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  1. Gas Gauge
  2. Nitrous and Fuel Line
  3. SC430 3.26 Diff??
  4. Anyplace sell 1jz gasket sets anymore?
  5. sc400 95year diagnostic
  6. Alternator question
  7. 2jz-ge q45 toyota tps adapter?
  8. Rear Bulb Out Indicator ON...
  9. HELP, I have high NOX and cant pass CA smog
  10. Sound Proofing?
  11. Bad Cats overheat 96 sc400 (168000 mi)?
  12. buckwheats sc 300
  13. 93 SC 400 running bad
  14. Hose off heater control valve
  15. 99 sc won't start.
  16. Engine Bay Harness
  17. Wastegate options on 2jzge turbo manifold?!
  18. JDM ECU Piggyback Setups - post them up
  19. car suddenly running bad
  20. has anyone used seafoam to lower NOX levels
  21. Powder coated the rear diff today!
  22. SC 400 '95 Transmission Front flange
  23. 92 sc300 hard start help
  24. Clutch, ebay vs. jcwhitney any good?? help
  25. O2 sensor question
  26. SC400 probs
  27. 1JZGTE IACV Bypass?
  28. A/c delete serpentine belt part number?
  29. Unusually High Idle After Driving
  30. Precision 6365H or Precision 7068
  31. Automatic Transmission Fluid
  32. 1993 Sc300 Build
  33. '00' SC400 code P0121 $1750 for repair?
  34. OBX Headers for SC400. Who's going to be the Guinea Pig?
  35. maintance: breaks and rotors... gas tank pressure?
  36. Can I use evo 8 560cc injectors?
  37. ENGINE BLOCK Bolt Ears (holes) for Trans broken off
  38. help me identify injectors
  39. PCV Valve Replacement
  40. Fuel pump problem
  41. 1995 sc400 crossed battery terminals no power
  42. O/D Flashing DTC89: Need help removing code
  43. help! rpm goes really high when i start my SC400
  44. 1jz aeromotive fpr install help!!!
  45. Na-T Crank Seal Issues
  46. 92 sc300 tons of white smoke and now motor wont turn over WTF!?!?
  47. 1992 sc400 lack of power
  48. FFIM on auto sc300
  49. 1UZ Vs 06 BMW M Roadster
  50. Help SC400 overheating and boiling coolant!!!
  51. 2jzge spark cutting off at high rpm
  52. Just started my 2jzgte swap!
  53. Trans and motor mounts question
  54. Need help with my na-t sc300!!
  55. Seized spark plug
  56. 1jz aluminium piping leak
  57. Short and Simple.
  58. 1jz hydro fan options
  59. sc400 spectre 10.5inch intake
  60. Intake resonance chamber
  61. Power steering completely dead
  62. Car wont start, thinking its the starter.
  63. Throw out bearing spacer.
  64. Removed resonators. i am dissapoint.
  65. any 1jz vvti running tomei arms m8280 turbo?
  66. 1jz and emissions!
  67. 2jzgte power fc guys!
  68. is it safe to buy a 1jzgte ??????? need advice
  69. 2JZGTE head and intake manifold
  70. 1999 sc300 CEL code P0155
  71. 1992 SC400 failed smog in CA
  72. Starter gone bad, can i get to it without lifting the car?
  73. Coolant bleeder valve 92 sc 400
  74. Hx35 Holset Help
  75. Turbo UZ guys simple question.
  76. Few questions I have about future mods
  77. sc300 project help please!!
  78. what tranny would you go with and why?
  79. Wants to turn off when I complete stop.
  80. Plugs / wires / oil weight
  81. rear diff...
  82. Coolant Tank Sensor / reserve tank assy
  83. Howe Throwout Failure?
  84. swap help - ECU???
  85. What would cause my Fuel Pump to stay ON after I turn off the car?
  86. Won't start
  87. complete NA
  88. 2jzgte vvti swap issues with speed sensor.
  89. Rear subframe 1993 sc300
  90. Sc300 turns off randomly
  91. engine oil leak-iuz-fe
  92. which tranny cooler?
  93. should i add a tranny cooler on single turbo 2jzgte
  94. 1997 sc300 ecu help
  95. car jerks forward and backward when driving
  96. Fuel Pump stays running (No 12V mod)
  97. Weard power steering problem
  98. injectors question
  99. Heat valve
  100. Tranny won't shift out of Park
  101. Fuel economy specifically with 1JZ VVT-i stock/BPU and R154 5-speed and LSD 4.083:1
  102. A/C Diagnostics
  103. Dash light problem
  104. is dark gunk/oil normal under valve covers of jdm aristo motorset?
  105. help with my exhaust leak
  106. Battery light on but alternator and Battery are ok...HELP???
  107. Need to get things cleared up! Help!
  108. 93 SC300 Aristo Swap No Temp Or Tach After Fix
  109. SC400 not starting, help plz
  110. Hesitation misfire during steady acceleration and when stopped with load on motor
  111. fuel symptoms
  112. 1jzgte downpipe options?
  113. need help please sc300 issue
  114. car problems
  115. fuel tank vent line in engine bay question.
  116. white smoke, power steering issue (acv)
  117. Problems with electrical and now ignition. Need help.
  118. my exhaust
  119. Branch Resonator on SC300?
  120. Tail lights
  121. Ignition timing
  122. 1992 lexus SC300 2jzgte jzs147 (HELP ???)
