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  1. boost vs police
  2. AEM V2 air conditioning question
  3. Sc400 custom exhaust, o2 bung thread?
  4. SC300 Will crank fine, but won't start
  5. violent misfire and strange noise overnight? video inside
  6. PLEASE HELP! Don't know what's wrong!
  7. what setup are you running in your or gte?
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  9. I need your help CL...
  10. 1UZ-FE Unknown noise?
  11. Misfiring pretty bad in boost, need some advice
  12. sc300 na tt build..Harness question
  13. O/D light flashing...code 61
  14. 450whp Sc300 kill list.
  15. Need Advice on Auto Transmission choice
  16. Need Advice on Auto Tranny
  17. Clutch info
  18. Failed Emissions test!
  19. EGR Cleaning
  20. Sat for days now idles rough?
  21. Thoughts on stock mufflers?
  22. A/c diagnostics : Blowing semi-cold
  23. Resonator thoughts/feedback
  24. 1995 sc400 lights and radio cut off
  25. Cv shaft removal
  26. What do I do with these hoses?!?! FFIM
  27. High idle on start up!
  28. Need help ASAP EMISSIONS FAIL.
  29. Help trying to go distributor-less
  30. anyone familiar with brake motive
  31. sc300 NA-T safc, afc neo specs
  32. FMIC and piping question
  33. Adding freon to 1992 SC400
  34. cooling fan help and is this a mk4 w58
  35. mkiv radiator in sc400?
  36. Oil Leak Only In High Speed/High RPM (SC400)
  37. Driftmotion intake manifold
  38. Bad tranny mounts?
  39. tranny??
  40. Radiator coolant reservoir
  41. searched.. need a few swap q's answered
  42. Something wrong car accelerating and rev'n by itself
  43. exhaust help
  44. questions on auto to manual swap (ecu)
  45. 97 sc300 1jzgte swap! Need help ASAP with wiring
  46. 2jz drive belt tensioner pulley
  47. lost all power. runs rough. help please
  48. "Manual switch" on Aristo Auto A340e
  49. Boost logic 2jzge Trans on 1jzgte
  50. Battery charging light always on.
  51. ecu!!! ecu!!! ecu!!!
  52. Bad engine coolant tempature sensor
  53. Throwout Bearing Rub Marks on Pressure Plate
  54. Check engine light not working??
  55. Cheap Power steering hose replacment
  56. SC300 Exhaust Piping Help
  57. Fuel pump wiring (1JZ > SC400)
  58. Need some ECU Help
  59. A/C blows hot air...awesome.
  60. exhaust Q
  61. 1JZ SC400: Fuel Gauge reading wrong
  62. Speedometer help!!!!!
  63. Problem With My 1992 Lexus SC300
  64. A/C help needed
  65. Idle backfire
  66. which to choose?
  67. Does sc300/400 use the same fuel pump
  68. 1jz vvti auto speed sensor
  69. 1jz - battery light flickering with bumps on road
  70. 1jz auto intake manifold - what throttle pulley?
  71. 2jzgte ticking
  72. Check Engine (CEL) + Flashing Trac Off Light - How to read codes, Help please!
  73. engine is dead, going to do a swap
  74. Center Support Bearing
  75. 2jzgte swap fuel pump question
  76. trans swap questions
  77. To clean or not to clean: MAF Clean????
  78. 92 Lexus sc400 help what is size of PS high presssure banjo bolt
  79. transmission issues
  80. Need Help! Exhaust Question.
  81. Anybody know the thread size on fuel feed line?
  82. Question about Turbo...
  83. Need help with Ac clutch or compressor...
  84. engine rebuild
  85. 98+ shifter plate
  86. If I drive with this "stuttering/sputtering" can I make anything worse?
  87. Adjusting a TPS by hand?
  88. cr with gte pistons, na hg? TT hg?
  89. Tapping into Tial BOV for Boost gauge reading?
  90. sc300 midpipe lenght?
  91. Universal ecu for...Well, everything?
  92. Need HELP with new noise!
  93. need help in south florida
  94. battery light problems!!!!!! help please!!!
  95. Fake Greddy BOV
  96. question 2jzgte vvti aftermarket intake mani, 90mm tb
  97. R12 a/c service still available?
  98. Weird tranny?
  99. Best engine cleaning oil!?
  100. Where to buy a new decently priced MAF and TPS
  101. Bad O2 Sensors causing 92 SC to have NO real power?
  102. Misfiring after swapping OEM wires? Possible Solution
  103. need help with ac problem!!!
  104. Oil catch can setups
  105. Alarm Question
  106. Sc400 bad accelerating stalls/dies when Car is warmed up
  107. side mirror fuse
  108. my "HELP ME C.L."thread
  109. clutch driven cooling on sc
  110. Bucking/surging at around 40 MPH
  111. funny problem (car dies after doing donuts)
  112. 1995 Lexus SC400 lurching on acceleration
  113. This guy says an auto trans driveshaft works on r154??
  114. A340LE code 67
  115. AEM digital Gauges lens
  116. does taking cats off give you worse gas mileage?
