View Full Version : 2Gen IS250 / IS350 / IS-F Classifieds (06-13)

  1. FS: TEIN S-tech for IS350 - BRAND NEW!
  2. FS: 8000k D4S bulb
  3. K&N FILTER; used 5K miles- $35 shipped
  4. FS : Stock OEM rims from 06' is350
  5. FS : 06' is350 Sports Suspension...
  6. Wtb : Used Hks And Tanabe Exhausts!
  7. WTB Staggered X-Package wheels.
  8. Wtb: Used Exhaust System
  9. WTB 4 TPMSs
  10. WTB:IS350 Rims
  11. FS: Black/Obsidian OEM Front Lip
  12. WTB: front left (driver side) fender
  13. WTB-TANABE EXHUAST 2008 is350
  14. WTB: OEM style carbon fiber hood
  15. LED and shift knob for sale
  16. FS: my IS-F front bumper cover (slight bump in it)
  17. F/S Tein CS coilovers.......
  18. WTB: USED HKS Hi-Power OR Tanabe Exhaust
  19. WTB: HKS Hi-Power Exhaust
  20. FS: HKS hi-power lexus is250/350
  21. WTB: Tom's body kit
  22. ** WTB: OEM GFX Body Kit**
  23. FS: TEIN super street coilovers
  24. WTB: IS JDM Fogs
  25. WTB: 1 Liquid Graphite OEM 18" Front
  26. Clear Courtesy Lamp set
  27. F/S black obsidian GFX front spoiler......
  28. WTB: Wald rear spoiler...Crystal White
  29. WTB: Tanabe exhaust for 08 Is350
  30. IS-F Collectible Button Pin
  31. FS Stock IS350 Shocks + Springs (Non-Lux/Non-Sport)
  32. Wtb: Sri
  33. FS: Lexon Exclusive Front Lip
  34. FS: OEM Lexus Japan Rain Visors
  35. IS350 Work Varianza T1S
  36. FS: Vaistech SLS Sirius kit w/everything
  37. WTB OEM rear spoiler for Red Mica
  38. FS: Tanabe Medallion Exhaust
  39. WTB is350 main engine cover
  40. WTB - 18 oem tires for 2IS
  41. FS** Front stock lower lip** $85 bucks shipped
  42. WTB: Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner
  43. f.s lexus is250 ,is350 oem parts 06+
  45. WTB: IS250/350 shark fin antenna
  46. FS: 2IS Jun-Tw roof spoiler (Crystal White)
  47. Wanted: Joe Z intake
  48. Wtb: Lexon Roof Spoiler ...
  49. **Full GFX Body Kit** Crystal White!
