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  1. Setting TPS to spec. Only reads "4.74 ohms" Help?
  2. SC400 1jz-gte or 2jz-gte swap
  3. 1jzgte Exhaust manifold gasket/ Turbo oil outlet
  4. Questions about 1JZ Hose Routing
  5. Sc400 shutting off issue
  6. Clean Throttle Body with BG 44K or Sea Foam?
  7. Quick Q: Strong gas smell at all times-EGR M hose?
  8. Recomedation for clutch 92 SC300
  9. check engine light issues
  10. Help with 93 sc300
  11. Heat not working in 98sc400
  12. Excessive Blowby?
  13. Important - SC300/400/GS/MKIV diff drain and fill plug bit type
  14. Cluster Repair!! HELP
  15. 2JZGE vs GTE
  16. Factory Fuel Filter
  17. Virtual Tuning?
  18. 1jz Upgrade
  19. Engine noise only when in gear
  20. Anyone ever ran a TT auto trans from...
  21. 98 Sc400 shakes and trac light flashes and check engine light is on now
  22. 1998 Lexus sc400 engine light and trac light flashes
  24. Bushings replaced or entire rack and pinion?
  25. Custom Alarm Sounds Possible?
  26. Speedometer broken, Odometer and all other work fine
  27. Help me identify this squealing noise in engine
  28. TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Non-VVTI 5-speed
  29. Super low clutch
  30. Auto pulling in second
  31. Precision Gt 4202 or BW s372 turbo..... Any advice?
  32. 2jzgte vvti what standalone ?????
  33. Hks vs jun 264, which one!!!!
  34. twin scroll turbo on single scroll manifold... ?
  35. 93 SC300 145K need help DTC code 25 and code 26
  36. OReilly Global Auto Trans Fluid??
  37. 2000 SC300 GTE Swap
  38. anyone have Pics on Dual Pump setup for in-tank?
  39. 2000 lexus sc300 intake ?????Help
  40. Lets talk power steering
  41. Squeal Upon Engine Start
  42. Any one here running a supra tt cruise cable on a gte swap?
  43. SRT intake for sc400
  44. Help running rough and dying! :(
  45. Transmission shavings?
  46. SES Light help please
  47. Urgent help
  48. SC300 fuel tank
  49. 2jzgte and 1jzgte wiring harness question?
  50. Stalling/dying issue on a 1992 SC300
  51. Chaser? 1j in sc
  52. Which al radiator best bang for the buck if you have 2jzgte swap?
  53. Puzzled on Tach Connection on 1UZ for Idle Check
  54. 95 SC300 won't idle
  55. Sc400 with 2jzgte which motor mount to use?
  56. 12 cm holset hx35 housing
  57. Car won't start!! Disconnected iacv??
  58. 98-2000 vvti SC400 Intake options
  59. valve stem caps used as shims
  60. Recently finished W58 + 1JZ swap into SC. Shifting/tranny issues.
  61. Resonator Delete SC 400
  62. Question about the A340 transmission
  63. intake manifold gasket install ?
  64. more sc power
  65. Would the timing belt be replaced over 100,000 miles?
  66. Lsd options for a street SC?
  67. my sc300 has a random misfire need help
  68. Sc300 has power, battery is good, but will not start
  69. What do I do with the stock IAT sensor??
  70. Automatic Headlight Question
  71. 1uz twin turbo build
  72. VSV Bypassing...Heating blows cold...
  73. Composite 2jz headgasket
  74. Tank fuel filter?
  75. R154 pricing question guys
  76. 7m-gte exhaust manifold vs 2jz-gte
  77. HELP! No Start after tune up
  78. Aristo swap in my 93 sc300 Wont start. fuel and spark are good!
  79. SC400 "pops" at idle and "shakes" from 40-50 mph
  80. can anyone here identity my exhaust
  81. 1JZ, stock SC400 rear end noise!
