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My HID experience with XenonDepot vs. iJDMToy vs. DDM Tuning

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Default My HID experience with XenonDepot vs. iJDMToy vs. DDM Tuning

So in December, I finally got around to upgrading my HID headlight bulbs and installing an HID fog kit. The sequence of events went like this:

- Mid December, I first ordered a set of DDM Tuning 6000k D4S bulbs and 6000k 9006 foglight kit. $30 + $30.. why not!

- Within days, I had a feeling that it wasn't going to be what I wanted.. so I took advantage of a coupon code from iJDMToy and ordered a set of Garax 6000k D4S bulbs

- A week after that.. I had a feeling about the DDM Tuning fog light kit, so I ordered a XenonDepot Volt kit.

Just in time for all of this, one of my factory HID bulbs burnt out. Perfect timing!

First to arrive was the XenonDepot foglight kit. Super nice packaging, nice quality kit. Had an issue installing with the plug pins needing to be pulled out and polarity reversed in order for them to work. Customer service walked me through the whole process and was super patient and made sure that I got them working perfect and everyone was happy. End result.. HOLY CRAP THESE THINGS ARE BRIGHT! Talk about a whole new world.. wow. I never imagined that they could make such a difference.

Next came my Garax bulbs from iJDMToy. Installed them.. and they were yellow and dim. It was determined that they were faulty from the factory. I emailed a picture of the lights compared to my fogs, and they replied that yes.. they are faulty.. please send back for exchange. Great.. you'll cover the shipping? Nope. YOU pay for shipping back for a faulty product. Ok.. wait. will you at least send me a new pair to swap out since I don't have a good set and it's a safety issue? NOPE.. you pay for shipping back on a faulty product and wait 3-5 days for evaluation, and then we'll send you a new pair. No matter how I pleaded, they wouldn't budge.

Funny thing.. a few days later, I was coming home and noticed that one of my fog lights was out. It came back on when I flicked my lights.. which made me think that possibly a ballast was bad. I called XenonDepot the next day, and customer service was totally cool.. wanted me to do a few troubleshooting things.. but said that if we determined that the ballast was bad, that they would send me out a replacement ASAP no questions asked. Wow. That's service!

Now.. just a few days ago, after 3 weeks of waiting.. my DDM Tuning 9006 HID kit and D4S bulbs arrived from China. Unpacked.. and I have to be honest, the HID kit looks identical to the XD kit. Same exact ballasts from the outside minus the sticker. Exact. Keeping in box to sell. However.. now I had replacement bulbs so I could send back the Garax set! Installed the DDM Tuning HID bulbs.. and oh my god. They're dim and blue. Seriously. One is brighter than the other.. and at night, they barely look like they're on. How they get away with selling these things as street legal.. I have no idea. TOTALLY unsafe. Horrible, horrible bulbs. If this is the bulb quality for the HID kit.. NOW I understand. Tried to contact DDM Tuning for a refund and they won't even respond or pick up the phone! "Lifetime warranty" that you can't even claim on? Now I know what Steve meant.

Sent back the Garax bulbs to iJDMToy for a refund instead of an exchange. Ordered up a set of XenonDepot 6500k D4S bulbs.. because I KNOW they will stand behind them.

Conclusion: STICK WITH XENONDEPOT. While they may be a little more expensive, having a high quality, BRIGHT product with people standing behind it is worth the extra $40-$50.. easily. HIDs can burn out, fail, you name it. You WANT a company that will guarantee you and service it no questions asked.

My $0.02

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I had quite an experience with DDM tuning. Not long after (maybe 3 months) I had the replacement D4S bulbs installed, I would turn on the switch and the bulb would come on full brightness and within a minute would fade to yellow and then off. It wasn't the ballast as I switched the bulbs out and it did the same thing on the passenger side. After not getting an answer on the phone, I found their email so I emailed them a video and my invoice. And then emailed it again when I got no response. A year or so later and I'm still waiting...
So for my 2 cents, No more DDM smack for me I have had the Garax bulbs for about 6 months now and they seem to be pretty good. None of the issues like you had here...
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Yeah everyone seems to have good luck with the Garax bulbs.. but mine were yellow and dim. I would have just exchanged them, but I was pretty unhappy with the way that iJDMToy handled things. I went with the XD bulbs even though they were more because I knew that if by chance something happened down the road, that XD would back it up and send me out a replacement no questions asked. When I'm stuck with a burnt out headlight and now an illegal car.. that extra $20 goes a long way.
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Everything you said is pretty much on point.

iJDMTOY had me pay for shipping too when THEY SENT ME the wrong bulb. Complete crap, Im never doing business with them again. If you read my rant about a company sending me bulbs in horrible shipping, it was them. I didnt want to name names before.

I havent had any issue with DDM tunning, but I heard that they keep all their bulbs on one shelf so theres a good chance you got a mixed set. I ordered their 3K kit and it was spot on tho. Their warranty IS lifetime, but its a hard to get a hold of them, as you can tell.

Xenondepot has to be the only company that will send you a replacement part free of charge. I had a kit from HIDeXtra before and I had to physically break the bulb, take a picture, and then they would mail me another bulb. Complete waste of materials if you ask me.
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Xenondepot all the way!
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Thanks for the input. I've dealt with ijdmtoy and have not had any issues with their customer service. Purchased Garax 6K and everything has worked beautifully. "knock on wood"

I've also dealt with Xexondepot and I would have to say that their customer service is one of the best. Looking for some DRLs and they provided me with options and helped me pick out a set that was perfect for what I was looking for.
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So far, I've had positive experiences with all 3 companies. Sucks you had to deal with this
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ive been threw that kinda **** before, not with hids but it sucks to argue with companies about there products and its even worse when they wont help you out. I used xenon supply and they were awesome, both of the ballast for my fogs blew on the first day, i called them up and they sent me out a set of premium slim ballast free of charge, thats why i keep going back to them.
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I ran the Volt low and fog from xenondepot for 2.5yrs on my IS350 with zero issues. I am still continuing to run their fog on my IS-F, so in conclusion their products are worth every pennies.
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Please let us know how bright the Xenon Depot ones compared to the garax
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does xenondepot have a website? because i cant find it
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Originally Posted by peyman View Post
does xenondepot have a website? because i cant find it

Not to shill, but here are the coupon codes as per Steve's sig. Makes the pricing come out to $99/shipped for a set of 6500k D4S bulbs and the Volt HID kit $89/shipped.

..which I totally don't understand how a full HID kit with ballasts and bulbs is cheaper than two bulbs.

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Good kit, have the volt

Recently passenger doesn't light up when starting the car in "auto" or "on" but i know that's a common issue for most HID in winter (canadian winter here) so pretty sure that's gonna go away once it gets warmer
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XenonDepot FTW. Although I've never had an issue with iJDMToy, it makes me sketched ordering from them again if I have to pay shipping for warranties. DDM tuning is out of the questions from all the bad reviews I've heard. Ultimately you get what you pay for, not to sound cliche.

I already posted this in another thread but I had an issue with one of my Volt ballasts after using them everyday for almost a year. Did some quick trouble shooting and we determined the ballast was on its last leg. Warrantied me a replacement and it came in within a week (to Canada). I'd say do it right with XenonDepot, or don't do it at all.
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Thank you for the great feedback guys! As mentioned by a view members already a warranty is only good as long as the company stands behind it and we do our best to offer our customers the bets support that we can offer on all the products that we sell.

Thank you for your continued support!

Use our Shop by Vehicle tool to find the right lighting for your Lexus, and the most up-to-date Lexus lamp replacement guide!

1-877-522-2701 |

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