  123. 93 SC400 using coolant in overflow tank
  124. Installing Engine with transmission attached
  125. Hesitation and idle issues after Head Gasket install
  126. Gte guys what is this for?
  127. Help! How to install harmonic balancer?? Special tool?
  128. Where to get the rear crossmember/diff bushing?
  129. Where to get the rear crossmember/diff bushing?
  130. MAF adaptation for 98+ vvti sc300
  131. High pressure powersteering hose Where to buy?
  132. 1jz-gte vs. Turboed 2jz-ge
  133. Other Small Issues.
  134. Headlight Relay Issue + Wont Crank
  135. Clutch Return Spring Problem?
  136. sc400 pcm in a sc300
  137. 99 sc300 starter removal
  138. 1jzgte White smoke
  139. 95 SC 400 Blower moter going high then low Showing codes 21 and 43.
  140. Interference Engine
  141. Engine Trouble 92 SC400
  142. Starting problem please help!! Vids inside
  143. Turboing my sc300
  144. Need help with valve cover gasket!
  145. Who has done the vvti to non conversion???
  146. Map sensor wire diagram or colors heeeellllllpppp!!!!!!!
  147. Code 22 Engine Coolant Temp Circuit
  148. Looking for Bart???
  149. Supra Fuel Pump in Sc300
  150. trans code 42 and engine code 29 not revving past 4k in 1st
  151. Diagnosis Assistance Needed 92 SC400
  152. sc300 wont start ... some input/suggestions please
  153. Take off sucks!
  154. 1997 sc300 p0401 HELP
  155. Where does this intake vacuum line go??
  156. Anyone ever use the Transgo 340-HD2 shift kit? Just bought one going to install.
  157. pcm / ecu part number interchange
  158. speedometer subassembly gear
  159. Fluid leak. At a loss...
  160. 93 sc400 smog please help !!!!
  161. Bought the SupraStick; Need paddle shifters?
  162. car finaly gave up maybe?
  163. sc300 w58 vs mk3 w58 tail housing length.
  164. Chaser Auto tranny in SC300?
  165. 1997 sc300 P0171
  166. Better than BFI
  167. Want to know if 2001 m5 motor can fit
  168. precat worries
  169. Sc400 Warm Issues, and no spark (Sometimes)
  170. 1998 sc300 turbo help
  171. Need some Help, Engine Dies
  172. r154 slip yoke
  173. sc400 oil light on
  174. pros vs cons remote oil pan/pump for 1uz turbo
  175. When do we change our water pump?
  176. Tuning a 1jzgte single turbo with E-Manage...?
  177. Does anyone know what this exhaust is?
  178. Help on MSD 8920 Install *searched*
  179. Single turbo guys
  180. Need an estimate
  181. How can I verify That a Transmission is an R154?
  182. Burning up MAFs
  183. check engine & trac off lights on after mild tune up
  184. Exhaust leak help.
  185. Engine randomly shutting off while driving
  186. Brian Crower 1jz 264 camshaft results.
  187. High HC on smog SC300 - changed everything
  188. A new FFIM offering for the 2JZGE?
  189. have somebody experience with this upgrage ct15b
  190. injector and what?
  191. Heart Transplant
  192. some advice please? one of my turbos has an issue
  193. just wanted to share this video
  194. Custom Exhaust Front Pipe?
  195. P1121 code, tried a few things but nothing! Help!
  196. Brass radiator SC400: Prestone or Toyota Red?
  197. P0171- help
  198. SUUUPER frustrating Code 14(Ignition Signal) OBD1 issue.
  199. Overheating
  200. sc300 manual front driveshaft length
  201. HELP! Problem with Car..
  202. Best auto trans for sc300?
  203. 2000 SC300 with 2jzge vvti Timing belt and water pump?
  204. Diff Swap
  205. Alright guys why is it so hard to get a manual swap?
  206. GTE Head swap on GE Bottom or Just go 2jzge NA-T
  207. S2000 AP1 6-speed conversion?
  208. AC unit NEED HELP
  209. Help!!!! Grounds 2jzge
  210. Sc400 w58 Swap
  211. Urgent
  212. SC400 Air Suspension Creaks?
  213. Fuel Rail Question
  214. Wastegate question...tial or precision?
  215. fuel guage does not work
  216. Major mistake during the swap , don't make the same mistake I did !
  217. Vacuum Hose Placement
  218. 92 SC400 200k CEL Code 052
  219. leaking tranny fluid
  220. Slow cranking
  221. SC300 Burning to much gas
  222. Fujitsubo Exhaust Clip
  223. is300 valve covers on sc300?
  224. Fender exit downpipe
  225. Injen intake on a 97 SC300
  226. Bleeding new clutch mc? Special procedure?
  227. This is all I really need to do the gte wiring merge correct?
  228. Widow question!!!
  229. Coolant loss
  230. Exhaust resonator questions
  231. Going rich but only at 2K? SC4
  232. Alternator..rebuild, replace, upgrade?
  233. harmonic balancer help
  234. Fuel pump not working
  235. SC 12V fuel pump mod- 1JZ
  236. Throttle Body Issues?
  237. Where to buy Motor Mounts
  238. Lots of oil from pcv
  239. Where do i find a 1/8th BSPT to -3 AN fitting?
  240. 1JZ Alternator will not carge battery
  241. HKS FCD explination?
  242. Ac light flashes on sc400 with 2jzgte swap
  243. bad starter... how to get car started
  244. 92 sc400 transmission type A340 or A341?
  245. SC400 problems HELP!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!
  246. 1UZFE with manual swap, Vvti or not
  247. 5spd swap shifter/trans problem need help
  248. SC400 Neurosurgery - wiring harness repairs
  249. Clutch swap help
  250. Actual NA-T intercooler plumbing kit foud? legit?