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Do you care what happens to your GX or other car when sold?

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Default Do you care what happens to your GX or other car when sold?

I was informed that my MDX is trashed today. I sold it to my brothers girlfriend (she is ok and a bit sore). No it is no longer mine, but I feel a loss with all of the work I put into it
I have put a lot of work in my GX and do not like the thought of it going to the junk yard...Meh let it go I guess

Any regrets or stories with sold cars?

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I've always thought that one day I'd run a carfax on some of my old cars just to see what happened to them. Maybe in a few years or next time I need to pay for one since the bundle is barely more than a single request. I'd probably feel a little sad if one of them was destroyed.
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I do care, that's why every other car i've owned is sitting in the garage.
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I kept track of my 4Runner after I traded it (while the dealer had the 1-Owner Carfax availalbe). They had it in inventory at a different location. It sold 4 months after I traded it, was titled in MD. I'll probably run a Carfax again someday, search the VIN on Google.

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I think I've now bought 62 new four wheel vehicles. A few I even modified pretty heavily. Really don't want to know and don't care what happened to them.
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I try to. I ALWAYS check the dealer after I have traded something in to see how long it sits and what they end up listing it for.

I'm curious what happened to the 3GS that I had that was totaled. It was in great shape, before the wreck, and I'm sure someone took it and tried to fix it.

Any other Lexus we have had are still registered under our service accounts, so anytime they take them in for service, I can see that.
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I regret selling my custom ordered 2010 Chevy Camaro 2LT/RS in Aqua Blue Metallic. Found out a year after I sold it the girl got into a rear end collision on the highway. I was heart broken. I use to baby that thing like no other. It still had the factory plastic in the foot wells under my weather tech mats. The original floor mats were in the trunk still wrapped in the factory plastic as well. I wouldn't allow anyone to eat in it or anything. Now I'm sad just thinking about it.
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Yikes that sucks
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