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PLEASE HELP!! Stolen wheels. Linea Corse Dynas powder-coated gray.

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Default PLEASE HELP!! Stolen wheels. Linea Corse Dynas powder-coated gray.

Hi All,

Today, I went to pick up my car from the garage were I usually leave my car and the unthinkable happened to my car. Someone stole all four wheels and left my car literally sitting on the rotors/ground. Not only were the wheels stolen, but the thief or thieves left my car abused and battered. There is a fair amount of damage to the bottom and sides not to mention the big dent and scratches left in one rear quarter panel. It was too dark to assess the rest of the damage around the car, but it was enough to make me sick to my stomach. The garage "supposedly" has 24 hour security, but apparently that was not enough to deter the thief or thieves from doing what they wanted to my car.

It took about 4 hours (thanks to a couple of good friends) to put the car on jacks finally. The thief or thieves left a spare tire under the driver's side rotor and that was the only leverage we had to work with. We had to literally lean the car on the passenger side to get a jack in a position where we could lift the whole front end. I seriously did not know what to do if I was on my own, but I was definitely in shock and much more.

I am posting this thread to warn others to be mindful of where you park and where you leave your car. The safest place may actually not be safe at all. Also, my wheels have been powdered-coated a dark gray Linea Corse Dynas so they are a very unique color and one of a kind. If everyone could keep an open eye out for them I would be eternally grateful.

I posted here because I know this community is awesome and has helped others in the past. I am asking for the same support. I definitely know how it feels to have our beloved cars vandalized. It is a feeling I wish no one would ever have to go through. In the end insurance will fix every thing, but the feeling that no where is safe really bothers me.

If anyone has spare wheels so I can just put them on and drive to my buddy's auto shop in Huntington Beach would absolutely be very helpful. Right now my car is sitting on floor jacks and I cannot move it until I figure out a solution.

Thanks in advance for your support and hopefully I can return the favor one day. Sorry I did not take pictures of my car sitting on the ground. I was too distraught and shocked about the whole situation. One of my friend did help me capture some photos, but for now the pics below are the missing wheels.
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Sorry to hear bro, hope you catch the bastards!
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dirty ****** hope they catch aids
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MF haters!!! Hope you find those wheels bro. And screw those bastards!!

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Check ALL local pawn shops, Craigslist, EBay, now.

We've had a few incidents like this over the years, particularly with aftermarket wheels. Is it possible to place tracking devices anywhere inconspicuously in the wheel? I f'ing hate theives, and I would have no issue with America adopting the practice of cutting off theives' hands (so long as the evidence is indisputable).
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hope those ****heads get what they deserve. unfortunately there are thieves everywhere. will be on the lookout for your wheels.
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Do your own investigating.

See if there are any video surveillance cameras that would capture the crime in action, or a suspicious car leaving the scene. At least you have a specific narrow window of time this occurred within.
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Obviously not full proof protection but did you have locks on them?
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This is totally unacceptable, and disgusting to hear that thieves continue to get away with such repulsive acts! I'd continue the search on my own, too, aside from having the proper authorities do their thing. 24 hour surveillance could very well mean it was an employee of the facility who knows his way around the security features of the premises.

I'll continue monitoring online sites that the thieves might use for a quick sale. Maybe get them to come out of hiding and get you justice. But it is really disheartening to see things like this happen so often. Makes me think having a tilt sensor might not be a bad investment after all.

Chin up, my friend! They'll get what's coming to them eventually.
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This is the type of **** that makes me hate leaving my car out doors weather protected or not sorry about the loss man!
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Text me if you still need the spare wheels, I have my stockies at home that you can use.
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damn ill keep an eye on out craigslist.

its prob a diff color by now or hiding in a garage/house until heat dies down
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sorry to hear this! F*%&ing hate thieves! hope you find those responsible and you get your rims back.
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Spoon, sorry to hear about the wheels. So you're in Huntington then?
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