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  1. sorry another catalytic converter question
  2. Who has replaced their cats?
  3. starting issue
  4. I need a valve
  5. **nitrous help please**
  6. Stalled at 60 mph/turn swtch only on n off a few times and it starts..
  7. Power Steering Fluid versus ATF
  8. Need help identifying this part on the 1UZ
  9. Am I missing part of my Fuel Pressure Regulator?
  10. Dome light doesn't work...
  11. P/N for SC300 PS Bearing?
  12. Are Silla radiators any good?
  13. 1jz Head removal tips?
  14. Emanage ultimate noob questions (o2,map)
  15. im lost, code 31, 52 trac off
  16. FINALLY - won't start - RESOLVED
  17. Odd power steering issue
  18. Help me identify this subframe/diff (please)
  19. How does my timing belt look?
  20. Injectors Constant make Zapping Noise
  21. Steering Damper Question...
  22. Exhaust Guidance.
  23. 4" dp fitment
  24. 1jz map sensor voltage
  25. Tranny rebuild?
  26. Sc 1j clutch questions
  27. Is there an easier way to reset CEL and pull codes
  28. 1UZ Automatic tranny options?
  29. need help or link on how to set ignition timing
  30. launching
  31. sc300 1jz project help
  32. please help!!!! sc300 shaking over 60mph
  33. Cam and crank seals
  34. 1jz oil pump sensor leak
  35. rack and pinion leak
  36. ac compressor gray plug
  37. 4.27 auto with overdrive max mph?
  38. '97 sc300 w58 swap emissions help, need ecu pinout
  39. help me! quick valve question
  40. 4.10 Soarer Diff Question
  41. vipec 88
  42. 1992 sc300 fuel reguation problems?
  43. Boost Leak, IACV and Intake Manifold
  44. 1jz guys, need picture of the cam sensor wiring
  45. Why can't I spin the tires off the line
  46. So my engine is cleaner than your mom, but it runs even rougher...
  47. sc400 4.27 diff swap
  48. Giving up
  49. Seems like loss of power under load while driving
  50. Will a Magnaflow 14832 fit an SC400?
  51. Leaking wastegate, Can't build any boost, Question
  52. Easiest way to get to the spark plugs/cams on an SC3?
  53. 1992 SC400 Possible timing issue
  54. Yellow low oil level warning light on?
  55. 2jz-ge obd1 to 2jz-ge obd2 swap alternator question.
  56. Straight Blade or s blade which is better
  57. weird engine code anyone know???
  58. Help lookin short shifter
  59. Diesel compound turbo set up?
  60. MAP and IAT install help needed!!!
  61. RPM limit issue
  62. Engine/main harness for 94 SC400 interchangable with 97?
  63. A/C Leak.. Possible O-Ring replacement?
  64. 1jz swap EFI Fuse poping
  65. throttle body swap
  66. Cleaned IACV, screeching sound?
  67. need good advice on crank dampend
  68. help me make it "tight"
  69. Need AEM EMS V2 start-up cal
  70. periodic issue: cel (o2 bank1+2) and brake light (under hard braking)
  71. O2 Sensor Issues. CEL. Simulators? Skid plate?
  72. 92 sc400 no start
  73. GTE swap, AC only blows cold when set to COLD
  74. AEM EMS V.2, Shuts down when I go into boost. HELP!!!!
  75. bogging,missing and running like crap.........sigh
  76. where to start
  77. 2JZ-GE Head Rebuild Questions
  78. exhaust system
  79. HELP! what is this ticking noise! video inside.
  80. Help please 93 sc400 prob
  81. 1995 Lexus SC400 back pressure
  82. What tune-up bits would be most beneficial for gas mileage?
  83. Weird exhaust sound? With vid!
  84. Engine diagram SC/LS400?
  85. Greddy Emanage Ultimate
  86. MSD Blaster coil make a difference?
  87. So how many of you Bought the Driftmotion AEM pnp kit for 1j's?
  88. Timing Belt Kit
  89. Fuel Pump ECU
  90. 1j overboosting
  91. 1JZGTE Heater Hose part #'s??
  92. anyone have sc400 turn off randomly on turn? (going slow)
  93. unusual sound when turning the wheel
  94. Engine loud ticking from valve area w/ video
  95. 1jz swap and air conditioning help!
  96. Oil soaked spark plugs!
  97. 98+ modded sc's!
  98. Help! What is this part?
  99. 92 sc300 jzx90 swap problems
  100. 2jzge sputters???
  101. Code 71-EGR system malfunction
  102. coolant for sc 400?
  103. problems with my fuel pump?? help!!
  104. Dash needle question
  105. looking for some headers
  106. Red oil light blinking
  107. how hard of a job is it for a exhaust shop to swap out cats?
  108. Supercharged vs Turbocharged
  109. stainless steel clutch lines
  110. Piggy Back Ecu help hesitatiion issue
  111. Cold air intake.Pros and cons
  112. Brass fittings/pipe seal? What do you guys do?
  113. Replaced engine on '97 SC300 now new engine does not have Crank Sensor ring
  114. Could this actually do anything?
  115. A Newbie's Dilemma: Fix it or get rid of it?
  116. Tuning for dummies???
  117. 1st 2JZ-GE Headgasket swap
  118. Auto transmission problem
  119. 1JZ VVTI harness & ecu compatibility HELP
  120. 1jz 57 trim single with lextreme converter
  121. My valve cover won't come off?
  122. FIC Fuel Kit
  123. 97 SC400 where does this vacuum hose go at t-body?
