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Roja vs. Black Interior...Can't Decide!!

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Default Roja vs. Black Interior...Can't Decide!!

Hey Guys,

Newby here from Toronto, been following the forums for a while, getting a lot of great info, but never joined until now! I'm a 2010 IS250 owner, just in the process of buying my 2014 IS250 F-Sport! Definitely getting Obsidian, current 2010 is black and nothing beats a spit shined black Lexus...None-the-less, I am torn between the black interior vs. Roja red!

I love the black, I feel like it is more classy/elegant. I am in sales and drive clients around occasionally so I like the elegant look of it, but I do love the sporty look of the Roja as well. However, there is something about the Roja that just looks a bit pink-ish, as opposed to a burgundy I guess? I think maybe I didn't expect it to be as red if that makes sense. Does anyone else feel this way about the Roja? Any black on black owners out there?

Much appreciated guys, really looking forward to getting involved on the forum!

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What type of work do you do if I may ask? Because depending on what it is, you can increase and expand your clientele if you leased a car instead.

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I'm telling you right now to get the red. Take it from a person who didn't get the red and I regret it sooooo badddd. I'm actually in the process of talking to my dealership about swapping cars because I just got my lease a few days ago. Get the redddddddddddddddddd.
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I'm very pleased with the Rioja. It looks sporty, yet conservative enough, especially with a darker exterior color.
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get the black you will want the red. get the red you will want the black? haha.

i really really wished my black interior comes with red stitching instead of the grey/white.
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When I got mine, they didn't have any UW/Rioja so I had to get black but I want the red so bad lol
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I was in the same spot as you. I wanted the red but then wanted the black. I ended up going with black and I am happy with my decision. I wish the stitching was a different color but that's not a big deal. I think down the road black might be easier to resell and hide wear and tear on the seats better. Either way , I love the feel of the F-sport seats
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if you're going to be buying, leasing, screwing the tail pipes (some weird people do) on a $40k car, you better make sure the biotch is fine and has everything your heart desires. if i were you i would personally assess my situation rather than wasting time polling others on what color to get.

have you considered:
1) will black/red be harder to maintain?
2) what color makes me feel good--no, really feel good about my car. like i just want to sit in it and appreciate it.
3) what color have i had before? do i want to stick with that color or change it up?
4) have i wanted this new color for a while and so, what is it that is holding me back from getting it?
5) [note this is subjective] will i care what others think, whether black makes it elegant and old mans car or red makes it sporty and youthful?

again, i would personally take the time to ask yourself these questions, instead of letting others encourage you into a decision not purely on your own. i'm not sure what influence, if any, others had on Navy266, but he/she has shared their hardship on not going after what they wanted, or taking to time to think first what they wanted. i have a similar story, though i won't indicate the color so it doesn't sway you, but i chose x color on my x car in 2004, two months later, i asked for the love of god why didn't i think things through first. i have waited 10 years and now have the exact color i want! i suggest you take the time to do the same.
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Get which color you really want more. However, I lovvvveee the red
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i got the red, while my past trend has always been black i like the upscale look of the red, i get compliments all the time about the interior.
the ONLY thing about the red i don't like is they tend to pick up the dye on my levis blue jeans, but it easily cleans up with leather cleaner and it takes several months before i notice it.
but the red color is well worth it.
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I actually had to wait for a black interior - all they had was reds in UW.

I got it for the reasons you mentioned - I feel it's more classy and elegant looking. I think the red looks pretty good, but it's also a bit more...polarizing. Interestingly, a few people made a comment like "Please tell me you didn't get the red interior" when they found out I was getting a 2014 IS.
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I'd go black interior.
The red is too common and I think some with red may be sorry they have it after awhile.
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had zero complaints about red interior from other people. Everyone thats been in my car loves it. Had black interior for my previous car already
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I just took delivery on an Obsidian/Rioja color combo in February. I was fairly certain I wanted the red as my F150 has red interior also (which I love) but was concerned about the tone of the red like you are. The pics you see online (here and the Lexus site) of Rioja all look slightly different - some are more fuchsia while others are more brick red. The best way to see the true color of the red (if the dealer does not have the car on the lot) would be to get the hard copy of the IS brochure from the Lexus dealer and see page #21. For some reason that exact photo on the Lexus website looks a bit pink to me, but trust me it's not. The hard copy is pretty spot on to the actual interior color. I get tons of compliments on the red with no issues maintaining it. Hope that helps!
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My 3is 350 F sport is UW with Red interior and I love the red. Everybody loves the red and I've never had anybody say that they don't like it. It's a very nice shade of red, not too dark and not too bright.

Beyond that, I suggest you get what makes you feel good. Don't over-think the colors too much.
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