  82. Custom fab parts
  83. HELP with blower motor
  84. 1JZ overheating a little
  85. Whats your number??
  86. Reverse Camera Connector Layout
  87. Free Toyota Pre-OBD Datalogger Found!!
  88. 1JZ VVT-i running problems...
  89. 92 SC400 1UZ to JDM 2JZGTE Swap Help!
  90. Search for a Mechanic
  91. AEM v2 Sc300 2JZGTE Cranks but no spark; no igniter
  92. Old Transmission Fluid??
  93. Air Bag Light
  94. Please help no heat
  95. Faulty TPS or MAF Sensor???
  96. I have a maintenance issue? Any help?
  97. whats cuasing this?
  98. anyone two bovs?
  99. Smog fail
  100. Help!! Dying 97 sc3
  101. In need of a DIY for valve cover replacement for a 1JZ
  102. Plugged EVAP vent line
  103. How should I proceed?
  104. Can, it be done?
  105. Anybody here running a chasebays gte harness?
  106. 1jz big twin turbo
  107. Please help car wont start
  108. Just bought a Jdm 2jzge. Few qestions.
  109. 95 SC300 issue
  110. IS300 to sc400 coilovers question
  111. jdm 2jz boost
  112. New ignition key needed?
  113. VSV for Evap?
  114. Whistle/ screeching sound from throttle body
  115. CEL and TRAC Light On Codes (13,17,54)
  116. sc300 vs sc400: in terms of engine swap
  117. Need Help,1JZ Engine Half Built,How to Complete her?
  118. 94+ supra auto trans in Sc
  119. Issue: Buzzing Drone Sound at Low RPM
  120. Engine mounts $1200?
  121. ? about modded knuckles and daily driving?
  122. R154 swap clutch help
  123. Middle vents wont blow
  124. Installed turbo intake now compressor surge?
  125. sc400 how do you get to the rack to install dm ps hose?
  126. Tt ecu help
  127. 1997 SC300 auto trans issues??
  128. 94 SC300 Speedometer Harness Burned Up
  129. Winter is coming...FCD or SAFC?
  130. Where to buy Fuel pump and sending unit
  131. Loud Taps At Cold Start Ups - 95 SC300
  132. You really need a inline fuel filter for the feed?
  133. Let me see your electric fan setups....
  134. SC400 92-97 engine swap to 98-00
  135. Starts with starting fluid..wont stay running
  136. Differences between 1jz soarer and sc400 a340E transmission
  137. Im thinking about straight piping my car but need opinions
  138. Ecu/Tuning Question!?
  139. Help me Fix my SC300 - black smoke
  140. Rear diff identification.. "F2OSZ 3-1"
  141. Which mkiv supra fan and shroud do I need for swap?
  142. How do I route these heater hoses (1jzgte) ?
  143. transmission code
  144. Please help!!!! Car starts backfires when starting to boost.
  145. 1jgte guys on singles what did you do for iacv?
  146. choices, choices, choices...which transmission should i go with?
  147. Does the 1st gen 1uzfe have 2 cam sensors?
  148. Power Steering
  149. NEED HELP!!!car keeps DYING!!!
  150. Cant seem to figure out whats wrong with the car
  151. dyno reading automatics
  152. SC400 W58 Swap Parts List (Clarification Needed)
  153. 1JZ SC400 Cannot Get CEL to flash (Followed wiring procedure)
  154. Need Help, Don't know what to do!!!
  155. sc300/400 pictures!! add on!!
  156. 97 sc300 iacv connector wires
  157. Question: 2jzge vvti vs. 2jzgte vvti
  158. Need Help - How to Put sc300 Distributor back in
  159. 1jzgte !!!!!!
  160. Need Help - How to Put sc300 Distributor back in
  161. aem wideband install help
  162. 97+ sc300 auto to manual help
  163. Turbo Question
  164. turbo question!
