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Riding on 19's in the Big Apple. Bad idea?? Input Please

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Default Riding on 19's in the Big Apple. Bad idea?? Input Please

Hello all,

Brand spanking new to the forum. I am also some what of a noob to moding cars; although I have experienced family members who point me in the right direction. Now to the point. I drive a 2008 "Smoke Granite Mica" IS250 AWD dropped on F-Sport shocks and springs. I want to put "Bronze Burst" ForgeStar F14 Rims on my car. As you may have guessed from the title of the post I live in New York City. My question is does anyone have experience driving on 19in wheels with low profile tires (obviously) in the concrete jungle or a similar rough urban driving environment? I need to know if it is even practical or if I should just go with 18in wheels instead. Of course any suggestions on off sets and tire sizes would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,
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Ride's definitely "harsher" - you'll feel and hear more bumps in the road, as even the "small" cracks and holes will travel through your wheels + suspension as there is less rubber to cushion you against the blow. Nonetheless, it looks really awesome - I drive through downtown LA on a daily basis, and although I may have to drive slower or avoid potholes more often, it's worth it for the looks in my opinion.

What I would recommend though, is perhaps to stick with 18", and opt for suspension upgrades to lower your car. Of course, also make sure to buy some reputable wheels - and by that, I don't mean brand name wheels that cost you an arm and a leg, but to check out some reviews first. Not all authentic wheels are made to be strong (we've seen quite a few cracked 5axis wheels + other brands).
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Hey John, I live in NY too. I only have stock 17 but I know a few friends got their 19 inch rim bent cause of the road condition. It’s really a matter of preferences, if you becarful it shouldn’t be too bad…
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Just drive super slow in the bad areas. I have Fsport and it's already harsh, especially with the stock tires.
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Having owned 18's before in this pothole littered city I would HIGHLY advise against it (unless you have a pretty good stock of rims/tires at home or access to some). You cant even get on a single highway without having to drive over the protruding steel plates, badly patched potholes or giant sinkholes.
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Unless you have a ton of cash to spend on wheels, tires don't do it
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i lived just north of NYC in highland falls and the road were bad on my 19" lol. never got anything bent out of shape but, thats because the roads are empty and i could swerve to avoid whatever mess that was in front of me. i drove in NYC a few times with my IS and I just drove real slow....traffic is always a problem anyway so its not like you should be flying down any avenue anyway lmao. just watch your speed.
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i went with 19s before in toronto.. i think it was fine but i didnt like the experience of feeling the road too much, meaning every crack, sewer, pothole, etc. I just didnt enjoy the ride as much as I did compared to my stock 17s. Now that i got some works 18s, i think there's a huge difference compared to riding on 19s. To me, 18s is the right choice to go with, gave me best of both worlds. i'm lowered on same springs as well.
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I was trolling the forum and found your post(s).

I have a smokey granite is350 and was considering bronze burst f14 wheels.

Did you get these wheels for your lexus?

Can u post some pics?

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I've got 19s living in brooklyn and it's really bad but it depends on you and whether your getting quality rims. I had 18 inch rotas before that cracked numerous amounts of time. Now I have 19 Leon Hardiritt rims and they've got pretty dented up but no cracks.
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Just be very careful if lowering the car even more too.
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