  117. Radiator leak
  118. gs300 intercooler piping on sc300
  119. 1jzgte no start/spark - has power at engine fuse box
  120. 1997 SC400 Stalling Issues
  121. Clutch failure.
  122. A/C compressor won't turn on.
  123. 93 SC400 Accelerating Issues
  124. Converting from *.amr format so the Forum can hear my new noise
  125. Special order intake gasket?
  126. SC400 Distributor Noise
  127. random misfire driving me crazy!!! lol
  128. Exhaust/Gas in Cabin
  129. Electrical Problem??
  130. 92 sc400 power steering questions after search
  131. Are these ebay HKS BOV real?
  132. Expansion valve Identity Crisis!
  133. 1jz vvti wireing question
  134. Engine knock sensor PLEASE HELP!!!
  135. ABS lite stays on
  136. Denso 471-1150 vs. 471-1215 compressor
  137. TT 550's on an AEM question
  138. wont go past 2k rpm??? im lost
  139. Oddest check engine light issue ever.......
  140. Is my regulator or IAC going bad?
  141. 1JZ (or 2JZGTE) basic wiring question (searched)
  142. Rear combo light
  143. q45 throttle body wiring for sc300
  144. Opinions on an Engine problem
  145. Air Conditioning drain issue
  146. Capacity of 1993 AC Condensor
  147. My ongoing Sc400 Issues :(
  148. My ongoing Sc400 Issues :(
  149. Overheating - water pump replacement question
  150. 92 SC 400 Ecu Kickdown "Mod"
  151. annoying whining sound from front of the engine!!
  152. engine light...smh
  153. Dropping in the 1j right now quick ??
  154. my 95sc400 CA smog test 2011 and 2012 numbers got better after mods
  155. Best oil for the SC400's?
  156. 1uz r154 pilot bearing p/n
  157. 94 SC400 idle
  158. Fuel Filter Advice needed ASAP
  159. 93 sc300 na-t *iacv wiring*
  160. V160 -> UZ Revisited
  161. 4 runner cap and rotor
  162. R154 front drive shaft
  163. R154 Shifter Extension Play after BC parts install
  164. shift knob help
  165. Which new compressor for 92 r12 or r134a
  166. Can the turbo front housing be rotated?
  167. how to remove ac condenser 99 sc300??
  168. AC poopy-ed the bed, and it's summer in las vegas
  169. Ignition problems
  170. help
  171. oil change help
  172. JDM Soarer Digital Dash
  173. Heater not
  174. Need help, IACV wiring harness shattered
  175. Hello everyone, w56 swap questions.
  176. SC300 battery drain issue
  177. front upper control arms
  178. Clunking noise
  179. What T3 single turbo manifolds are 1JZ owners using?
  180. How much power can a Competition clutch Stage 3 clutch??
  181. GTE 6spd a (sc400 or get a sc300)?
  182. Supercharging SC 400?
  183. '99 SC400 CEL and other problems.
  184. show me your hose!!
  185. Idle Issue with history and questions
  186. Fuel Pulsation Damper SC400
  187. Replace Valve Cover Gaskets + Lots More DIY
  188. soarer 1jz vvti swap questions
  189. low idle
  190. 2jzgte wont crank
  191. Transmission Problem: No Reverse or Neutral
  192. sc300 downpipe exhaust leak help
  193. New 2JZGTE Complete Harness?
  194. need advice on choosing a route.
  195. Climate control and radio not working
  196. wastegate sizing and manifold connection
  197. Dumb question.
  198. 2jzgte map ecu
  199. 1jzgte people come here!!! problem eith tranny mount!!
  200. 93 sc400 help!!
  201. My Lexus SC400
  202. Fuel Pump Not Getting Power
  203. 1JZ swap/SC400 A/C not kicking on
  204. Another AC problem.
  205. Need help with selecting headers for 1UZ
  206. TRAC light on and TRAC OFF light on...HELP!?
  207. 92 SC400 Loss Of Power & Unidentified Leak *PIC*
  208. Rough Idle IACV Idle Air Control Valve
  209. 1j crank walk
  210. 93 sc300 na-t *No overdrive* need help
  211. 1jzgte bov?
  212. need some help my lexus friends.
  213. Tachometer Capacitors SC400 vsSC300
  214. obd2 TT ecu on na-t
  215. clutch pedal question for the pros
  216. auto-tune
  217. What to recharge ky my a/c with?
  218. Powersteering pump re-seal
  219. 1/2JZ w/ 350/370Z tranmisson
  220. Tach tachometer V8 to I6 potentiometer calibration
  221. 1jz breaking up at 2k rpm
  222. What would make my shifter shake?
  223. The Repair Riddle that has stumped a Lexus technician for 3 weeks…
  224. MK3 Supra Turbo auto trans + 1UZ??
  225. Ac questions for sc300 r12 vs 134a compressor
  226. Starting problem out of no where?
  227. 2jzgte swap questions
  228. wheeling hopping why???
  229. BFI Question.
  230. Rack Spacers ?
  231. Rough Engine Idle and Stall
  232. Oil restriction on 1JZ PT6765?
  233. Charcoal Canister Part Identification
  234. Could a bad fuel pump ecu cause the engine to misfire?
  235. 1UZ engine gasket kit
  236. Remanufactured Denso starters
  237. 1UZ knock sensors
  238. 98 VVTI cams ?
  239. Little help please with Crank Pulley!
  240. clutch pedal box
  241. Flashing/Blinking TRAC Off Light help?
  242. DIY: How to not strip 2jz headbolts, how to fix it if you do, and removing your crank
  243. 1UZ limits?
  244. 4.7L Truck headers on 92 SC400?
  245. Misfiring under heavy load!!
  246. 1jz idle/running issues
  247. is300 cooling fan setup ?
  248. 10 hole vs 11 hole waterpump sc300
  249. What line?
  250. 1jz swap CEL 12