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So just to clarify....I just got on Lexus' website and read the owner's manual for the 2014 450h and it does have cruising range in the instrument panel. Guess it was just something they didn't want to put in the 400h.
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Yes, I realize its not the hybrid instrument cluster but the central display screen shows the same information.
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Yes...But we we had already established that the non-hybrid RXs had the distance to empty feature...We were trying to prove whether or not the hybrid versions had the feature...So posting a picture of a non-hybrid cluster is irrelevant. But ultimately, the 06-08 hybrids do not have the feature (although the non- hybrids do have it) and the 2010+ RXs do have the feature regardless of being a hybrid or not.
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Originally Posted by RXSF View Post
Hi there.

The engine will always kick in first no matter what, even if the engine is not cold. They all do this, be in 2 seconds after you turn the key or immediately. On a cold start, the engine has to warm as quickly as possible so that it runs as efficiently as possible, so it will stay on to accomplish this. Also, if you require heat, the engine will need to stay on more frequently. Only when the engine is warm will starting off at low speeds be under electric.

B stands for braking, as in engine braking. Since the engine usually shuts off when you are not accelerating, you do not get the usual engine braking from a traditional transmission's lower gears as you would a gas engine. Putting it into B keeps the engine on while going downhill, and keeps the continuously variable transmission on a higher RPM in order to aid you in slowing down. If you ask me, its unnecessary to do so.

Distance to empty should show up if you has a navigation equipped model on the fuel consumption screen. I am not sure if the non nav equipped models have it on the MPG area of the smaller LCD screen
I disagree with the engine should always kicks in at the start. I have the 08 RX400H and in the summertime the Gas does not kick on at the start. in the winter It does. Like you said, the engine likes to warm up to a certain temp. I believe in cold weather it it will run the gas engine right off the bat to do this. In the summer i can put it in drive and ease out of my garage before the gas engine kicks on. Besides the engine temp and cabin air, another component to warm up is the catalytic converter. I am not sure if the 400H has a temp sensor for that. i need to climb under to find out. I get less than 20 mpg when the air is frigid. =(

As for the distance to empty, I can concur that the 08 RX400h do not have this feature. The distance shown on the Nav screen is the distance traveled since last reset, The MPG given next to it is based on those miles. (which I find to be off by 1-2 mpg). in the instrument cluster it can show the MPG (same value as the center console)
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Thank you to all that have responded what a great source of information this forum is.

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