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FAQ: Official ISx50 NON-Nav to Nav Swap. Read this FIRST if you want to do the swap!

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Lightbulb FAQ: Official ISx50 NON-Nav to Nav Swap. Read this FIRST if you want to do the swap!


LAST UPDATE: March 26, 2008 REVISED 2/4/2012

Okay, I just wanted to make this thread because of the fact that every week or so it seems, I am seeing someone on the forums asking about this swap. I am only providing this information as a courtesy for our members because this is indeed a popular subject, so enough with that,


Can it be done? YES [Check second post for tutorial] Special thanks to 350PsDMeuP


Is it simply a swap out of the consoles from the non-nav to nav? NO


Can I just buy all the parts and do it myself? YES [This will be elaborated]

-The most common question that is asked on this forum is, "is it simple?" the answer to that can be answered as both yes and no.

YES because of the fact that if you are comfortable with opening up your dash, both including the center console area where the shifter and cup holder is all the way up to the whole A/C and radio unit. You will also need to take out the glove box to reach the CAN communication area on the passenger side and the under cover on the drivers side to get access to the OBD2 connector and reverse wire. You will also need to have access to the Factory amp to run the wire for the voice directions that will play the nav speeches. Last but not least the steering wheel airbag and overhead sunroof switches will need to be removed as well to run the wire for the mic and the steering wheel switches.

NO because you have to tap into your factory wires with the nav harness [if provided] to get the nav to see your A/C controls and speed sensor and other sensors.

BEAR IN MIND THIS IS VERY CONDENSED and you will need to study the electrical systems of the 2IS. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you subscribe to the TIS and do some homework as i did.


What will i need to get the swap done? YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING PARTS:


-CD PLAYER OR DVD PLAYER [AKA ML DVD PLAYER] Thats if you want to play movies in your car







What are my options on having this installed becuase I don't want to attempt this?!

Well. you have a very limited choice of options. First one, which is the one I have used to get this swap possible was the user on this forums named, lexusaudio. He goes goes by egusman on ebay. That is where i first got my taste of the nav swap. That is all the info I will provide. The other option would be to get in contact with the few members that have done this mod. I am planning on doing a list of everyone that has done it on this forum.


How much will this all cost???

-Lexus DealerThe most expensive way and probably what 99 percent of you will not go about doing is getting it from your local dealer. Just a taste of what you will look at paying straight out of your stealership for the nav screen is around 8 grand, give or take alittle. Nuff said. If you want to take this route, you must be ballinnnnnnnn.

-eBay This is probably where 99 percent of you will get the parts. As you probably see daily, the nav unit is constantly being auctioned off on eBay. One thing i will warn you though is most of these sellers are advertising "NAVIGATION FOR YOUR NON NAVIGATION IS" when in fact with just the unit, you will have nothing but a large heavy paper weight. You WILL need the proper wiring or else this little project will become a huge mess. MAKE SURE YOU GET THESE ITEMS IN THE AUCTION ALONG WITH THE ACTUAL UNIT ITSELF, the nav wiring harness!!!! that is very important!!! All in all, you are looking at around 1,500 all the way up to 3,000 USD for just the parts alone depending on the configuration and what is included. I have seen some auctions include everything, including the ML amp and all the speakers, it ended at around 2,500 USD which is a steal!

-egusman This is the route I took with my non nav to nav venture. egusman is an experienced OEM nav/electronics guy. He does nothing but Lexus/Toyota navigation swaps and has been doing for a long time. I will leave this at this and you will have to do some homework as to where you can find him. TOTAL COST: 3,000 USD. Could be more or less as I did mine a year ago.


Bear in mind that i did the full swap successfully to my 2006 IS250 RWD. I had a premium package option only IS and added the factory Navigation with DVD player and have full bluetooth handsfree, dvd movies, steering wheel buttons working with voice guidance. There are also a few others that have done this full mod as well.

In the end, is it worth it? well, to me, it was. A lot of people will say to just buy another car but that just wasn't an option for me and besides that point, i think i got to know a lot more about my cars electronics and wouldn't have it any other way.

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Special Thanks to 350PsDMeuP, hope you don't mind i post this in here. I just wanted to make sure its all in one place for everyone!

