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  1. Straight Pipe
  2. IS250 AWD Invidia mid pipe question
  3. Possible Custom Intake
  4. have anyone tried Agency Power ecu flash
  5. Good resonator for IS350?
  6. PPE Headers actually work?
  7. 2006 Lexus IS350 JoeZ Performance Exhaust NEED HELP
  8. E85 Tune Available for IS350 Yet?
  9. Is there a reason why no one touches the internals of the engine?
  10. Ovtune ECU tuning experience/review
  11. (force) fitting an ARK DTS exhaust onto an AWD IS
  12. Engine of all engines (calling all engine experts)
  13. New IS350 Owner!! I have questions...
  14. 2006-2013 IS350 Bolt ons and tune. N/A 300+ Rwhp!
  15. Installed a true CAI
  16. PPE Headers + Invidia Mid Pipe + HKS Hi Power
  17. Adding F Sport Intake to Magnflow axle back exhaust, too raspy?
  18. Intake mod results
  19. Stand Alone Engine Management
  20. Lexus IS: Supercharging, Turbocharging and Nitrous Modifications
  21. Meistershaft GTS Exhaust in a IS350?
  22. DIY midpipe swap advice
  23. Intake that doesn't take air from engine bay?
  24. Need your opinion, Invidia midpipe stays or goes?
  25. 08 IS250 AWD/Auto mods?
  26. Add Magnaflow (or alike) to stock IS250 system, ok?
  27. Manzo exhaust with res delete
  28. Lexus HKS exhaust
  29. Upgrade IS 250 exhaust, best choice for deep tone?
  30. Best way to eliminate rasp?
  31. RR Racing vs. TTFS Engine Tune
  32. AFE Pro DRY S Stage-2 Intake + Invidia Mid-Pipe + Tsudo SP2 Axleback V2
  33. PPE/Mazzuri Header Performance Gain Discussion
  34. Invidia Q300+Mid-pipe question
  35. Another Intake question..
  36. CEL after installing Injen air intake on 2011 ISF
  37. E-cutouts
  38. Deleting resonator?
  39. In search of the perfect sound...(Invidia Axel+ Megan Mids+ Joez intake)
  40. Joe Z intake + Megan Mid + Tsudo Axleback
  41. Performance upgrades
  42. My Tuning Tech Frank Smith Experience
  43. The Black Sheep - European IS220d Performance Mods Thread
  44. Megan midpipes / invidia axelback
  45. Invidia midpipe + CEL = :(
  46. IS350 2007 K&N intake before and after
  47. IS250 Awd '07
  48. Exhaust help please.
  49. help - new midpipe gaskets
  50. ECU Tuning Questions/Answers
  51. OS Giken Super Lock LSD for me
  52. Intake modification
  53. Intake kit choice HELP !!
  54. TTFS Tune for the IS250?
  55. Boost awd 250 or upgrade to 350
  56. Exhaust issues
  57. Exhaust suggestion needed : Axle/Cat-Back for an AWD IS250 2011
  58. Can i add an exhaust control valve to my joe z exhaust?
  59. AWD 2007 IS 250 Front Pipe replacement
  60. Where to buy stiffer exhaust hangers?
  61. 350 lextacy build
  62. You think RR Racing will tune our cars too?
  63. Tanabe Exhaust Torque Specs
  64. is 250 to 350 engine swap
  65. Recommended site to buy Megan Mid Pipe?
  66. Coil pack upgrade = more power?
  67. Need your opinion! To midpipe or not to midpipe
  68. Tanabe Exhaust Axleback Gaskets
  69. Installing intake and midpipe in a few days.. tips??
  70. Vibrant resonator
  71. Which exhaust would you recommend for my 07' is250 AWD?
  72. Muffler Delete?
  73. 2007 Lexus Is350 muffler damage?
  74. My 2006 IS350 Exhaust blocked
  75. Electric SuperCharger
  76. Supercharging my lex
  77. Exhaust
  78. Had clutch replaced and now 1st/2nd are misaligned
  79. Tanabe exhaust system
  80. hks + invidia mids?