  50. FS - stock aluminum door sills (black interior, front pair), stock 18" wheels (rear)
  51. *LUMINICS Jdm Yellow Fog's* 9006
  52. WTB: 07'-08' Graphite ISx50 Wheels
  53. FS:IS250 engine cover-perfect for painting
  54. FS: Door sill
  55. *CL's Biggest 2IS part out Sale*
  56. Do you know?? WTB 2IS Trunk Spoiler
  57. FS: OEM IS350 Exhaust
  58. Selling my INGS rear lip
  59. Wtb: K&ntyphoon
  61. FS: Blitz grill (REPLICA)
  62. Fs: Piaa Tera 9005
  63. FS: Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner
  64. FS: Blue Illuminated door sills
  65. WTB: Crystal White roof spoiler and JDM visors
  66. WTB: GFX Rear Lip
  67. WTB: OEM Lexus Ground Kit
  68. WTB:Blitz Grill, Carlsson Lip, CF Overlays
  69. WTB: IS250 Greddy SP2 or Tanabe Medallion
  70. WTB: JIC Coilovers IS350
  71. Demo Samples for ISx50
  72. Piaa Platinum Mirror White 9006 Foglights: STOCK HID MATCHING
  73. FS: Black Illuminated Door Sills
  74. FS: Xenon Depot 6000k Phillips Rebased Kit
  75. WTB-Carson Tuned mesh/Blitz grille
  76. FS: Tanabe Sustec Underbrace
  77. FS: Lots of stuff
  78. WTB: Front Lip in BWB
  80. FS: Used Tanabe DF210 springs
  81. SOLD: OEM Black Pearl Badges for IS350
  82. FS:IS250 RW Tanabe DF210 **Brand New**
  83. WTT: MY TeinS Springs on IS350 OEM set up
  84. FS: Xenon Vision 8K D4S/c Bulbs for 2is oem hid
  85. WTB: used or new greddy exaust
  86. FS: Stock IS350 axle-back exhaust
  87. WTB: Used JoeZ!
  88. FS: IS250/IS350 GPS Navigation $950!
  89. FS: Eibach IS250 Springs $200 NIB
  90. WTB: Megan racing coilover
  91. wtb: Tein SS Coilovers
  92. FS: BRAND NEW TEIN Comfor Sport
  93. WTB: stock 2007 is250/350 low beam HID bulbs
  94. Lms Intake And Exhaust Must Go !!!
  95. WTB: OEM Navigation Unit
  96. FS: GFX front lip Obsidian Black
  97. FS: is350 Fujita intake
  98. FS: is350 eibach springs
  99. Aerotect Smoke Taillight & Reflector Overlays
  100. FS: Aerotect Overlays & Stainless Rear Sills (black)
  101. WTT: Stock rims and tires for coilovers
  102. WTB: Grey OEM floor mats
  103. IS 250/350 Wipers / Red outs - Rvinyl / Yellow fog Rvinyl / iPod/iPhone cord for sale
  104. WTB: Roof Spoiler....Crystal White
  105. FS: OEM rear spoiler....Glacier frost mica 074
  106. FS: Polarg 13k SMT LED's (Wedge 194/168)
  107. FS: Replica Blitz Grill
  108. WTB front fenders gfm!!!
  109. White IS-F Seats?
  110. FS: A pair of Aluminium door sills
  111. FS: Lexus OEM Rubber Mats IS250 AWD
  112. looking for is250 main engine cover....
