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Lexus Crushes Pre-Production IS-F

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John Coyle
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Default Lexus Crushes Pre-Production IS-F

Not much info on this, but we know California cops have done this before...
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exclusive matchup
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so the isf is even more exclusive now (one less)

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Joe Z
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Originally Posted by rominl View Post
so the isf is even more exclusive now (one less)

I doubt it's true..... I would believe it more from a "Confirmed Source"...

How do we know it's not a Lexus USA "crush car" ??

Prototypes can only stay in the USA for three years before they are toast!!
The VINs can never be registered as a street legal car per DOT.

Plus, the headlights seem to be 08-10' .. Not a 2011... I'm just saying..

~ Joe Z
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I hope it is true! It would serve the owner right for street racing!
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Thats complete b@!!***** can they really do that? They should atlest give you 3 strikes. Im sure someoneworking at the impound lot stripped its wheels and brakes and put them on ebay. I wonder if they swiped the motor and tranny aswell. I would rather drive it off a cliff then let them crush it
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Since it is California it does have the ring of truth. Why confiscate it, sell it and help make up for a huge deficit? Let's confiscte it and pay to have it destroyed. LOL
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That hurts.
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If it is true, then this is one more reason I will never move back to California. I have lived there before, and it is great in many aspects, but the laws there are so completely ludicrous that I can't even come up with a coherent insult that can be displayed in public. I agree that street racing is bad, but a car being crushed for street racing is about the equivalent severity as stoning a prostitute. We live in America, not Afghanistan or Pakistan. Now if there was true recklessness involved and lives were at stake, then fine...but I doubt it. I hope this is fake, because authorities overstepping their bounds makes me sooo angry (and BTW I side with the law 99% of the time).
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i just threw up.
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California..... WT - F
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Glad i don't live in Cali... I would cry if my car was crushed. At least let me strip some parts off haha.
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It's a misunderstanding. The F crushed the dude he was racing.
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i can only imagine how the owner must feel after seeing this..
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i gave the same reaction to the miracle of life video in high school
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Such a waste. The impound lot could auction off the the car and make money for the local/state government.
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