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Disconnected the battery and now windows dont work...

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Default Disconnected the battery and now windows dont work...

morganc got you covered.

Going to stick this up here for a few weeks.

Originally Posted by morganc View Post
You have to do a reinitialization of the windows and the moon roof.

Windows: With the ignition ON, go to each window and press down (hold) on the window button and keep holding it for about 3 secs after it bottoms, then hold the switch UP until it closes and hold for about 3 secs. This has to be done at each window, not simply from the driver's switch pad.


Turn the power switch ON (IG).

If the sliding roof is opened, close it fully.

Push the SLIDE CLOSE switch or TILT UP switch, making the sliding roof operation as follows:
Tilt up → Approximately 1 second → tilt down → slide open → slide close

Sliding roof stops at the fully closed position.

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Added to 3GS FAQ
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I got the same issue my right drivers side doesn't go down glad someone posted this
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At each window (not from the drivers door controls) power the window down half way. Then pull up on button and hold it till the window closes and count to 3. Window should not auto down and auto up. Repeat this step at each door window control.
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Worked like a charm!!!
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good info thanks
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I did the reset on my Moonroof on my GS430. I notice something weird when the moonroof doesn't auto slide anything. And when I hold the button to close, it slide close and reopen in one shot without any pausing.

The reset is just press and hold, the lid will slid through all the cycle. Just keep holding until lid stop on it's own.

The cycle is open/close/tilt/ everything and it stop at the end. After that the moonroof will work like normal.
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After some lowlife POS keyed my car, I brought it to Lexus' body shop for the repaint. When I picked it up, same thing with the windows. They actually had the nerve to tell me the "window motors" were bad and that it would cost about $700 to fix. Thieves and scumbags.

LOVE this forum.
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Old 11-07-13, 04:09 PM   #9
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Thanks this worked like a charm. I had some shop put my intake on, after that the windows didnt work. thanks this club is pimp..
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I'm getting ready to install a new battery into my 09 GS350. In addition to the windows, will I need to put a code into the stereo/nav system? Are there any other things that I should check after the battery is hooked up?
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I use to do it often by opening fully an keep pressing open for like 5 seconds, then close fully and keep pressing for same period. It is like resetting concept
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This is actually a required thing when the battery gets disconnected. You will need to reinitialize each individual window and the sunroof. If you notice the light on the window switch it will be blinking this means it needs initialized.

To do so you will need to go to each window and:

Roll the window down (not all the way, just a little bit)

Roll the window up til it tops out hold the switch there for a few seconds or until the light on the switch goes solid

Sunroof will be initialized the same way.

Note: You do not need to fully open either windows or sunroof.
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you can also find the answer in your lexus car manual that comes with the car
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Default Re.

Had this happen before, re disconnect the batt terminal again for a min. Then connect again.
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Default window button not working after battery disconnected

Originally Posted by Stormforge View Post
Added to 3GS FAQ
U can also open each individual door and just pull the window button into the up position until it closes all the way and ur automatic windows will be reset to normal
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