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  1. 24KT gold iPhone 6: real or not?
  2. Microsoft Hololens
  3. Historic London photographs
  4. Playmate's Karma: A Tragedy IRL
  5. Investment Thread - stocks, bonds, real estate, retirement
  6. Excel experts. Make row 1 a header
  7. Happy Earth Day! . . . maybe
  8. Japan's maglev train smashes world speed record @ 603 kmh
  9. Fantastic Four Official Trailer ...
  10. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Teaser Trailer
  11. Michigan Automotive Repair Shop Causing Waves
  12. SR-71 losses
  13. Volvo Life Paint
  14. Daredevil series on Netflix
  15. Got Your Federal Taxes Done?
  16. Bill Arhos, Music TV Pioneer Dies at 80
  17. Uber's Curbside Breathalyzer
  18. C-card was skimmed
  19. Season 5 Game of Thrones!
  20. Robert De Niro cast as Enzo Ferrari
  21. interesting article -- "I QUIT: WHAT REALLY GOES ON AT APPLE"
  22. Dukes of Hazard actor James Best passes away
  23. A murder of crows
  24. Defeating "Supercookie" Tracking on VZW
  25. Low Power FM: The Hottest Thing in Broadcasting
  26. The Passover/Easter Connection
  27. t mobile in Florida
  28. 17-year-old girl with the body of a 104 year old passes away.
  29. Easter, in Other Words
  30. Intoxicating Adrenaline
  31. Martha Stewart kills it! (Bieber Roast)
  32. check this video out it's funny as poopy doopy
  33. Of Fear and Flying Monkeys
  34. Solar Panel for the House
  35. I spend more time on CL than my girl does on pintrest
  36. James Bond 007: Spectre
  37. Daytime TV Commercials
  38. 8000th Boeing 737
  39. Insurance guys recoverable depreciation value
  40. Dashcam crash: Lexus hits scooter
  41. Airbus A320 crashes in French Alps, 150 feared dead
  42. Watch out for Cyberspace Scams
  43. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
  44. Eagle's flight from top of 2700 ft Burj Khalifa in Dubai
  45. Climate Change
  46. The Bachelor Fart That Stopped A Nation
  47. Home chef.....backyard BBQ....
  48. What freaked you out as a child that you remember well?
  49. is california really running out of water?
  50. (satire) Apple Engineer interview about Macbook 2015 (by romanian android youtuber)
