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7/1/2010 Engine stalling valve spring replacement recall (merged threads)

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Old 06-30-10, 11:02 PM   #16
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Mine never did in almost 60k miles of driving. The F isn't on the list, but mine has never stalled either.
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Old 06-30-10, 11:05 PM   #17
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The defective valve spring may have an explanation, as mentioned on the LS forum last December:

Originally Posted by Mike_TX View Post
According to them, there is a set of robots that assemble these engines. In late 2007/early 2008, one of the robots was found to be out of adjustment, such that when it installed the spring, it scraped it and caused a "score" mark on it. That small score mark created a weak point that can cause a failure of the spring after thousands of cycles.

By the time they discovered the adjustment problem, a large number of engines had been assembled and put into cars, which had been shipped out over the world. It was not known if it would be a problem or not, nor when it might result in a failure, so Lexus had to deal with it when/if a spring failed. IOW, on a case-by-case basis. It wasn't practical to recall a ton of engines just because a spring "might" someday fail.
Given that the defective robot was discovered by early 2008, and the issue subsequently corrected, this likely affects VIN #s before the mid 2008 production cycle. Given that this happened at the Tahara plant, it's likely that the Kyushu-built IS models are not affected either. Update-recall confirmed:

Lexus To Replace Valve Springs In Premium Vehicle Models
Thursday, 1 July, 2010 - 17:36

Routine long-term reliability tests in Japan have discovered a manufacturing flaw in some springs, which could cause abnormal engine noise or unstable idling.

Debbie Pattullo, National Manager for Lexus New Zealand, says the springs will be replaced over the next few months, purely to remove the possibility of future problems.
This further supports the earlier inference that the defective factory robot is to blame for this recall.

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I read about Chrysler and GM recalls every week. No one talks about that because it's so common.
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In the past ALL manufactures have done everything they could do to spend the least amount of money to address problems and avoid expensive recalls. They would go to the lengths of claiming they could not re-produce the problem or this is "Normal operation". The economy allowed this to happen. Toyota being number one in sales became the target to take down. Any issue Toyota has is BIG news and makes headlines. Don't think for one second that politics didn't have anything to do with some of the problems Toyota has experienced lately. The sudden acceleration is good example of this. All the manufactures now see that any problem could seriously hurt their sales. Every manufacture knows now they can not just ignore any kind of issue their vehicles may have, especially a safety issue. This is the way it should have been all the time.

As far as the IS350, I have never heard of ANY stalling. I’m sure there are some but I really don’t think this is an issue. Maybe it is a bigger issue with other models. The only real issue with the IS is the carbon problem on the 250 model. Again, this has been a problem (Carbon) for MANY other manufactures but now that Toyota is experiencing it, it could become a BIG issue and Toyota hopefully will resolve this ASAP. I’m surprised it has not been front page news or CR has put a ‘Don’t Buy” label on it yet! You already are seeing JD Powers knocking Lexus down for “INITIAL” Reliability.

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Sounds like its time for a set of Crower valve springs and mild cams. Some company please step up!!!!!!
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i actually welcomes these recalls ..
since all car company hides problems
better them fix them now then it break later
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Originally Posted by Fizzboy7 View Post
I read about Chrysler and GM recalls every week. No one talks about that because it's so common.
The main difference is that Toyota has been used as a university text-book case study on quality manufacturing for decades now, so there is a bit of a shock factor to seeing them recall anything. Also with everyone job-scared these days (and the fact that GM and Chrysler always seem on the verge of becoming extinct), at least in the US people are looking for reasons to point fingers at foreign manufacturers of everything. I don't want my drywall built in China but I do want my cars built in Japan

Honestly though, my car from 2002-2010 was a Nissan and there were tons of recalls in the first 6 years or so. Stuff that could kill ya, too But there was not the media buzz that there has been around recent Toyota recalls. People somehow hold Toyota to a much higher standard than other car makers.

I've only owned my IS250 a few days, but one of the reasons I made the purchase is because of how well Toyota has handled all of their recall situations. Not once have they made an excuse, they just fix it when something is wrong. Remember the exploding Pinto from Ford? They said "well the payouts for lawsuits from relatives of those who are burned to death will be cheaper than redesigning the gas tank and recalling, so let them burn"..

Toyota has done the exact opposite, taking ownership for any flaws, admitting their mistake and correcting it. Besides my Lexus dealer will give me a loaner if my car is in their shop for more than 2 hours, what do I care if they want to fix some things?
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How do I find out which plant my IS350 was assembled in? I know that you can tell by the VIN# but I forgot how
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gee they have recalls for all this crap but where is the recall for the shietty transmittion?!
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Default Toyota warns about faulty engines on Lexus models

Just read this in the news today:
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recall the ****ing steering .. its garbage
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Nothing wrong with my car.
Originally Posted by Fuzzie View Post
gee they have recalls for all this crap but where is the recall for the shietty transmittion?!
What's wrong with the tranny? I've been boosted for quite some time now and nothing.
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Default I knew it!

Finally! This is CL's first confirmed case!


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This may be good news for me. While I have never had my car stall or loose engine power while driving, I have had the idle drop VERY low several times at a stop. It drops so low that I'm sure it is going to stall but has not to date. It started about 1000 miles ago. I'm at 47000 now. It's one of those things that your sure the dealer won't be able to recreate so I have not taken it in yet. I figured I would mention it at my next oil change unless it got worse before then. Now I may have something solid to stand on. I would say it has happened about 10 times. Always at idle and in gear and a stop light.
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Old 07-01-10, 07:28 AM

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