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My IS-F Rear End Conversion - Full Photo Guide

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Default My IS-F Rear End Conversion - Full Photo Guide

For those who are not aware, I have been planning my IS-F Rear conversion for some time now. Full details are on this original thread

I have successfully completed the project and all installation photos and DIY guide are provided below.

Firstly, i would like to thank everyone on this forum who advised me throughout my planning. A special huge thanks goes to Joe Z and Javier for the expert advice.

The total cost of this conversion including the charges for painting the bumper at a bodyshop was $1,080. I purchased all the parts except the bumper from Lexus Japan and hence made quite a saving.

The exact cost breakdown is:

Bumper Cover with Parking Sensor Holes:

Bodyshop Painting:

2x Exhaust Tips
2x Reflectors
2x Towhook Covers
2x Lower retainer brackets

Here are the pictures from start to finish.

Test fitting to make sure bumper will fit before placing order for the most expensive parts.

The OEM IS-F Tips and Reflectors:

Painted IS-F bumper with one of the tips installed

This is how it looks once OEM bumper is removed

OEM Exhaust Tip Removed

Tailpipe has to be cut short, this is how long it is:

And this is how short it is after cutting

And here comes the IS-F bumper and all photos:

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That looks awesome dude!!!! Good job! and looks like you've saved a bunch of money!
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That looks awesome! You should put a good sounding exhaust on it though to match the looks
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Old 10-11-09, 09:50 AM   #4
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Awesome pictures

But I have to agree with Idrinor, quad exhausts with stock IS250 sound doesn't make sense IMO. time to kill your wallet, again. :P
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Nicely done.....looks great
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Old 10-11-09, 09:57 AM   #6
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wait. so what was the FINAL price. after buying the exhaust tips and the reflectors? or was the 1080 with the two?
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would've been better on a 350

but nice work
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Originally Posted by TokerIS350 View Post
would've been better on a 350

but nice work
Would have been better if it never happened at all...

Posing. That's beat....
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^^^ lawl!~
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i dont hate it.... anyways not hating, but the rear is-f color seems off to me... is that the picture or does the paint match "perfectly"?
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So the is-f rear bumper is becoming a popular mod now?

sorry i dont like this mod at all, but thats just me.

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dude it looks great!!
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I'd feel better about it if the car was a 350 but either way I'm torn.
Props for scratching the mod bug itch. The work looks nicely done.
On the other hand, I not really crazy about this design even on an ISF! Faux stacked tails seem not cool to me.

A for effort though!
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all that's missing is that 8cyl growllll......A mod that has been often talked about of. And now the results are here. You got a big booty now...
I give you props to take on the task..seems your results are good
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for those of you who have beamers, just think of it as an "M style" mod. i don't see him as posing because he didn't put the IS-F emblems on it, its still got his 250 on it. its just to make it more aggressive looking OEM style

awesome props for tackling it, fitament looks great
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