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View Poll Results: Do u use your sunroof?
never/don't have that/bad weather 13 7.14%
no/ I'm not a poser 7 3.85%
its ALWAYS open 58 31.87%
i use it sometimes 88 48.35%
its used to SHOW off 16 8.79%
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How Often Do You Use Your Sunroof?

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Old 10-05-08, 02:55 AM   #46
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it never rains here so always!
when i was looking for my GS i passed up many good ones coz they didnt have a 'Moon roof' lol. I love it and any luxury car should have one.
best thing about it is at night when you recline ur seat and look at the stars with your girl. ok that sounds abit gay lol
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Old 10-19-08, 05:14 PM   #47
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i always hold the unlock key down before i get into my car, so almost everyday unless rain or cold
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Old 10-20-08, 01:04 AM   #48
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opened all the time, opened tilt tho, not all the way open lol. cali weather is great
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Old 10-26-08, 12:09 AM   #49
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When I had the SC, mine was always open. Now that I've got the Trans Am with T-Tops, I don't take them off quite as much, just because it takes longer & I can't do it without stopping (usually...), but it does have a much more open feel. I just wish spring/fall lasted longer here.
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Old 01-05-09, 09:20 AM   #50
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it's always open i love having it. plus my AC doesn't work so it helps out a bit
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Old 01-13-09, 01:28 PM   #51
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Here in Texas the enemy is the always scorching I never open it!
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Old 03-15-09, 02:20 PM   #52
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as often as possible..
if its dry and above 40 its open
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Old 03-17-09, 03:53 PM   #53
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If the weather is 70+ I keep it up, I tend to not leave it open cause there might be some douchebags littering my car with trash through the sunroof
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Old 04-20-09, 11:22 PM   #54
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I have a shaven head so all of my windows and my sunroof are usually open
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Old 09-21-09, 12:03 AM   #55
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Originally Posted by cpone View Post
everyday! Its florida!
Very true man... but not that much during the summer. its usually hot as hell and i have the A/C blowin. Now during the fall its another story..

I actually had to think about this.. Not really sure what i would do if i had the option. when you don't have a sunroof you want one and when you do have one you could live without it...
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Old 10-24-10, 11:24 AM   #56
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Always opened even if its raining I just throw the cover up then. Always tilted never fully opened
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Old 12-05-10, 08:23 PM   #57
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Open when it isn't raining. But I do live in Seattle so it is closed the majority of the time.
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Old 02-02-11, 10:37 AM   #58
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Default I'm With You

Originally Posted by jaydunn View Post
I truly wish they, most makers including Lexus, didn't package these damned things with more useful options like HID lights. Burns me to have to pay $1000 or more extra for a hole in my car's roof.
When I bought my IS300 at Torrance Lexus, I asked if I could get a car WITHOUT a sunroof, inasmuch as Lexus advertised the roof as an "option" for the 2001 car.

The salesman found ONE car on the entire West Coast, and that was over at Longo, so I went and looked at it. It was white, which wasn't my favorite color but I probably could have lived with it, but the car had mechanical seats, not power, and I think the windows were non-power, but I'm not sure I remember that accurately. It wasn't close to what I wanted, so I bought a silver car at Torrance.

I've had the roof open TWICE in 10+ years, one time to check to see if it worked, and one time when a lady friend insisted that I open it. I hate the roof for about 6-8 different reasons, and I won't buy another Lexus with a roof.

I've been very happy with the IS in 60,000 miles, and I would buy a new Lexus in a minute if they had one without the humongous hole in the roof, but not until then. Next car probably will be a Sub or an Evo, and I'll go out and lay on the beach when I want a sunburn or a moontan. Ralph L. Seifer, Long Beach, California.
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Old 02-02-11, 12:13 PM   #59
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I use mine sometimes...usually in "tilt" mode. I'll open it if it's a nice day out and I'm at the beach!

As far as what it implies of a person's image, I think it holds no bearing whatsoever on who you are. But then again, I'm older and probably out of the loop when it comes to that!
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Old 02-02-11, 12:25 PM   #60
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I love my sunroof. If it's lovely outside, I open the whole thing up. Or if it's just warm inside, I tilt it open.
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