Car still won't start. need help ASAP
  138. Gearing question. (with lsd)
  139. Leaking Coolant around the drain plug
  140. Transmission Fluid Black
  141. Showing Love and TopSpeed Exhaust Quesitons
  142. sc400 - question about multilayer steel gasket for waterpump
  143. Integration Relay and starting issue - Need Help!
  144. Sc300 1jz vvti project help needed!!!!
  145. weird wheel set up??
  146. My SC300
  147. 2jzgte-vvti harness ?
  148. Supra Exhaust Fitment... I searched
  149. Battery / alternator issue please help!
  150. R154 question
  151. Turbo and smog
  152. What else to remove while the engine is out?
  153. Cat converter and straight pipes
  154. Vibration when take off+quick pull (VID inside)
  155. post engine swap high idle and other issues
  156. Skew's SC400 GTE Build
  157. Sc400 help creeps to speed and cats are popping
  158. 92 sc400 ecu
  159. Please help! Changed slave cyl. black fluid & no pressure
  160. Trying to revive a 92' SC400, a few questions...
  161. Help with front main / oil pump seal
  162. 1200cc RC injectors question
  163. R154 Tranny Swap...
  164. Help me pin point this weird sound from my engine??!
  165. "Rough Idle then just die need help"
  166. Battery dies intermittently
  167. sc400 i need your HELP PLEASE LOL
  168. 2JZ-GTE SC300 slow acceleration in 1st gear
  169. check engine light question
  170. 92 SC400 is DEAD - Vid Inside
  171. Idle issue when warm
  172. 1uz overhaul before questions
  173. Code 13 and a Rough Idle
  174. How to wire 1JZ Batch fuel injection to Sequential fuel injection?
  175. 94 GS300 ecu in an 93 SC300
  176. Jdm 2jzgte alternator plug question.
  177. TT head gasket on NA?
  178. Is cold air intake really worth it?
  179. spark plug advice plz!!!
  180. UEGO and Vafc 2 install questions?
  181. help!!!!!!!!
  182. Blackstone labs oil analysis report
  183. Ruh-Roh........ engine noise
  184. Replacing drivers side key cylinder
  185. 93 sc300 injector size?
  186. Fuel pump or worse?
  187. help with aligning alternator pulley
  188. assessment from mechanic
  189. need help with my second 1jz swap
  190. Check engine light
  191. Manual Transmission Fluid Recommendations???
  192. Need some help sc300 94 2jzge
  193. Dtc 25, 26, 41
  194. bad battery cables?
  195. Changing battery cable harness on 92 SC400
  196. Overdrive & Other Issues
  197. Where can I find Axle-Back Piping?
  198. weird overheating issues
  199. DYI: Change your alternator W/ pics
  200. Power steering pump going bad??
  201. Ran up a curb...
  202. serpentine belt squeal
  203. Brake light comes on in hard left turns
  204. How "loud" is loud? 2012 Porsche 911 exhaust note compared to SC catbacks
  205. Is my fuel pump going out??
  206. 92 sc400 shaking at low RPMS
  207. Help!
  208. Automatic Transmission problem
  209. cigarette lighter not working and the RPM meter sick
  210. AEM V2 on Automatic's how do you like it?
  211. Rx7 injectors on 1jzgte question????
  212. 1jz question
  213. Converting to 5SPD - Question
  214. Whistling sound
  215. vvti wiring???
  216. 92 Lexus SC400 starting then shutting off
  217. uggh 92 sc400 wont turn over
  218. HELP! sc400 won't start
  219. one last time..brake light issues n shifter
  220. How much did you pay for your 1jz swap when it was all finished and running?
  221. mk3 supra halfshaft???
  222. Need expertise help. SC400 Overheating!
  223. P1349??
  224. SC300 spark plug (what are you running)
  225. LS1 swap first start up and idle videos
  226. Leaking coolant out of my EGR
  227. How to route heater/coolant hoses with a 2JZGTE swap?
  228. Quick Cam/Crank Timing Question After T-Belt Job on SC300
  229. has anyone put cams on 1uz?
  230. Sc400 jerks when gasing hard
  231. Specific situation.. Auto ECU to Manual ECU?
  232. 2jz bellhousing bolt sizes. help please
  233. New Sc 300 owner needs advice
  234. automatic motor mount
  235. rear housing
  236. 2jzgte wire harness and ECU in a 1.5JZ?
  237. More power in the lower gears
  238. 1997 sc300 Aem fic wiring dagram
  239. Rebuilding SC300 accessory belt tensioner
  240. Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator for Lexus SC300
  241. AN / JIC fittings on an Aluminum Radiator
  242. SC3 oil leak
  243. Best Battery
  244. Replace Timing Belt when getting my Starter done?
  245. 1JZGTE VVTi
  246. injector removal help
  247. Help with 1uz Flywheel...
  248. SC300 tensioner bearing P/N's
  249. 2jzge position sensor??
  250. Loud Alarm inside car