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Solo S2 Cordless Radar Detector vs V1

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Default Solo S2 Cordless Radar Detector vs V1

Hey guys. I'm new to CL and I'm still kicking the tires on the site, but I wanted to get this out. I'm thinking of getting a V1 hard wired under my rearview mirror in my 2011 IS 250c. I'm currently using a cordless S2. Here are my questions:
1. Does anyone have a V1 mounted under the rearview? pics please
2. Do you like the look?
3. Does anyone have the S2 or the New S3? your opinion of its performance.
4. Has anyone used both? Preference?
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I've had the S2 since like 2004. I haven't used it in quite awhile since I live in VA (illegal in this state), but used it quite a bit when I was traveling between VA and NC every other weekend.

Performance-wise, it seemed ok. But I used it more as an awareness tool, not as a warning tool....meaning I used it to make me aware there was radar out there, unlike others that use radar detectors because they speed excessively and want to have enough warning to slow down.

The reason I liked it so much was that it was easy to just put on the dash and take off once I crossed borders. Convenience-wise it's hard to beat.

However, if you're looking into a hardwire setup under the mirror, you don't really need the cordless convenience of the S2/S3. Moreover, based on many reviews that I've read, range/performance wise, there seems to be better choices out there than the S2/S3.... For example, the new Escort 8500 x50.

The x50 is a little cheaper than the S3. If you wanted, you could get a blend mount and hardwire kit for like $100, and have something that (based on what I've read) performs better than the S3.

PS: If you're considering the V1, I believe there's a custom mirror display that can be made. Search here on CL, cause I know I've seen it mentioned before.

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Shoot, I just noticed you said you have the S2 already.

If that's the case, then you probably know about it's disadvantages by design (ie- I use rechargeable batteries, and sometimes the unit just turns off with no warning when the batts are low since the rate at how rechargeable batteries deplete aren't the same as alkalines).

Also, the range doesn't seem incredible, but it's so hard to compare when driving because i don't have another detector to compare it to. So, I never know if it's due to how I have it mounted, whether the officer is using POP radar, if topographic geography is making a difference, or if when I see an officer on the side of the road if he's even shooting radar.

But, again, convenience wise and look wise, I love it. Easy to put up, easy to hide when not needed. All I did was tape some mouse-pad material to the bottom of the detector, so that I can just set it on top of any dashboard and not worry about it slipping when turning, and not worrying about suction cups and all.

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