  165. Transmission swap maybe
  166. TT usdm ecu in na-t wont start.. Need Help!!
  167. So the "Alternator FIRE O-Ring Leak" happen to me a few hrs ago :(
  168. 2jzge vs 2jzgte oil dipstick
  169. Putting a distributor back in
  170. 1uz in a sc300 5 speed?
  171. question about downstream O2 sensor wiring
  172. SC300 problem..Need help!
  173. Best Headers for VVT-i SC400?
  174. Ecu pin out on aristo blitz ecu?
  175. Start up/shut-off issue.
  176. first na-t build
  177. lexus sc300 r154 help
  178. Help ASAP cold weather poblems
  179. Engine Control 1UZFE
  180. Results of Timing Belt Service
  181. Used intake and wire harness...anyone?
  182. having a problem oil smells like gas
  183. Long Time Member/Rare Time Poster - Car Isn't Starting :)
  184. 97 sc300 1jzgte swap info requested
  185. sc300 running rich help
  186. Prognosis is... blown headgasket
  187. SC400 coolant reservoir replacement
  188. sc 300 wont start after swap
  189. BOV Vacuum
  190. Whats A good turbo For sc 300 2000
  191. SC300 Problems.
  192. SC300 Starter Contact Part #
  193. Fuel injector o-ring part number
  194. need help on some info on the swap
  195. Awesome! My 1JZGTE VVTI will be here next week!
  196. Grumbling Sound From Engine On Start Up
  197. Pics of Your fuel system in your sc
  198. AC vents
  199. Need help with ECU and AFM obd1--->2 conversion
  200. Cam Timing
  201. SC400 being converted to 2JZ-GE w/ Auto - Need info plz
  202. na-t vs jdm 2jz
  203. exhaust manifold and o2 sensor question
  204. common oil leaks?
  205. CA : Failed Smog
  206. From NON VVTI to VVTI..??
  207. Left outer brake light not working!
  208. Just installed turbo....a few concerns...
  209. Rough shifting...?
  210. Sloppy W58 shifter. What about new bushings for TRIPOD Shifter setups?
  211. 1998 sc300 2jzgte swap
  212. Shifter Question ?
  213. After 1JZ ECU Repair Please Help
  214. Won't idle, but............
  215. need a little electrical help on 5speed swap
  216. Help 97 sc300 with r154
  217. Rear end question on LS1 swap
  218. Help guys: Need info on 1JZ VVTI
  219. 1jz won't start after swap need help!!!
  220. weird engine noise sc400
  221. Help!! Sc400 is dieing!!!! +++ +++
  222. My compression test numbers, good or bad?
  223. Removing 1JZ Turbo Manifold
  224. 55K miles 97sc300. need FNG help (maint./engine light)
  225. Sc300 with 3.76 gearing possible?
  226. Ebay w58 1uz adapter kit $175 WHAT?!?!
  227. resurface pads?
  228. Moar SC400 probs
  229. oil level light comes 2jzgte swap
  230. how to remove cats on sc4
  231. Question about AC problem!!
  232. Mass Air Flow sensor cleaning gone wrong.
  233. MR2 Electronic Power Steering Pump?
  234. Megasquirt 2 in parallel with factory ECU
  235. Axle Upgrade Options?
  236. A/C plug
  237. Not sure where leak is coming from.
  238. Ge iacv
  239. engine tried to die out at complete stop. help
  240. Need help fast!! Car is having trouble building boost?
  241. Anyone Adjusted The Valves Before?
  242. Intermittent Issue/Best Order to Perform Maintenance
  243. 97 sc300 minor repairs exhaust,steerwheel shakes, speedometer etc..
  244. harness splice is this normal
  245. sc300 OBD1 ECU question
  246. FI CNC Files
  247. 97 sc300 iacv wire colors
  248. Another cleaning maf thread
  249. Very long story short
  250. 1jz swap ecu options