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I've had a blacked out suv pull up next to me in my 2001 prelude and used it on me

Thank god my music was pretty loud to the point where I heard it, but not get startled.

CAN'T GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT *does the haters gonna hate dance*
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what about those on ebay, they colorful ones or are they just for show?
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Default get these air horns, they sound nice and sporty almost

like the ones Ferraris have.
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No reason to get an obnoxiously loud horn. They should be illegal. What logic is behind scaring the heck out of drivers just for kicks? I don't care what kind of car people have. No place for these on public roads.
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some of us already have tanks n compressors in our cars, running a line for horns shouldn't be a problem
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I've been wanting to do this for a while.

I already have train horns on a truck I own, problem is I never drive it anymore and for some reason people go out of their way to be douchebags when I'm driving the lexus.

The reason why the lexus would be perfect is because nobody would even think such a loud sound could come from a small car.

Now the only people I "scare" with it are idiots who walk down the middle of the road, see you coming and still stand there (usually teenagers and young people) no picking on people who just out having fun.

The other main use I get from it is making everyone look at whoever made the stupid mistake.

The best one ever to date --> we have a 4 way intersection here 4 lanes on each side, it has a huge box full of "x's" meaning DO NOT block this intersection, if you cannot get all the way through it then you should NOT go under the green light and block the other lanes. Reason for this is that what happens is someone doesn't think ahead, ends up in the intersection and now I Have a green light, but because of one or two idiots we are now stuck there, waiting through the whole cycle.

One day the light started to turn yellow for the traffic that was crossing infront of us and a woman in a big caddy Suv sees the yellow and even though she had been doing the right thing, she decided to drive into the intersection and my light turns green, she's blocking both me and the guy next to me now. He beeps his horn and starts yelling. She rolls down her window (which is closer to my hood, my train horns are in the grill of my car) and yells "**** YOU BUDDY my car is worth more than yours" to the guy. I looked over to him and said "cover your ears" - she and her passenger were giving him the finger. I inched a few more inches closer and released the 8 gallons of 200psi air through 4 train horns.

I have NEVER seen someone jump so high in their seat. The passenger went from *****y queen of the world to crying she was so scared. The driver went from middle finger waving to hands in the air not knowing what was going on. I went from angry to laughing my *** off and the other guy did the same. Someone behind us started clapping his hands outside his window.

The lady shut her mouth, shut her window and moved up a few more feet and the other guy could get around her, the car behind the guy let me pull out and go around her too.

That's why I got them, to put people who deserve it in their place.
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Don't lower yourself to their standards. They are idiots. I believe those horns scare people enough that a heart attack is possible or someone could lose control of their car. The aftermath of either event is not something I would like to live with. Just the way I feel.
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There are some designed event or places where the horns are used.

Using them them the public out of the blue, is actually illegal.

Example this is at the event and there are people behind the camera a good distance away as he's indicating "test test".

Lol! this horn in the link below should be used ahahah! (the link below jumps to the time stamp). It's a nitrogen powered ferry horn provided by BC Ferries for being the major sponsor to the team (that's why people who may have heard the horn have actually hard it on a BC Ferry they have gone on before because it is their horn!!). The fans/players are getting an ear full but they enjoy it!

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perfect example of a use for a train horn
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