  81. HKS + invidia mids rasp?
  82. HELP!! intake or midpipe?!
  83. HELP! Need help identifying leaking (?) part....
  84. Drop in air filters
  85. Spectre intake
  86. Any confirmed fixes for transmission code p2757?
  87. Auto Acceleration with Cruise Control on
  88. Invidia q300 exhaust mid pipe
  89. Best intake ? ?
  90. transimission slipping
  91. Adventures in installing a lightweight battery, part 2.25
  92. Where to buy mapecu3 / hks f-con harness for 2is?
  93. I have a 2007 IS300
  94. IS250 RWD Transmission Swap?
  95. Aftermarket clutch not disengaging
  96. alumunium insulator for main exhaust
  97. Another I installed a Tanabe Axle Back Thread
  98. Need a new mid pipe for my 06 is250
  99. Tsudo exhaust!!
  100. F Sport Exhaust Gaskets
  101. PPE header / O2 conditioner question
  102. Ark Performance, are they still in business?
  103. Invidia Midpipe question!
  104. Tune Questions for an IS250
  105. What's your 1/4 mile time with bolt on I/H/E?
  106. What's your 1/4 mile time with ECT PWR Mode on?
  107. Magnaflow Glasspack
  108. HKS hi power exhaust w/ ap2 tips, silencers
  109. IS250 AWD Exhaust Help
  110. "Satellite switch" in 2008 Lexus IS 350???
  111. F sport exhaust too quiet?
  112. Safc ii
  113. does anyone backfire when you slow down (f-sport exhuast)
  114. PPE Header Installation Shop in Bay Area
  115. Exhaust Question Researched and still nothing need help
  116. Invidia Midpipe + Axleback
  117. Can I Swap an is350 motor into my Is250?
  118. looking for ultimate performance cai to buy
  119. Is250 on nitrous
  120. New at Lexus
  121. Adventures in installing a lightweight battery, part 2
  122. Heat Wrap Afe Intake Is350.
  123. HKS SSM look-alike for IS250/350?
  124. Are there any knock-off f-sport intake arms?
  125. Stillen Supercharger kit
  126. IS350 Afe Intake stage 2 plastic tube, heat shields.
  127. Retrofitting iS350 Supercharger To IS250
  128. Invidia mid pipe back ordered?
  129. Road Race Motorsports Piggy back dyno test
  130. Websites to order Joe Z intake still down?
  131. tein ss coilovers question
  132. Does 3IS intake pipe fit 2IS?
  133. Drive Shaft Loop for IS2Gen
  134. Bridgestones or Hankooks?
  135. Can someone post the DIY FSport Intake installation instructions from Sewell please?
  136. Suggestions on exhaust setups?
  137. Engine Air Filter Showdown: K&N, Stock, Aftermarket
  138. OBX Racing Sports Axleback Exhaust System
  139. Fender vents
  140. Invidia mid pipe?
  141. Exhaust
  142. IS350 w/ F Sport Exhaust with F Sport Intake (High Quality Video)
  143. Mid -Pipe Only to Improve Sound and Performance
  144. Best sounding exhaust set up?
  145. Upgrades for my Is250 auto 08?
  146. Joe-Z Intake
  147. Low end torque got worse with intake?
  148. exhaust tip options
  149. High output alternator- where to get?
  150. Exhaust for 2IS 08..Need help
  151. PLEASE HELP! IS250 won't shift out of 3rd code P0125, P2757
  152. K&N 69-8704TP intake on the second gen?
  153. Road race Motorsport piggy back
  154. HKS silencers?
  155. Best intake for an 06 IS250
  156. Injen Intake Fitment Help
  157. Black Soots From Exhaust all over rear bumper and trunk
  158. Invidia mids
  159. Megan Mid Pipe
  160. Muffler Delete Pros & Cons
  161. 3is aftermarket axle back exhaust
  162. F-sport exhaust where to purchase?
  163. Ark Throttle Controller
  164. invidia midpipe help!
