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Good bye ISF...

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nice .. what year is that beast
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great move- love the color!
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what a beautiful upgarde congrats
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beautiful color M5! very nice upgrade and hope you enjoy it as much as the F!
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Very nice upgrade!

Two words for you: EXTENDED WARRANTY

Enjoy The Ultimate Driving Machine!
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Wow that's one serious upgrade. Congrats!
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Congrats. That is a serious upgrade. What is that color. It is beautiful.
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Juan, we gotta race i am spraying 250 shot lol.. nice upgrade I knew it was something big
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Good deals are hard to pass up , and things happen when least expected, story is like my isf purchase . Anyways enjoy the new found power and tq
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Nice bro! Sad to see you leave but damn thats a sweet ride!
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The GSWarriors Center Andrew Bogut has a white one just like that.... sounds like a beast! Beautiful car!
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Thanks guys, I appreciate all the positive comments! One more reason to miss the ISF: this community.

Answering the questions from above:
  • As far as I know, the car will be sold at Formula 1 Sport Cars on 3800 Bird Rd.
  • Even though I have Michelin PSS 295/30/ZR20 at the rear, I get wheelspin when flooring the car with traction control off. MDM (limited traction control) helps a lot but reduce power output to help avoiding wheelspin.
  • I don't know about the tuning capabilities of the F10 M5. According to what I've read so far, the ECU is locked, it hasn't been cracked yet.
  • License plate was transfered from my ISF, of course the pictures were taken 3 minutes after leaving the dealer, I couldn't wait getting home, LOL.
  • The car is a 2013 M5 with 3,600 miles. According to all BMW paperwork (which was provided with the car), the original owner had the car conditioned (battery and electronics) to spend most of the time stored. I got the car for a bit over $31k below its sticker price (which I have too).
  • I'll continue participating in this forum, I've driven an ISF for so long that I know a thing or two about it, and I'll be glad to share.
  • Yeah, I'll miss my glowing rotors; at least I got the M5 on that same orange color, LOL.
  • This M5 is DCT. I guess it'd be very hard to get a manual-tranny M5 in the US, unless you custom order it.
  • Extended warranty... YES!!!
  • The color is called SAKHIR ORANGE. Per BMW, this color is produced in limited quantities, 150 per year.

Now to the "comparison":

Even though the ISF and M5 are considered luxury sport sedans, they are in different classes, targeting different people. I won't do a comparison but a list of differences that I've noticed so far:
  • I thought the ISF was heavy but after driving the M5 I had to reset my criteria. The ISF is light and compact, the M5 is heavier, solid. The chasis feels great, even being the M5 around 700 lbs heavier. You can tell that you're in a bigger car, but that engine makes up for the extra lbs and has plenty to spare!
  • Brakes are fantastic, they bite hard and take the M5 to a stop in no time. They outperform the Brembos in the ISF.
  • Switching all settings to SportPlus changes the dynamic of the M5 so much that you think you're in a different car, lighter, quicker, faster. Switching everything back to Comfort makes you feel like you're riding those very-smooth old Cadillacs.
  • Seats are unbelievable! There are so many adjustments that even if you seat the hunchback of notre dame, he'll be comfortable.
  • There is so much technology in this car that even me, an IT guru, feel overwhelmed! There are features that I couldn't imagine in a car, this M5 has all the options except the night vision.
  • I thought the 2012 ISF steering wheel was thick (at least thicker than my previous 2008 ISF), but next to the M5 steering wheel it feels anemic.
  • 560 HP / 502 lb-ft are serious numbers, there is power at any RPM! Power delivery is different than in the ISF. Maybe it's because of the I/E/H on the ISF but I was always spinning the wheels. On the M5 power delivery is not so abrupt, it's more linear, there is wheelspin but not as bad as in the ISF.
  • I hate BMW interiors but the M5 is a different story. Materials and craftmanship are just above Lexus, even compared to the LS series.
  • Bang & Olufsen >>>>> Mark Levinson
  • 6 cameras are better than just 1 rear camera.

I think I've covered some differences between these two cars. The M5 is so well built that the list would continue, just not fair to have the ISF next to it in a comparison.

If there is another ISF meet in Miami, I'll be there! I loved that pulled pork sandwich!
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Yeah getting a manual would be striking gold
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Thanks for the update. I'm a Japanese car fanboi and had a not so great experience with my one and only venture to BMW, but the M5 is just simply MORE than the ISF in every way. They are not in the same class. This is why I'm extremely curious as to how Lexus handles the GSF. Sounds like you got a fantastic deal too. $30k off sticker in just one year is great.
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Wow that M5 took a hell of a depreciation hit after 1 yr. Guess they couldn't move it.
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