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Lexus IS250/350 wanna be..... O.o

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Default Lexus IS250/350 wanna be..... O.o

nothing is special just a video showing u guys what dose this owner have done to his car someone might saw it someone might not so plx enjoy watch or re-watching it hihihiihih

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With all that money spent on that car the joker could of had a real is F.
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Originally Posted by MisterSkiz View Post
With all that money spent on that car the joker could of had a real is F.
Maybe he likes the look but his momma said he can't handle a V8...
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I've never seen a 250/350 that extensively done to look like an F. I mean, double stacked exhaust tips are easy to copy, but that guy has the entire ISF front end, bulging hood, fenders with vents, everything. Maybe I was distracted by the godawful blacked out tails, but it wasn't until he opened the door and showed the interior that I really noticed it wasn't an F. Then of course he started the car.

Why would he go through that kind of trouble?
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Not something I would of done, but I give the guy credit for trying
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Damn what a fraud.
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Dang.... ...
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I seen this car in the streets of Miami. I dont think he has it anymore as I saw it on craigslist about a year ago. Doesn't look bad.
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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I’ve seen this done on the e92/e90 BMWs where they do then same thing to make it an M3.
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Wow!!! The owner made that isx50 looks like an F exterior wise. Im sure he spent a lot of money making it look like one. The interior gave it out and the sound of the exhaust is a joke. Smh.
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The second video was very enlightening. I now know exactly what it it is like to be his driveway when he leaves for work in the morning and when he gets home at night in his Fimposter.
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I had nothing to say, but those blue leds around the air vents and the teal headlights are awful lol
i would pull him over for that stupid dark license plate cover.
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Originally Posted by CUTigers View Post
I had nothing to say, but those blue leds around the air vents and the teal headlights are awful lol
No kidding. That's what made me go from "why bother" to WTF?!
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I wonder how the real isf owner feel about this fake isf
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I mean its creative but obviously this owner is very young and has money to blow (his parents $$ that is).

Its just very sad once you start it and it sounds so dag on wimpy ..(compared to the real F)
I would simply drive up next to him and ask "why?" because I'd really like to hear is reason.

I mean to each his own, but that's just kinda silly. I mean what does your girlfriend do when she sees a real F...just get out of your fake one and ride with a REAL

AND PLEASE SHOOT THE NEXT PERSON to ever put LED strip lighting on their F (even if it is a fake one).SHEESH!!!!
Real F owners just BUY the real LED Lexus Headlights and spend the dough to get the upgrade(for those that want the look)

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