Originally Posted by 350PsDMeuP View Post
Disclaimer:BEFORE attempting to work on your vehicle, I am not responsible for anything that happens to your car or you. Instructions may have mistakes, or they could cause damage to your car, please use and read at your own risk.

hey there pals and gals, here's what you've been waiting for. I just finished retrofitting my IS350 with non nav to a functional ML nav unit with DVD playback. I probably won't finish this tonight but I'll start and probably compile all the instructions when i get time, but for the time being here you go.

The goal of this thread is to give you a fully functional OEM Nav less than $2000.

12 hours

1. Patience
2. Subsribe to techinfo.toyota.com it'll help you get familiar with what you are about to do, go ahead and buy the month subscription, if not you'll be like me and buy three daily passes only to go ahead and buy it for a month a week later. ($75 starting May 5, 2009)
3.Nav Unit $1000 (Ebay)
4. Wire cutters ($0 hopefully you have a pair)
5. Electrical Tape ($3 Wal-Mart)
6. Needle Nose Pliers ($0 hopefully you have a pair)
7. Flat Head Screwdriver ($0 if you don't have one, then you should not be reading this thread)
8. 10m Wrench with Extender, NAV unit screws are far back behind the A/C vents. ($10 Wal-Mart)
9 P1, J50, J53, and J51 custom harnesses (Buy a unit that comes with at least the P1 $80 connector and the other connector $50 illustrated in the pic. If not they can be purchased here http://www.trademotion.com/partlocat...=5&catalogid=2)

**The other harnesses can be custom made or I can sell you my extra harnesses J50, J53, J51**


10. Nav antenna ($25 Ebay)

Total: $1123 and worth every penny!

11. Optional: Camera and Mic.- This thread will not go through the installation of these parts.


1. Remove gear shift ****. Simply turn the shift **** counterclockwise and it will unscrew.

2. Remove woodgrain and center panel-how to:
With a flat head screwdriver slide the head of the screwdriver along the rear side of the silver pieces that surround the center piece. You may also use your finger nails, these pop off pretty easy. Once you have the screwdriver inserted, gently pry up and back and they should pop and slide right off.

Slide the arm rest back and gently pry and pull up on the center console piece, it is attached with clips, so it should pop right off and slide over the gear shift with no problem. Unplug the gear shift harness and seat warmer plug.

Next use a phillips screwdriver to unscrew the 10mm bolts on either side or the ash tray. Once that is done, the ash try will slide right off. Unplug cigarette lighter harness.

The center console is now complete!

3. Vents Removal
For some odd reason removing the vents are not as hard as people are saying.
Look inside the vents, there are two little rectangle slits that need to be pried down. Gently use a small screwdriver and stick it inside the vents and pry down. The clips should pop down, be careful because it does not require a lot of force to get the tabs to come down.

Next, using a plastic pry tool or a Flat Head screwdriver wrapped in electric tape, ply the Vents out of the dash. The dash is very forgiving, so gently slide the screwdriver between the dash and the vents and ply the vents out. Gently pry one side out about half an inch, remove the screwdriver and hold that side with your hand. Insert the screwdriver on the other side between the vent and dash and pry that side out. Depending on how you did this two things could happen, either way it is okay, do not panic.

I. If you did it the way I did mine, the whole vent assembly will come out, simply disconnect the two vent harnesses.

II. Option two only the vent fascia came off, which will still allow you access to the dash console 10mm bolts.

4. Remove bottom piece of Cd player, its the rounded trim that right above the ash tray it just pops right off. Save it in case your NAV unit doesn't come with it.

5. Place white towel over center console to stop debris from falling into the console and protect the edges during installation.

6. Unscrew the 4 10mm bolts holding the dash unit, there are two located at the top of the unit, by the vent adjusters. These are pretty far back so an extender may need to be used. Then there are two at the bottom on either side which are pretty far back as well. Once these are removed the dash should slide right out.

7. Remove all plugs and Connectors from the unit.

8. This is what should look like before the mods.

-Disclaimer: Doing the following steps for the first time scared the CRAP out of me!

8. Completely cut the J54 connector. Look for Part number: 11911 on the connector. It has 14 terminal slots, 2 of those will NOT be used which is the RED and BROWN wire , there functions are unknown to me. Connect the NAV connector J53 by color to the existing wires. Here's the diagram to ensure that you are wiring properly and a pic.

