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  1. GS430 or GS350. Which one would you buy?
  2. GS430 oil leak help!
  3. Hi everyone
  4. Sun roof
  5. my car gs430 had problem
  6. Should I BUY this 2006 gs430 ?!?
  7. Wheel/Offset Help
  8. where to buy lug nuts? 3GS 350 07
  9. problem with 20s set up
  10. Front camber kit 3GS
  11. LED D4S Headlights Installed
  12. Has anyone purchased Power Stop Rotors and Pads?
  13. Door lock at 10 mph
  14. Injen on my engine
  15. Wheel decision
  16. Need some help... Wheels fitment!
  17. New GS owner from Tampa, FL.
  18. Time to replace pads and rotors
  19. Bought a GS430!
  20. brake upgrades
  21. Will these work ????
  22. 2013/2014 GS/IS Rear calipers will they fit on 3GS?
  23. can anyone confirm the RWD struts will not fit AWD ?
  24. DIY rear pads and rotor replacement
  25. heater/AC issue - HELP
  26. dropped and alignment
  27. Build up on exhaust tip?
  28. Broken Carson tuned front lip, looking for options
  29. Sparkplug changed
  30. Car won't start, lights won't go off
  31. alignment on a sage kit
  32. Sage Sunday
  33. what are some GS350 AWD lowering problems?
  34. Help Radio Issue
  35. Who makes the loudest exhaust?
  36. What should I look out for when buying a 3GS?
  37. lug nut key keeps breaking?
  38. Maxlux hid bulbs
  39. Gs350 tape player keep ejecting?
  40. New Wheels on 06 GS430
  41. Where do I find body kit that fits?
  42. change the color of my car
  43. Dash rattle '11
  44. Gonna Race my mate - Liberty GT
  45. DRL Fuse Location and what amp fuse
  46. 10+ Lexus RX cup holder for GS?
  47. REAR Sunshade - Visibility Issue
  48. might need to replace the front windshield on my 07 GS 350, thoughts?
  49. Completely ripped off at the Dealership (don't ever do extras in service)
  50. 2006 GS430 Coolant Issue - Air In System?? PLEASE HELP!!!
  51. Uk Newbie needs some help on Wheel size / offset
  52. 2006 lexus GS 300 Windshield Wiper Replacement
  53. Custom GS300
  54. Tire side walls wearing faster than the middle?
  55. zex kit
  56. Headlight beam crossed???? Need help clearification.
  57. Should I Sell my 2006 Lexus GS 300 AWD with $180K miles ($4K external mods) for $10K?
  58. Streaming Music
  59. 2nd Gen GS Owner thinking about getting a 3rd Gen
  60. DIY GS 350 rear caliper painting rusted calipers! (by removing calipers)
  61. The AWD Gs at 100k?
  62. Tire Size, Anyone can help??
  63. DIY door hinge hole drilling and lubricant
  64. No more "Stance" more "Function"
  65. Saturday morning project on the GS430!
  66. Rear Seat Trim Panel Removal??
  67. About to Jump ship. Need help being brought back (or just new car itch?)
  68. Suggestions for my 08 gs350
  69. vais unit and XM quality
  70. interior lights
  71. Gs430 nav/radio/lights out
  72. Newbie here build in progress
  73. Sunroof dead
  74. Need Help for choosing wheel
  75. Should I cop these!
  76. Lexus GS vs hail... (got on the wrong side of ebay again)
  77. High milage Maintence
  78. Hybrid grill for 2011 GS350??
  79. Drain & Fill debate (once again)
  80. Fluttering sound when accelerating - GS460
  81. GS430 First Year Reliability
  82. DIY: GS350 07 low beam bulb change
  83. 07 gs350 seat trim?
  84. Plastic Engine cover
  85. metalic scraping sound when turning right
  86. DRL Blub Housing - Miniature Lamp Bulb Swaped for LED
  87. Vais MML installed
  88. Engine Induction Service Part of normal 30K maintence Worth it on Carbon Issue Cars?
  89. Vled V3 Triton in front turn signal lamp
  90. AWD front axles
  91. Door courtesy light 3GS
  92. Buying new tires any suggestions?
  93. Help i need a quck hid answer before purchase
  94. Looking at 09-10 GS 350s
  95. GS300 AWD new brakes squeek
  96. 2006 GS300 AWD Rotors
  97. Should I buy a 07 gs 450h with 86k miles for 16k?
  98. Door Open Sensor Goes Off Over Bumps (periodically)
  99. New wheels dont fit :(
  100. MPG Average not correct? too high?
  101. Advice Keep Driving car, get a new one or put up for a spare.
  102. Serpentine Belt
  103. Led swap on Lexus GS450h done
  104. Amp wire length?
  105. GS450h Speedo fit GS300???
  106. Hello! And in the market for a used 3rd Gen GS.
  107. GS450h Mods
  108. why is it so hard to find 275/30/20 tires as of lately?
  109. IS steering wheel on GS
  110. DIY Alternator removal
  111. 4080 sub box
  112. Window visor on ebay?
  113. 2006 Lexus GS 300
  114. Best High and low converter to use with ML audio?
  115. New to Lexus....2011 GS 350 AWD
  116. center console and gearshift lighting?
  117. tranny issues code: p0751 stuck selenoid
  118. any member runnin CONCEPT ONE wheels plz share
  119. Anyone have VOSSEN VFS/1 on there GS?
  120. Mirror replacement with e-bay mirror
  121. Driver Side Air Mix Servo Motor
  122. anybody airbag light come on before
  123. Driver Side Seat Issue
  124. Part Identification **need help**
  125. AWD woes. RWD conversion?
  126. Double Feature.
  127. 2009 Lexus GS350 AWD Transmission act funny after transmission service (Flush)
  128. Help please. What lip is this?
  129. will the 2IS AWD coilovers also fit the 3GS AWD ?
