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Should i go for it or avoid a 2006 gs300?

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Default Should i go for it or avoid a 2006 gs300?

The lease on my current vehicle is ending soon and I want to purchase something and not have a monthly payment anymore. I'm a previous Lexus owner (Lexus IS300), so when thinking of cars I would like to get another Lexus.

My price range is around $10,000, but I came across some 2006 GS300's in the 150k mille rage for around $11,000 (which I could talk a dealer down from). I would like to hear stories from current 2006 GS 300 owners... GOOD & BAD? Is it worth it?

Want a feel for what to expect if I purchase this car, maintenance, major and minor flaws. Lexus' has a reputation for lasting long, but each model is different. Thanks in advance
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I personally would stick to GS350, 2007 and up.
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The 06 gs300 had oil consumption issues. It was a one year run. Save more and get a 350
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Here we go again with the carbon buildup debate from people that don't even have an 06 lol. I own an 06 and you will hear two complaints from non 06 owners.

#1) The car has issues with carbon buildup, not everyone endures this problem but if you do Lexus will rebuild the engine for free regardless of miles. Therefore that's not an issue to me nor have I had any problems with carbon buildup.

#2) Non 06 owners will say the car is under powered, granted the 07+ has about 50 more ponies but the car still has some get up and go. If your a street racer you don't want a 3G Lexus anyways because you can't tune any of them regardless of the year.

Mine has been problem free, you want to make sure the water pump has been replaced recently because they tend to go around 80k+. Everything else is general maintenance that you have to perform on any car.

As long as the car has been maintained over the years you should be fine. If your not a DIY type of person then you may not want to get a Lexus with 150k miles. Parts for the car aren't that expensive but having anything done at a Lexus dealer can drain your pocket book!
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^ agreed

my 06 ran perfectly fine with no issues or carbon build up
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I don't own a 06 but I would like for you to make sure that if there is carbon build or oil consumption issues that lexus can do it for free. if not, I would probably pass.

is it from a lexus dealer?
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always check service/accident history using the vin @
maintained by Lexus? then you should be good to go!
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I'm thinking with 150k miles those issues should have been fixed. Check service history to see at All you need is the VIN. Just could be me but I think that price is a bit high for 150k. I suggest putting the money toward an 07 or higher.
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I see no reason to avoid if the car is in good shape.
My GS300 AWD consumes less than a 1/2 of a quart of oil (conventional) in 5,000 miles with 107k on the clock, which it has since I got it around 60k ago.
As long as it has been cared for, definitely check it out.
Just so it has been said, the GS350 hasn't been without its own engine issues.
Also... If you wanted ultimate reliability from a 3GS, consider a GS430. More $ to maintain, but stellar reliability.
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2006 gs300 is a stunning car especially if you have the mark levinson system in it
they will rebuild your engine for free with a 2014 loaner gs,then you have 0 miles on your engine
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I had 06 and I do recommend it. As stated above, the dealership will take of the motor regardless of the miles. Many times, I miss having my Lexus where the ride comfort can't be matched with my current Infiniti. Definitely thinking about trading in my car for 4th gen GS. I digress.

Just do your due diligence, and check with your local Lexus dealership for car history. I hope this helps! Good luck.
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