Pics of OEM Black Permachrome and/or F-Sport wheels on 2010 Tungsten Pearl GX? - Club Lexus Forums

Pics of OEM Black Permachrome and/or F-Sport wheels on 2010 Tungsten Pearl GX?

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Default Pics of OEM Black Permachrome and/or F-Sport wheels on 2010 Tungsten Pearl GX?

Does anyone have pics of the OEM wheels in Black Permachrome and/or F-sport wheels on a 2010 Tungsten Pearl GX?

Black Permachrome:


I just bought a 2010 GX, upgraded from my 2005 GX, and want to find some rims for it. I'm waiting for it to be shipped to me.

I've Googled and can't find a lot of good rim pics of these.

Thanks in advance!
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They might be the same sellers that's listed on that ebay link because they're both from Michigan. Anyway, they have a picture of a white GX with the black permachrome oem wheels but it's kind of hard to gauge due to the angle of the picture. It's hard enough to find someone with black permachromes; I highly doubt you'll find one on a specific color, such as Tungsten.

I'm on my iPhone and it's hard for me to link it up to you because their website isn't so great. But yeah, go to said website and click "car photos". Select "Lexus" and I believe the GX is either on the third or fourth page. Hope that helps.
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The F Sports are ~$229.60 each from Sewell with the Club Lexus discount. I put these on my wife's black 2010 and they look awesome. We get compliments on them all the time and they are dirt cheap wheels and lighter than stock. I posted pics not too long ago so you can search my username for posts.
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those are interesting wheel locks. Would they fit on the luxury rims?
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