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Trade the wife in for a wife with a firmer ride!! Lol, I kid, I kid!! Hahha
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If firmness was the only problem, you should have gotten coilovers and put it on the softest dampening and at stock height.
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Originally Posted by 50ISF50 View Post
I traded my 2008 Obsidian Neiman Marcus Edition IS-F last month for a 2011 IS 350C. I wanted to get a 2011 IS-F but the wife did not appreciate the firm ride of the IS-F. As the saying goes, "Happy wife = Happy life." Thus, no more V8 growl as I hit the gas. Sigh....

If you're interested in checking it out, it's listed with pix at Santa Monica Lexus for $45,888.
Men are so immaculated in this country. I would never admit to that. Aren't men supposed to dictate how things work in scenarios like this.
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In all fairness, the relationship should be equal. Cars come and go, but to have a really solid woman beside you trumps any ride. But Lexus changed up the suspension on the 2011 F, but I doubt that would be enough to convince the OP's wife to get another one.
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Originally Posted by bnizzle87 View Post
In all fairness, the relationship should be equal. Cars come and go, but to have a really solid woman beside you trumps any ride. But Lexus changed up the suspension on the 2011 F, but I doubt that would be enough to convince the OP's wife to get another one.
This is true. Too bad my GF is my ISF!
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hi. newb here. however, i am a regular at my.is. was trolling the forum and stumbled upon this post and felt the need to give my two cents. reading this post made me think of some friends who shared the same predicament. they wanted X car, but their wives did not like/or approve of it so they had to settle for Y car. while it is true that relationships involve concessions, choosing your car should not be one of them. if your wife wants a family car, then this should be the situation where both of you should have input in the car that will be purchased. if it's going to be your car, my opinion is that as long as you are taking care of your family's welfare and you can afford the new car you should not let your wife influence or dictate your decision. i just find it very amusing when a guy says he wants an X car, but his wife did not approve of it, so he settled for Y car. come on. who is bringing the bread and bacon? who is wearing the pants at home? if you are afraid that this would ruin the relationship or perhaps she won't have sex with you or even think it would hurt her feelings, then you are with the wrong woman and i feel sorry for you.
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Old 05-28-11, 10:54 PM   #22
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I just gave this car a test drive today! Great Car! Impeccable condition!

Just debating on this one or a new one!
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Wow. I sounds like she got your nuts in a vice. Who's car is it. Do u both have a car. Or is this car the only one. If so I understand. But if its for u my understanding is 0. Does she also decorate your man cave? Check that, I doubt she allows you to have a man cave cause she turned into her scrapbooking room! Wtf man.
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Its crazy how we let women run and dictate the things we want to do or buy.. I be damned if my GF is going to tell me not to buy something just because she doesn't approve of it or in your case "the ride is to firm".... F that man..
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I sold my ISF too last December, got a 2011 Toyota Highlander. My wife demanded that I do it J/K..... We both decided because we had our first baby daughter and my wife got accepted to graduate school.supporting both of them is hard atm.
She told me "don't worry baby bear,sell the F today and you can get any car you want later" Told her okay, when you finish you are supporting me to get a 2012 M5.Its important to have a "give and take" relationship.
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