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4GS mega thread (UPDATED; preview drives, specs, more interior pics)

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Originally Posted by 8SpdShift View Post
Excuse me, faux English major, but while you're so antsy to try and prove me wrong, you only ended up making yourself look foolish in the process. True, he might very well have meant what you said... but based on how he wrote out his sentence, it could also be interpreted the way I did. Perhaps he should have invested a couple more seconds to carefully think out what he wants to say, so that there won't be any confusion for any of us. You tell me to "take a chill pill" (wasn't aware anyone was still saying that in 2011), yet you felt so compelled to mash out that huge thesis statement to me over a simple comment that didn't even involve you to begin with??? Hmmm... I don't live my life on ClubLexus. I joined specifically to hear news about the new GS. You might be tempted to slit your wrists in angst because you were banned from these forums, but I could care less. One way or the other, I abide by rules for the most part, and I didn't say anything that was a personal attack or insult... not that I have to explain myself to you volunteer forum police.
Originally Posted by GS350Lexus View Post
First of all, I typed all of that on my phone (tiny keyboard small screen rings the bells?). When I mentioned a "chill pill" it was a general statement, not pointed right at you. You're assumptions getting you no where here " You might be tempted to slit your wrists in angst because you were banned from these forums,". volunteer forum police? All I got to say is "LMFAO".
8spdshift, GS350Lexus - please exit this thread.

Folks posting stuff like this are losing their 4GS forum access folks. Seven warnings is enough. Knock off the personal commentary and keep your discussion to the vehicles.
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Originally Posted by robloc93 View Post
I am personally waiting until tomorrow's reveal as I am sick of everyone jumping to conclusions on EVERYTHING, just wait until tomorrow please!. Here is Robert Cumberford's thought's on the LF-gh in the September issue of Automobile; I respect the man and what he has accomplished but I totally disagree with him. I'm an artist myself, so I might see things in a different perspective than him. I do have to say to Mr. Cumberford though: This is exactly what Lexus wanted, to stray away from the older demographic, so sorry sir, I'm going to have to say this was successful at attracting less, pardon the expression, "Geezers". Mission accomplished!

Sorry if it's been posted already, but I haven't seen it yet I couldn't figure out how to re-size them, sorry if they are huge.
At first I got angry at his critiques, but as I read through each of his points, I sadly realized, I agree with him. Aside from his personal comments about copy this and that, some of the design elements just don't meld well. It does look disjointed and I realize it is what's been preventing me from loving this design. It does it's job. But I don't love it. I hope to see this car in person and then make a final judgment call, but as of now, I doubt this car will be in the running for my future consideration...
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Originally Posted by ted920 View Post
I HATE IT!!!!!

Very disappointing exterior! looks very plain and just looks boring. the front looks bad and the grill is crap.

headlights are not what they could have been. the 3 projecter beam look in the concept was way nicer.

interior is OK at best. why the shift boot? gated shifter would have been so much nicer and cleaner.

I guess I will be leaving the GS family for my next ride. Hello Porsche Panamera.

Lexus / Toyota....................BORING AND BLAND as ever.

the 3rd Gen GS was SH_T and the hope that 4th Gen would return to a game changer like the 2nd Gen Gs was, is now totally gone.

another thing, a GS-F with anything less than 500+ horsepower is a joke. if you want to compete w/ AMG and M, then you need to step your game up Lexus. Right now, you have no chance and more disappointment is in your future.

4th Gen GS --------------------------- HUGE LETDOWN.

Bad Lexus. Bad Lexus. Bad Lexus. Now go to your room, you're grounded for a month.
Those are for the 450h trim. And the interior already blows away the competition.
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Do you think we'll know the price and all the specs today ?
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Originally Posted by SNiiP3R View Post
Do you think we'll know the price and all the specs today ?
i hope so....
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Im confused, did the threads split?
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Originally Posted by 1SICKLEX View Post
Im confused, did the threads split?

Apparently. Earlier this afternoon, the posts in the thread above were in here.

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Same exact engine and transmission. I'd love to know what their excuse is for that, and a 12.3inch multimedia screen isn't cutting it.

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exclusive matchup
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4Gs is out, this thread is closed. Let's continue discussion in the new thread

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