  51. CA residents might want to load up on r134a
  52. Dragon ball z – holographic kamehameha
  53. Who's playing what on Steam?!
  54. Laser procedure can turn brown eyes blue
  55. Home Humidifier Suggestions?
  56. Windell D. Middlebrooks Dies
  57. Apple Watch - what do you think?
  58. Can Ducks Drown?
  59. Porcupines in Love
  60. 1:24 Supra Build Thread
  61. ‘Caught Mapping’ The story of the men who mapped our highways
  62. Just in case people were unaware...
  63. Med practice software, what to choose?
  64. Actor Harrison Ford injured in small-plane crash in Los Angeles
  65. Chicago Cubs Hold the Keys to the 'Back to the Future' DeLorean Car
  66. USB 3.0 same limitation as 2.0?
  67. Time Change Sunday at 2 AM
  68. clash of clans hacks
  69. Everything But the Kitchen Sink . . . Well, Sort Of
  70. The Neighborhood Goes On . . .
  71. SW13GS - Congrats on the TWINS!!
  72. Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ dead at 83
  73. In a rally tomorrow... any good apps for tracking my location?
  74. Computer Eyeglasses
  75. Car battery that won't drain
  76. Woman recovering after freak accident with power drill tears off scalp (NWS photo)
  77. Sounds of Decades Past - or What's a Cha-Ching?
  78. A 2,000 Year Old MBA, from the First Emperor of Rome
  79. Today's joke
  80. HA! Now We Know Who the Culprit Is . . .
  81. Those phony Service Contract Refunds
  82. Happy Chinese New Year!!
  83. Jeep Imprint Left in Ice Defines Frigid Winter 2015
  84. Sorry for my absence.
  85. Aviation? - Career Advice
  86. Need advice & recommendations for Phuket, Thailand
  87. A Lexus Service shoutout
  88. A New Look at the Historicity of Easter
  89. Cabin Fever in the East
  90. Life Hacks: Cheap, Non-Toxic "Flea Powder"
  91. Woman detains suspect in high speed crash.
  92. Vehicle CCTV systems
  93. 911 operator tells teen to 'stop whining' after fatal car crash
  94. Fund-raiser for Detroit commuter reaches $300K
  95. Trip to Los Angeles. Suggestions
  96. "Flying the Feathered Edge" Documentary
  97. TransAsia plane crash-lands in river in Taiwan
  98. Saudi Arabia Building Better Border Fences
  99. Unique road trip destinations (Western U.S.)
  100. 27 Reasons Why Women Live Longer
  101. World Of Speed: The Toyota Supra MKIV
  102. Phrases you hate hearing people use
  103. Windows 10 Thread
  104. Man turns in $800 worth of pennies to bank
  105. Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer
  106. Home Repair/Maintenance Forums?
  107. Movie "American Sniper"
  108. Shipping carrier for oversized package
  109. Top Gear Series 22 Trailer
  110. Driver Hits Pedestrian Then Makes a Run for it Hitting Two Car & Running Biker!
  111. Car Dealership Hassles and Belittles Pizza Delivery Guy Over $7
  112. Any other Robotics coaches out there?
  113. A strange Purring in my Engine bay
  114. resyncing keyless remote
  115. Russia bans transgender drivers
  116. Sicily bridge collapses within days of opening
  117. Warning for Cineplex Patrons . . .
  118. Opening FroYo Shop
  119. Any boaters here
  120. Anyone that has experience with propane burners
  121. New to Club Lexus
  122. Donna Douglas Passes at 82, Farewell "Elly May"
  123. 15 Financial Resolutions
  124. RIP Stuart Scott
  125. Touchscreen built into coffeetable? Worth it?
  126. Another NYE in Houston - Man Killed by "Celebratory Gunfire"
  127. Here is one fuel efficient motorcycle.
  128. Happy New Year, CL
  129. “Who is going to be your first thought in 2015?”
