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Jay hall 10-28-12 01:56 PM

My Ride Diffuser REPLICA
Hey guys,

Was just surfing through ebay and i found this. Has anyone tried it??

dsage 10-28-12 02:12 PM

that looks like a members is250 that their using in the picture. cant remember his name though and i dont think his is a replica. slammed with white wheels?

edit: found it

Jay hall 10-28-12 02:17 PM

yea the pic is off one of the members.. i too cant remember his name.. there was a long thread about it. all i remember is he had white spoke rims 18" .. lol :D But yea.. he should do something about this.

Vroomin350 10-28-12 02:20 PM

someone take one for the team ;)

Jay hall 10-28-12 02:20 PM

Found him. its " itzhieu " And his thread :

Nelly 10-28-12 02:29 PM

Haha this is some shady @$$ sh-t.

smokyis350 10-28-12 02:48 PM

That doesn't look bad at all. Wonder how it looks on a darker color like Smokey Granite

Jay954 10-28-12 04:25 PM

About to take one for the team. I waste that in a night going out drinking

Vroomin350 10-28-12 04:55 PM

there u go Jay, smart thinking ;)

Quik208 10-28-12 05:01 PM

Haha nights like that get expensive. Lol

Jay954 10-28-12 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by Vroomin350 (Post 7569148)
there u go Jay, smart thinking ;)

I will keep u posted. Time I mod this stock thing anyway

reyoasian 10-28-12 08:03 PM

it actually looks really good I wanna try it..but I already have INGS sitting in basement...

Sffd103 10-28-12 08:45 PM

That's hella cheap. I like it

MyIS350G 10-28-12 09:11 PM

do itt! great price

itzhieu 10-29-12 12:43 AM

my car is all over ebay -.- sigh

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