  165. Tsudo Axle-back Installed
  166. Resonator Delete
  167. Aem is250 and is350???
  168. Hks hi-power or joe-z exhausts?
  169. IS350 HKS hi-power+intake in tunnel
  170. Your thoughts of FSPORT intake
  171. WTB Fsport intake and Fsport exhaust
  172. IS350 catless setup with tanabe + invidia
  173. FS and wtb belong only in classifieds please
  174. Ecu flash
  175. any ideas on what this could be???? IS250 wont start
  176. ppe headers
  177. Turbo
  178. Has to be a way.....
  179. NEW Denso Iridium TT (twin tips)Spark Plugs
  180. can someone tell me if this sound is,normal?
  181. cant find joez exhaust is350c
  182. 3IS owner question about specific set-up
  183. IS350 True Dual X-pipe into Invidia Q300 Build
  184. F Sport Sway Bar and Intake?
  185. Invidia midpie install and O2 sensor troubles
  186. New Mufflers Only
  187. I need help to buy headers for My IS350
  188. Are 12's Possible?
  189. Advice on Ebay Ap2 Exhaust Tips
  190. Injen intake install... Check engine
  191. Changing tips of f sport exhaust
  192. HKS Hi-Power AxelBack Exhaust Dies off after 3500rpm, Possible Solution: Intake?
  193. HKS Hi Power Question
  194. In Search of No Rasp Exhaust Set-Up
  195. Clarification given on Forced Induction (S/C) 4GR FSE Engines
  196. Is HKS Hi-Power Exhuast Worth getting rid of Stock Exhaust Altogther?
  197. Question about exhaust?
  198. Benefits of Aluminum Radiator
  199. Installed F sport lower intake box
  200. ECU tuning, no really.
  201. 18" f-sport wheels & tires for sale
  202. QUICK POLL: ppe headers w / o cats??
  203. Where to buy awd ppe headers?
  204. Removing Primary and Secondary Cats IS250
  205. question about ppe headers and living in cali
  206. Water leak in the rear bottom floor!!
  207. good performance chip for 2012 lexus is250
  208. Remove resenator
  209. So I gutted out my primary cats
  210. Magnaflow Custom Exhaust
  211. arma intake system in my 250~
  212. Looking for best no-rasp exhaust AWD
  213. Exhaust gasket question
  214. ARMA Variable Exhaust Valve?
  215. ark dt-s exhaust
  216. Best intake?
  217. Arma supercharger is250
  218. limited slip for a mk3 supra compatible with a 3IS?
  219. Joe-Z intake
  220. H.I.D Headlight options
  221. Magna flow resonator
  222. Invidia midpipe with stock exhaust
  223. Let's play...... Guess that wheel
  224. Any way to improve shift performance on is350?
  225. IS250 Greddy EVO3 Exhaust
  226. Factory dual sport exhaust option
  227. M2 exhaust on ebay price change?
  228. Carbon fiber driveshaft
  229. MapECU worth it
  230. Installing injen sp series intake
  231. QUICK HELP! INJEN Intake question
  232. need exaust system advice
  233. Supercharger help
  234. Opinions on Invidia Q300 axle-back + Invidia mid pipes
  235. PPE Headers/Stock Mid-Pipe/Invidia Q300 Axle-Back combo?
  236. IS250 AWD PO430 code
  237. In search of exhaust setup
  238. PPE headers w/o cats + dual exhaust
  239. Anyone with Invidia Midpipe & Muffler Delete
  240. Is350 in the 1/4 12's Roll Call
  241. JoeZ exhaust drone caused by F-Sport intake?
  242. Debating on what exhaust to get for my 07 IS350
  243. D1 Spec throttle controller
  244. Is250 with the HKS S/C questions
  245. exhaust pipe diameter at oxygen sensor
  246. 06 IS250 Evaporator bad or Maybe not?
  247. muffler vs exhaust (axle-back)
  248. 2011 Lexus is250 RWD cold air intake whcih one is the best???
  249. 2006 is350 quick exhaust clip
  250. '09 is 250 thinking of installing intake & exhaust?