  130. Stephanie the goat loves her peanut butter!
  131. The Ten most annoying things I see people do every day.
  132. Chicago's 8th Annual Restaurant Week
  133. Magic Highway, U.S.A. (1958)
  134. 10 years ago today
  135. Merry Christmas
  136. Witnessed a Package Theft on X-Mas Eve
  137. Merry Xmas! - a Historical Context
  138. Family flight A350 XWBs Jets Flying in Formation
  139. 10 Years on Club Lexus for me
  140. Better Business Bureau
  141. The POV thread
  142. Escort 8500
  143. I'm 24 today
  144. Be careful who you try to scam.
  145. Hot Wheels loses Ferrari diecast contract to Chinese company
  146. Professor Goes to War Over 4 Dollars Worth of Chinese Food
  147. Oregonians use supercar collection to make sick children smile
  148. This Man Should Have Been Bill Gates.
  149. Sony-Playstation-4-20th-Anniversary-Edition selling for crazy prices on eBay!!!
  150. Air Canada Gives Some London Ex-Pats the Coolest Christmas Gifts . . .
  151. Google Inbox invites
  152. Official Terminator Genisys Trailer
  153. Miracles - Do They Exist?
  154. Sons of Anarchy
  155. Oil Christmas
  156. Selling your unlimited data plan with AT&T
  157. So who has the oldest computer?
  158. What were your Black Friday scores?
  159. Official Trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
  160. Stamps
  161. Happy Thanksgiving, CL...but take it easy.
  162. What are you getting your other half for Christmas
  163. Training for Turkey Day!
  164. Carpet Steam Cleaners
  165. Mike Nichols, Americas Most Honored Dramatic Director, Passes at 83
  166. Ken Takakura dies at 83
  167. I Have a Gub . . .
  168. Ikon says hello....!
  169. So my girlfriends dog just bit my face to hell
  170. Despite Paul Walker tragedy, studio expects at least 3 more Fast and Furious movies
  171. What hours do you work?
  172. EVGA Z87 FTW and 2x8 GSkill- 51 error
  173. Glen A. Larson Dies
  174. Motorcycle off a ski jump.......
  175. Google teaching robots how to fight.
  176. Fury movie trailer
  177. CNN Anchors Use Surface Pro 3 as $800 Kickstands for iPads
  178. Interstellar movie (SPOILERS ALERT !!!)
  179. t mobile ?
  180. My mini motard
  181. Travel Agent - EMIRATES Connections ???
  182. Dolphin/Dog are best friends
  183. Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void
  184. Star Wars Episode VII: The.....
  185. Has anyone ever donated a car to charity?
  186. Tom Magliozzi from Car Talk passes away
  187. Fast and Furious 7 movie
  188. The Future of Air Travel - With a View!
  189. ipad air 2
  190. U.S. sues AT&T over alleged 'data throttling' on phone plans
  191. Accident Problem - Insurance
  192. Amazon changing pricing ?!
  193. Airlines Roll Out High Concept Safety Videos
  194. If you have 10 days to go anywhere in the world….
  195. A Bit of WWII Revisits BC
  196. well the wife said she's a week late :)
  197. Has Hendo created the Model T of hoverboards?
  198. Tablet for around $100
  199. AMC unveils theme song for Better Call Saul
  200. Turn your lights off
  201. Naked breasts billboards cause 517 accidents in one day
  202. Traveling for the First Time
  203. Honeybees Attack Van . . .
  204. No legs, all heart: Alex Zanardi completes the Ironman at speed
  205. Second graders try a $220 seven-course dinner at Daniel Boulud's restaurant
  206. Fun with Vidometer iPhone App
  207. Air Umbrella holds off the rain with a force field of air
  208. Ran my first Half Marathon
  209. Korean car crash vids - like the Russia ones
  210. Jan Hooks SNL vet dies at 57
  211. What not to say on a plane
  212. What to do in Austin & San Antonio, Texas?
  213. completely unlocking an iPhone
  214. Ford stock
  215. Hey, one more Birthday. I feel blessed to have this one
  216. t-mobile ceo interview
  217. Need help coming up with a name! Chime on in!
  218. Recommendation - AutoBroker
  219. verizon will not throttle unlimited plans...
  220. OnePlus One invites. I have 2 that expire in 2 hours.
  221. First diagnosed case of Ebola in the U.S.
  222. 40 maps that explain food in America
  223. Happy Rosh Hashana!
  224. Ballmer dead set on ruinning everything he gets his hands on.
  225. Any Biochemistry peeps around?
  226. Most Arrogant Person on Television:
  227. Microsoft Office / PDF expert?
  228. Alaskan TV reporter curses, quits on-air to focus on pot (VIDEO)
  229. need opinions from attorneys or law students
  230. Home camera surveillance systems
  231. Aren't M3 owners awesome?
  232. Dream Home
  233. Recent Experience with TTC Performance
  234. Billionaire Peter Thiel tells Apple: Innovate more
  235. so, I lost my cell phone earlier….(need advice)
  236. Looking back at Oprah's free-car giveaway 10 years later
  237. Other so called news...
  238. Oscar Pistorius found not guilty of murder
  239. Things to do in Vegas & San Fran?
  240. Russian Hackers Release 5 Million Gmail Usernames and Passwords Online
  241. Newbie Signing in
  242. 1990 Celsior Help
  243. RIP Joan Rivers
  244. The art of stealing a cow...
  245. Chinese Top Gun Barrel Rolled Over US Plane
  246. Swiss hail success of drive-in brothel
  247. Murphy- what should be quick isn't!
  248. Starbucks to trawl for college students with food trucks
  249. Gift cards for cash. Best website/business?
  250. flight diverted, Cops called after fliers fight over seat recline