  124. Reset ECU
  125. 1994 SC400 Leaking green fluid anti freeze Took pics of where please help help help
  126. The dreaded "Click" from the starter - 1jzgte A340LE
  127. Help with temp gauge needle.
  128. Supra rad. & universal trans. cooler
  129. Injector compatibility?
  130. Busted power steering pressure hose
  131. Lextreme Torque Converter review
  132. are these the right parts?
  133. Getting more power out of a sc400?
  134. Drive shaft problem....
  135. Inexpensive Horsepower
  136. please help!!!!
  137. what do these go to??
  138. Just installed new intercooler pipe so i made a video :)
  139. I just received my power steering pump and new acv. Does the acv connect to the pump?
  140. Remus mufflers on an SC400?
  141. 1JZ Finally Done! Tuning Issues!
  142. Upper Radiator Pipe help
  143. Building a motor for the SC!!!
  144. Is there a seat memory relay?????
  145. vvti and non vvti compatability??
  146. Sachs Optional power clutch kit
  147. Tranny Flush???
  148. 93 sc300 tranny issues AGAIN
  149. Power steering
  150. acceleration problem
  151. oil level sensor question.
  152. vibration
  153. Repair Manual
  154. Help!!!!! car stopped while driving...
  155. Blown head gasket or something else?
  156. 92 sc300 AC wont fill
  157. Need Help!! Electrical probs.
  158. Low RPM @ Idle
  159. Can someone take a look at these pictures please.
  160. Cruise control on a SC400/W58
  161. Weird metal chirping sound on acceleration, do any of you guys know what this is?
  162. first time running MT et streets VID
  163. 93 SC400 Running HOT "Please help"
  164. mapecu forum
  165. sc300: do i cap this vacuum line/ pic request
  166. SC400 manual swap ?? Quantum ..?
  167. 1jz vvti coil on plug order?
  168. Let the build begin.. 1jz r154 swap
  169. Wheel bearing and brake caliper questions.
  170. Why is my clutch chirping?
  171. Low rpm grinding/whirring noise
  172. mk3 supra injector resistors???
  173. jzz30 r154 poly transmission mount ?? WTB
  174. Smog test failed at low speed
  175. forget the 2j
  176. 1992 SC300 5 speed na-t build Help Needed Please!
  177. Please Help fuelp pump replacement
  178. Fuel Pump replacement
  179. Sc300 1jz vvti questions
  180. Sc400 Engine Stalls
  181. SC400 Hot running issue!
  182. LS1 SC on the dyno
  183. Look what 600 got me. Lol I feel like I robbed someone
  184. Atlanta, GA Tuners, who has the best REP?
  185. First SC300 Experience
  186. My car idles at 200rpm
  187. Car won't start HElp!!!!!!!!!!
  188. Rough idle
  189. Are my engine mounts shot?
  190. California sc400?
  191. Need sc300 na-t project guidance.
  192. Lsd question
  193. crank seal SC300 cost ??
  194. Indentifying LSD.. mk3 vs mk4
  195. 1jz transmission plugs
  196. 93 auto tranny wont downshift
  197. a/c only blows cold upon acceleration
  198. SC400 HP readings
  199. 2jz-ge Oil Pump life expectancy?
  200. canister vsv part number needed
  201. 93 sc300 maf problem help
  202. best street single set-up.....
  203. Lots of white smoke (pics), valve stem seals?
  204. 92 engine harness for SC3 in a 95 SC3 will it work?
  205. Overheating Problems
  206. TDC cam adjustment.
  207. Lextreme Torque Converter and WHP
  208. 1Jz sc300 weird problem
  209. YAAAY!!!! New motor!!!
  210. electrical question/ trouble
  211. exhaust help sc300
  212. 1jzgte high idle
  213. which one???
  214. which wideband???
  215. Added oil now car idles funny??
  216. Im about to start working on my 1993 sc300
  217. Starts fine one day, other days it's dead - very random
  218. 2jz jdm to 1uz harness??
  219. New aem wideband kit!!!
  220. Lower oil pan.
  221. How much the 1995 SC300 2jz motor weight?
  222. 350Z trans adapter?
  223. BW 8374 EFR vs. Precision 6266 CEA (Jourbal & DBB) DYNO RESULTS
  224. 2jz na-t build help!
  225. 1jz dual intake question
  226. Evap canister line
  227. 1jzgte HELP !!!
  228. How to adjust throttle cable in 94 sc400
  229. My car idles SUPER low
  230. what would cause fast turn signal& no bad bulbs?
  231. Good price on an r154 w extras?
  232. The necessary parts for A340 to R154??
  233. exhaust question
  234. which midpipe
  235. Even MORE transmission issue
  236. Unichip GS400
  237. Help 3 battery cables????
  238. Engine bay line sizes? Ps, ac, brakes..
  239. 1992 Lexus Sc400 Mechanical issues *Help*
  240. DIY Replace Fuel Filter and New Flange Nuts
  241. Looking for 98_00 sc400 drive line
  242. What fuel management??
  243. question about sc 400s
  244. Cheap fuel pump?
  245. 94 SC400 has no electrical power
  246. alternator help
  247. Boost gauge fluctuating on vacuum side
  248. Gearbox issue
  249. is this okay? AND what do else should i do while adjusting valve clearance?
  250. 98 sc400 headers are they worth it and which mods are ?