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Gs 350 2007 from 0-20 MPH Vibrations

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its a known problem with the AWD versions whether the car is lowered or not
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Mines sorta feels like when ur in a manual car just before it catches gear a lil shimmy then it catches, but only happens when if im at a complete stop let the brake go and slowly tapped the gas a lil
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Originally Posted by IXI187IXI View Post
its a known problem with the AWD versions whether the car is lowered or not
Can you describe the known problem? Mine has a "shudder" between second and third when the gas pedal is just slightly pressed.
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Originally Posted by Mariusz232 View Post
Hey Guys So i bought it to lexus and they flashed the tranny and that shuld fix it. Those symptons are usualy the ones of a tranny that needs to be flashed.

Did the flash resolve the problem?
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My GS350 RWD 2007 got this problem too. skipping/jumping of the tires/car, its very soft, all the lights on the dash shut off then 2 second later it back on normal. it only happened once though.

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Default Update!!

Originally Posted by aggieman96 View Post
I have the same problem with my 07 gs350 AWD. I notice it happens driving between 20-30 mph and accelerating very slowly. The rpm are around 1500. The tranny changes gear up to to 4th gear and the vibration starts. If i accelerate, it goes away. During quick acceleration I never notice this vibration. This seems like just a design problem. Also notice if I drive the car as a manual and go thru the gears i never notice this problem. It's annoying but doesn't appear to be serious. The problem feels just like driving a manual car in a higher gear at a low speed and need to down shifted.

Left the dealership and was advised I need to replace the transmission because they don't do transmission repair. They only replace them. They are contacting Lexus to find out what they can do for me. I bought two Honda with 100,000 mile on them. Drove them up to 200,000 miles with no problems. I'm pissed and may never buy another Lexus after this experience.
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Please excuse my noobness but what do you guys mean by "flashed the tranny"?
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Originally Posted by Whitena View Post
Please excuse my noobness but what do you guys mean by "flashed the tranny"?
The transmission is controlled by a computer that's in your car. The dealership "flashes" the computer with a firmware to try and resolve any problems you are having.
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Default Vibration

Hi Guys, so I'm having the same exact problem and Lexus said all they had to do is replace the tranmission fluid. Something about it has to be at an EXACT LEVEL and if its a bit to high or a bit to low then the car runs and shifts hard. Please let me know how accurate this really is. They said the vibration is now GONE... Please help
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Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I just bought an 07 GS350 awd and i'm getting this vibration. Did anyone ever figure out how to fix it?
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if it is used car, I would also look at the 2 engine mounts.
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When member said he replaced one of the front axles and the vibration went away
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Any other updates on this issue? I'm having the same issue with my 2008 AWD w/ 131,xxx miles.
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This is like thread #7 about the same exact issue. The symptoms people have mentioned -- while all referring to the same type of issue -- have come up with various remedies all of which yielded little to no results: tranny replacement, solenoid replacement, torque converter, mounts, and so on. To me I think it has more to do with a bad wheel bearing/hub and/or CV axles gone bad. I hear my front end squeak a little when going over little bumps in the road from time to time and over time since buying my car I've noticed those "noises" have gotten more noticeable and frequent. Unfortunately I need my car everyday and haven't dedicated it to my mechanic for an entire day to look at, but I will say this: on one occasion while driving at a fairly decent speed ~45mph+ my front driver's side began making a loud screeching noise - like a metal on metal rubbing. It did it for about 10 seconds and disappeared which to me alluded to a dying wheel bearing. I had a very similar issue with my previous car ('01 Maxima) and I feel this is lending to this problem along with a possibly shot CV axle.

People have forked over $3-6K in transmission replacements all to experience the same problem soon ater, and these Lexus techs who can't reproduce the problem or say it's a quirk of the AWD system is complete hogwash.

If there is play in your front-end which feels like a hopping sensation, then have the engine and transmission mounts checked. Bad mounts can cause the wheels to have a skipping and hopping sensation which under load and acceleration can lead one to believe it's a transmission issue. Everyone here who's broached this topic is all at the 60K+ mileage and probably have not entertained any suspension/bearing/mount related issue and dive right into the transmission being the culprit. Yet if more gas is applied the issue is non-existent, or even if it happens the car shifts smooth after the fact. Do the downshifts come with a clunk? No one has alluded to this. Does the car hesitate in other gears? Seems like a resounding no here as well. From reading all the threads about the same topic from different members and the numerous posts about what people did to "resolve the isue" has proven no fix for the problem but a vast amount of rememdies which means an elephants **** share of $$$ was spent in the process. I myself have just hit over 71K miles -- no tranny drain and fill yet, and all of the aforementioned components being original with the car. I purchased it with 44K miles almost 2 years ago and can say that the car is a different being today with noticeable degradation within the suspension/axle/bearing components. The engine and transmission still work in perfect harmony, and I believe the culprit to be one of the previously mentioned components outside of the transmission. Also doesn't help having these crappy NY streets to further along the decay of my car's suspension, but to me (being the **** "what noise did I just hear from my car" type of person) I would begin ruling out the cheaper methods first before running to get the transmission replaced. I know if I had to "replace" my entire tranny unit, and the problem persisted, I'd drive my car straight thru the front doors of wherever I had gotten it fixed.

What's mind boggling to me is that people have received varing degrees of remedies from Lexus authorized techs about a product they should know like the back of their hand who have all been given varying diagnoses related to specific transmission issue which didn't solve the problem and yet everyone is still jumping on the transmission bandwagon.

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maybe tire blance... only $20 for four
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