  130. Should I go 20" without droppin or 19" wheels and drop it? '11 GS350 AWD
  131. headlights turning off and on?
  132. Climate Control -D Cold Pass-hot
  133. GS430 AFS blinking and bouncy rear HELP!
  134. soft brake pedal?
  135. Need Advice on HID replacement
  136. Looking to purchase a 2006 gs430
  137. Rim and wheels
  138. Loose lug stud, maybe stripped splines, how hard to replace a lug stud?
  139. Very Frustrated
  140. FNG here!!!
  141. 2006 Lexus GS good battery Car is dead
  142. fuel sensor leak and intake cam gears replaced
  143. Strange ticking noise coming from behind gauge cluster, tied to speed
  144. Wheel fitment question
  145. Lowered gs350 on stance gr+
  146. 2007 gs350 electrical steering/ wiring corrosion f
  147. Performance ehancements
  148. 06 gs300 awd oil filter housing question
  149. Did the Gs350 get powertrain extended warranty after the recent recall?
  150. Car won't start with "Check VSC"
  151. Ebay chrome trim visors?
  152. 3GS OEM splash guards, is there a US distributor?
  153. New Owner of 06 GS300 AWD
  154. My Dyno runs.. 362hp 324tq
  155. I agree....
  156. Gs350 replaced the 2is!
  157. Will 2013-2015 F sport 19" wheels fit on my 06 GS300awd?
  158. What is a reasonable price for charging
  159. 08 gs350?
  160. Shadow lights
  161. Brake pedal feel
  162. air conditioning is intermitently working
  163. Fog Light housing removal
  164. New member and question
  165. 2008 Lexus GS350 - Brakes, Struts and Shocks (Oh my!)
  166. Headlight Beams Cockeyed
  167. M2 Performance or Top Speed Exhaust
  168. Wheel bearings going bad?
  169. 2006 gs300 180k miles for $3500 good deal?
  170. HID burned
  171. The Parrot RNB6
  172. Need info on intake
  173. CL New Guy
  174. Rain X headlight repair kit
  175. 3GS LED low beams
  176. DIY : GS 350 07 rear caliper change!
  177. Want my car to feel like new again, what do I have to replace?
  178. rain and akebono pads!! Scary!
  179. Bootleg version tis techstream question
  180. Rim MakeOver 2.0
  181. 2007 Gs350, take a look at this service history? Worth buying? Any glaring problems?
  182. Car vibrates in D and R but not N, steering wheel also has some vibration.
  183. 2008 Gs 350 transmission smells/sounds
  184. Finally Part of the Club, bought a 2007 GS 350 AWD
  185. driver side view mirror housing etched?
  186. GS430 headers
  187. Opened bottle of brake fluid?
  188. StanceMagazine Feature
  189. plastic cover screws?
  190. brakes hard upon start up, then normal after I start car
  191. Front lower grill?
  192. 2007 gs350, are all GS headlights auto leveling HID?
  193. I may have found out why our rear view mirrors suck...
  194. Extended warranty is it worth it?
  195. Wheel fitment question!
  196. Tires for GS 350 2009
  197. Does changing the stereo head unit leave ML system in tact
  198. Just wanted to share
  199. Dashboard still rattles after a visit to the dealer on my 2011 GS350
  200. Gs identify brakes??
  201. Did these oem rims come in this color?
  202. 08 Gs350 Rotors
  203. Front Rotors & Rear Rorors 08 gs 350 awd
  204. Just picked up a 2011 GS350 AWD today with only 1 key fob
  205. Rear ended...again
  206. Driver side windshield wiper not working
  207. 19x9.5 rims with 255/40/19 tires square setup on '11 GS350 stock height plz help
  208. AWD GS350 with a tire size question
  209. PROACT braking Pads and Stock Motor
  210. Brake pads, Rotors and Calipers
  211. is there any easy way to confirm if my rear calipers are locked up
  212. How to know what specific packages and options a 2006 GS300 has??
  213. Installed on 2008 GS 460 - Manzo axelback exhaust
  214. 3GS Vintage Rod Millen Grille
  215. Hankook Tires
  216. Repair Cost and Parts
  217. Sewell has closed.....
  218. Where is the Automatic Wipers sensor?
  219. Golf Balls get outta my trunk!
  220. How do you guys drive in S mode?
  221. 07 GS350 no navi to navi
  222. What does Lexus recommend replacing during timing belt service?
  223. 2011 GS350 AWD over the '09 Acura TL?
  224. Replaced worn out Tanabe coilovers...
  225. p/s and speedo not working
  226. AWD 3 GS with 20's or 22's without lowering
  227. Installing new exhaust on my 2006 GS430
  228. Tranny Fluid Flush - Stop the madness
  229. Transmission fluid pan... that's the one further to the rear right?
  230. Transmission questions needed
  231. Tranny drain & fill vs flush GS 350
  232. High Mileage GS350 RWD
  233. resetting ECU? by taking out the ECU fuse?
  234. Is this grille rice or nah
  235. Upgrade Interior Lighting and License Plate Light for 06' GS300
  236. DIY Throttle Body Clean ??
  237. Lexus yellow capsules
  238. 2008 GS350 60K interval
  239. Wheel picture request
  240. GS 350 07 rear brake rotor rust...
  241. Replacing the engine ecu question
  242. brake noise
  243. car felt like it wanted to accelerate as I was coming to a stop..
  244. any info on lexus updating the brake shims ?
  245. Replaced parking lights-fuse issue
  246. buy it or keep looking???
  247. Uploading phonebook to 2006 GS from iPhone
  248. Heavy Electrical Load...Battery Recommendations??
  249. Remote start??
  250. Transmission fault codes?