  113. WTT: Wood trim for silver trim
  114. FS: Tanabe DF210 Springs
  115. WTB: 08 low mile sport springs
  116. WTB: Passenger-side HeadLight (for auto leveling model)
  117. WTB: 2nd Gen IS350 Sport Suspension
  118. WTB GFX Kit
  119. FS: brand new front GFX lip
  120. WTB GFX front lip
  121. wtb: Tein S and H&R Springs
  122. FS: 18" Chrome Center Caps (Absolutely New)
  123. FS: Stock Pedal Pads (Not Sport Package Set)
  124. FS: Stock Shifter (Auto)
  125. FS: Chrome Billet Grille
  126. FS: Stock Intake IS250 RWD
  127. FS: Stock Springs IS250 RWD
  128. FS: Fabulous Rear Canards FRP
  129. Wanted: GFX front lip
  130. WTB INGS kit, or at least front lip
  131. FS: Tein SuperStreet Coilvers Lexus IS350 06+ (mint condition)
  132. FS: Eibach Pro Kit for IS350
  133. F/S Carson Grill already painted black
  134. FS: Polarg JDM HB4 9006 Fog Light Bulbs 4350K 105W
  135. WTB: oem rear lip, tungsten pearl
  136. FS: A pair (2) of OEM Lexus Illuminated Door Sills (indiglo blue)
  137. FS: 8000k HID DS4 Bulbs & 8000k matching 9006 HID Foglight Kit
  138. WTB: Eibach or H&R springs
  139. FS: Fujita SRI in Black
  141. WTB: IS-F spoiler (smokey granite preferred)
  142. WTB: wheels spacers for stock wheels
  143. WTB: Crystal White FRONT Bumper
  144. FS: Tanabe exhaust...SoCal
  145. WTB: OEM IS350 trunk spoiler
  146. Fs: 08 Is250 Rh/lh Tail Lights $200
  147. FS: IS250/350 GFX Lip kit (Durable Poly-Urethane)
  148. WTB: Obsidian GFX Front Lip
  149. WTB: Carlsson front lip
  150. FS: OEM Front Lip [Not GFX] & OEM Exhaust
  151. WTB: OEM bump stops or trade OEM stock sport suspension for my Tein CS + $$$$$......
  152. FS: Yellow 9005 NRG Optics Bulbs.
  153. FS : Black Aluminum NON-illuminated door sills
  154. FS: IS250 Stainless Steel braided brake lines
  155. FS: Coilovers for IS350 JIC FLT-TAR
  156. F/S: K&N Typhoon Intake Kit
  157. Injen intake for $115 IS350
  158. FS: Generic Brand Intake for IS250/350
  159. Rotora Front/Rear Big Brake Kit
  160. FS: HKS Super Hybrid Filter
  161. blitz drop in filter
  162. WTB: JoeZ intake pipe...
  163. WTB Starfire pearl rear bumper!
  164. FS: ***F-Style (Fabulous Replica) Rear Canards, New, Not Painted***
  165. Stock IS350 Springs
  166. WTB Stock Muffler
  167. For Sale or Trade : HKS adjustable Coilovers (Factory tuned test) for SO CAL Only
  168. Lms Cai 4 Sale
  169. Wanted: tanabe exhaust
  170. Wanted: Front GFX Lip Crystal White 062
  171. F/S Fujita Intake
  172. 07 Lexus IS250 front lower oem grill
  173. Fs: 07 Front Bumper With Oem Lip
  174. WTB: Obsidian black Rear Deck Spoiler
  175. FS = aluminum door sills
  176. FS: Starfire - OEM stock Front Lip (not x-pkg)
  177. FS: Black CF Carson Tuned Grille w/ Core + Bracket
  178. FS: NEW!! full right front end suspension assembly
  179. FS: McCULLOCH 10000K Bulbs H11
  180. WTB: Tanabe Exhaust in NJ/NY/PA
  181. FS: Jun-TW Roof Spoiler
  182. FS: Wald Quad Exhaust
  183. WTB: Tanabe Exhaust
  184. Wanted: Ings rear lip obsidian black
  185. F/S: Front IS350 Factory 4 POT
  186. FS: JDM Polarg J-51 194 LED Parking Light
  187. FS: JIC FLT-TAR for IS350
  188. Injen SP2 Intake
  189. FS: tein SS coilovers is250/350
  190. FS-Stock Exhaust Tips
  191. F/S: 20mm H&R hubcentric spacers that are 1 day old w/ studs.....
  192. ~Stock Front lower lip~
  193. WTB: Tanabe Medallion Exhaust
  194. 2006-2007 Is250, 350 Billet Grill
  195. Fs: Tanabe Medalion Exhaust
  196. WTB: K&N Intake
  197. FS: TEIN SS coilovers
  198. 08 IS250 RT splash shield
  199. 08 is250 RT fog light
  200. FS: Injen SR Intake
  201. Fs Extreme Blue Hid D2s Bulbs
  202. WTB-Illuminated Door Sills
  203. FS: '08 OEM IS250 Exhaust $130
  204. WANTED: HKS Hi-Power Exhauset (axleback)
  205. FS--New K&N Air Filter still in the box
  206. **Powder Coated Black Chrome IS350 Full Brake Setup**
  207. WTB: H11 philips 6000k HID bulbs.
  208. FS: Tanabe Medalion Touring
  209. FS-New JoeZ and K&N AF Package
  210. FS: Lexus HKS Exhaust, Injen Intake, Element114 spoiler
  211. Wanted: front gfx lip BLACK OBSIDIAN color
  212. FS: BLACK Non-illuminated Door Sill for front doors
  213. FS: Aluminum sports pedals, illuminated sills & stainless rear sills
  214. Wtb: Hks Hi-power
  215. WTB: Roof Spoiler
  216. Jun Trunk Lip Spoiler
  217. FS: Silver "Carbon Fiber" Overlay
  218. WTB - Front Grill
  219. WTB: Tein CS Coilovers
  220. FS: Blue Illuminated Scuff Plates off my 2007 IS350
  221. FS: JDM License Plate Bracket
  222. FS: 1 watt LED DRL bulbs $10 shipped
  223. FS: mirror bracket for Valentine 1 $30
  224. IS250 2WD Computer
  225. FS: NRG Optics DRL & Fogs
  226. WTB: Non-Illuminated Scuff Sills
  227. Brand New Espelir ASD Springs for IS250/350
  228. FS: 2 Clear ES350 Door Lenses BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE
  229. FS: IS250 OEM non-sport springs......
  230. 2 month old Tanabe for sale
  231. FS-New White Illuminated Sill Plates-Black
  232. Wtb: Stock City Lights
  233. FS: Fabulous Rear Canards....
  234. WTB: 1 X-package wheel
  235. F/S Colgan Custom Bra.
  236. Wtb: Need Sport Pedal Only The Accelerator
  237. HKS Hi-Power for Sale, Orlando, FL
  238. WTB: 06 CRYSTAL WHITE front and rear bumper IS350.
  239. FS: Escort Solo S2 Cordless Radar Detector
  240. FS: Black Carson Carbon Fiber interior dash kit
  241. WTB: Starfire Pearl Front bumper and rear bumper ASAP!
  242. For Sale Now: Hks, Iforged, Vertex, Fujita, Eibach
  243. WTB: IS250 AWD all weather mats
  244. Sell me your JDM visors
  245. F/S Black Factory Front Lip and Fabulous Rear Canards
  246. WTB Joez intake
  247. WTB Aftermarket Exhaust.
  248. front gfx lip for sale
  249. FS: Brand New XenonDepot 6000K D4S bulbs
  250. FS: OEM door courtesy lamp $15 OBO for both Part #81230-47010