200,000 miles and climbing every month.... Service performed, cost and issues...... - Club Lexus Forums

200,000 miles and climbing every month.... Service performed, cost and issues......

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Smile 200,000 miles and climbing every month.... Service performed, cost and issues......

Part 1:

Hello Fellas!

I purchased my 2007 Lexus GS 350 White Pearl with the Mark&Levinson, parking assist and rear shade from a friend back in September of this year.

I got it with 46k on the odometer. I am a technician by trade who works on complex machinery from Japan so I have had some time with tools in my hands. Driving this car 5,000 miles every 30 days, I need to do all the work myself to save some money and time.

At 46k, I gave the car an oil change, tire rotation and a complete detail in and out. I also had a clear bra put on and had all the minor door dings taken out.

The car when I just got it. The TL I owned and sold in one hour with 215k on the odometer. I did all the work to that car and it served me well. I plan on doing the same to the GS.

I bought a six pack of oil filters, two cabin filters, updated nav disk and an F-sport filter.....

Doing the 46k service....

I soldered in an override switch into the VSS wire so I could plug addresses in on the go.

I found the perfect size switch.....

I hard wired in my 9500i passport and made a custom mute plate and mounted it where the change holder was....

Good location to put the radar detector...

Custom embroidered straps to hold my tools in place and a custom parts bag to keep everything looking clean....even in the trunk...

Now three months later and a little over 60,000 miles on the odometer, I had to do the major service.

Two boxes of parts from my good friends at Sewell Lexus....

Owning another Lexus (RX330) I got some, filters, spark plugs and gaskets to do a major service on it....

You would think I worked for Toyota or something.....

Got the car up on some jack stands...

Ok, time to change the front brakes with new "low dust" pads and replace the rotors......

This brake system is easier than my Brembo setup on the TL.....

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Part 2:

Easy way to getting the old rotors off......

The old and new.....

The dusty *** pads had to go. The jury is still out on the "low dust" ones as I still am seeing a lot of dust.

Cleaned all the areas with Brake clean and applied grease to the pistons to keep the noise squeel to a minimum....

The finished product....

Now it's time to bleed the brakes and get all the old fluid out.

It always pays to have right tools for the job. This cost me 65 dollars shipped and it payed for itelf the first time I used it.....

No need to worry about getting air into the lines and no need to have anyone pump the brakes....Easy as parcheesi!!

The old brake fluid is looking like it could use a change....

A stock of new brake fluid......

I used a turkey baster and removed most of the old fluid from the master cylinder and then filled it with new fluid. I then filled my brake bleeder pump with extra fluid and pumped it up to 15 psi and started at the right rear caliper going to the left rear calper then working to the front passenger and finally the drivers front.

Get ya 10mm wrench out and bleed those brakes...

The old fluid looks a lot like Apple Juice. Should I put it back in the fridge?

I thought the old fluid was ok until I saw the new stuff....

Brakes are done!!!!

Now its time for a Sparks as I still need to do the spark plugs, cabin filter and air filter cleaning....

Oil change!

Take two of these and call me in the morning.....

Just shy of 7 qts. and we are done!
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Part 3:

Filter Time!!

Dirty air filter box that needed to be cleaned. Your dealer wouldn't do the extra work like the owner would....

Banging the dirt out of the F-sport

Cabin filter time....

Pull the glove box divider out...

Done! Woo hoo that was a total of five minutes.

Now it's time to put a can of Seafoam into the tank. One can every 15k keeps my local dealer away...

Spark plug time!!!

The old plugs looks like it's ready to be changed...

The new one sure looks purrty....

All plugs are in!!

Cleaned up the engine compartment while I had all the covers off.

All cleaned up and all the covers were put back on.

Time to tackle the dashboard squeeks....

Pressing the felt in between the dash and glass....

I washed and did another major detail on the car and took it for a ride to see the results. The car is tight inside and the squeeks are gone and the car is running top notch again.

I have been waiting for over two months for my Continental DWS tires to come in for my new rims on the front wheels. I just got word, the tires were shipped yesterday..
I have been asking a lot of my Michellin tires!!

Here is the rear rims with the tires mounted. I can't wait to get the fronts mounted on Tuesday. The car was just dropped on F-sport springs so the gap isn't as bad as stock.

I am picture happy as you can tell!! I hope you guys enjoyed this thread and I will be updating it as I go. Driving 5k every month, the car will hit the 100k mark by summer. I couldn't afford to drive this car if I had to pay the dealer to maintain my car for me. As you can see, a lot of this work is pretty easy to do yourself and it will save you thousands over the long term.

Happy Holidays!!!!
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damn you should invest in a beater car with all that driving.

bet your neighbors loved that seafoam

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great pics! i want your garage lol. are those oem rotors?
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After buying 12 quarts of transmission fluid and doing my research after, I realized this is a dealer thing as they hooked it up to the machine and flushed all 13 qts. 220 dollars later, I was out the door. Anyone need 12 quarts of trans fluid?
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superb thread!!! thank you for all the detail info and great pics thumbup:

but i wasn't aware about flushing tranny fluid. the tranny should be sealed and only inspection done until there's leak?
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looks like you had lots of fun
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awesome thread. did you notice any difference after tranny service???
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great thread,,,im just too lazy even open up the hood,,,
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awesome thread and awesome garage!

you sure drive alot.
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nothing beats the day in the garage w/ some cold beer
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Kick *** thread! Thanks for the detailed pics!
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Word I will rate this thread 10 out of 1-10 10 being the most awesome thread. Now you have to show me a link where i can get those darn pads for the windshield noise. I wen't to home depo with NO LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do that for me, it will be a Christmas present for me!!!!!!!!
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Wow! Awesome thread! Thank you for taking the time to document and share.
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