The J53 connector connects into the clock on the side of the unit. There is another plug that this connector can be easily confused with, if you swap them out you will immediately know something is wrong because your hazard lights will flash profusely.

10. Here you can see J54-9 going into the J50-19. Itís the light green wire. Now we will connect the J50 connector which is located to the right of the P1 connector. Most of the connections will be made to the J54 connector. You can tap them into the same place you made the previous taps and then solder them all together. View the below Diagram, I am unsure about the last two connections, if you do not have a ML unit, I know you don't ground the parking brake or tap into the speed sensor on the P1 connector; however you will have to access these two terminals elsewhere which would cause you to tap into a different harness (I think somewhere on the J55).

PART 2..........

Originally Posted by 350PsDMeuP View Post

Disclaimer: This information was provided by Lohus another member that has successful done the swap without ML. According to him the J50-14 (pink speed sensor) should be tapped into the J55-19 and im unsure where the parking brake taps into but somewhere on the J55 as well according to the techinfo.

Sorry I'm not sure where these two wires go but I will update that information as soon as I know, I would do trial an error but my unit has ML.


11. The last tap you will do will be for the HVA/C system.

Your system is now complete, enjoy!

OPTIONAL: Add ML to NON ML units with ML DVD Player

I know a lot of people out there wish they could watch DVD's on their nice NAV screen. So it is possible but some have tried and not received the perfect outcome with aftermarket DVD players and the custom install. This thread will tell you everything you need.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your car by reading this informative thread.

WARNING: IF your scared of doing the NAV hack well stop reading now. This involves a 3 wire tap and a custom harness.

1. Solder and Soldering Gun
2. Wire Cutters
3. Electrical Tape
4. ML DVD Player $300-400 (local junkyard or car-part.com)
5. Custom Harness $50, unless you want to hardwire the wires to the unit itself. If you're going this route have it done professionally. Bestbuy said they would charge $100, probably could get it cheaper.
6. 2 hrs.

Total: $350, best upgrade I have since I can put on a DVD while we take our trips from here to there and the quality is amazing.

you're done, pop in a vid and enjoy!
If anything in the above diagram is unclear, please let me know. I will take detailed pics soon.

The next section will cover the Voice Recognition, Mic, and Camera. All require a few more taps into the existing J51 connector to the AMP, Mic, and rear of the Vehicle.

Connect everything and tape with black electrical, so if any tech takes a glance it will look OEM.

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I nominate this as a entry into the 2IS Faq!!
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ditto!! im thinking of it...
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hmm perfect...but here is the question:

What am I looking at in terms of cost of parts/labour if i chose to get the dealership to do this for me? There is no way on earth I can do this myself...any ideas?
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Originally Posted by ExTrEmE99 View Post
I nominate this as a entry into the 2IS Faq!!
Agreed 100%. Thank you, thank you, thank you Soung. I've added this thread to the 2IS FAQ thread, and we're all very much looking forward to more information from the few that have successfully done this retrofit.

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Originally Posted by 06-IS250 View Post
hmm perfect...but here is the question:

What am I looking at in terms of cost of parts/labour if i chose to get the dealership to do this for me? There is no way on earth I can do this myself...any ideas?
I'd be =very= surprised if you got a dealership to do it for you.

An aftermarket stereo shop or something? Probably yeah if you pay them enough. A dealer? pretty unlikely.
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Always such a tempting mod!!! The cost is the downside.
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Is this going to cover getting a ML DVD Player to work with a non-ML system too?
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this is great
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Yo! I wanna do this or add a AVIC D3!
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any diy on this?
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Originally Posted by AznJason View Post
Is this going to cover getting a ML DVD Player to work with a non-ML system too?
, Where can you buy the ML DVD player? I have Navi, but no ML.
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A Lexus dealership in toronto said they would do the switch for me since the parts are lexus (not aftermarket). However, they said it would take anywhere between 10-20 hours and at the rate they charge thats a lot of coin on top of the price of the parts.

- Joe
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Default Swapping from non navi to navi?

Hello, i was wondering what do i need to swap from a non navi console to navi? the reason why i ask is because i found a navi unit for 600bux , but i am not aware what other parts i need with it, so can anyone chime in?
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