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Value of 2001 GS 300 Sport Edition

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Default Value of 2001 GS 300 Sport Edition

Hello CL forums. Im new but was hoping someone could help me out.
2 years ago I bought a 2001 silver GS300 Sport edition ( no spoiler on back) with only 50 K original miles. It was babied by a CEO in upstate NY.

Sadly it was stolen out of the mechanics shop last week and totaled. A the time it had 80k on it.
(it was in the shop for a new catalytic converter) other wise was in very good to excellent condition in and out- a few light scratches on the paint. super clean maintenance records. interior was perfect - no rips or tears slight wear on the steering wheel.

Ive done my research on its value on KBB Edumunds and NADA, but the prices vary from 8500 to 10,500 for the base model, not the sport.
Im hoping to get some info on what the sport model would cost to replace over the base model. Ive been searching the net but have only found a few and some ads are old.

anyone feel fee to chime in on what the car was worth- for when the insurance company for the garage it was stolen from comes knocking I have a better idea what to ask for. Im sure they are gonna come at me with a number like 7000. I know it was worth more than that considering the milage.

thanks in advance

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Sorry to hear about what happened. I think you'd be lucky to get $7K. Keep in mind the car is over 13 y.o. Also the "Sport Edition" is nothing more than extra added fancy trim. Lexus should have offered the turbo version in the states then it would be worthy of the "sport" title.

GS300s are dime a dozen, the good thing is that you have the opportunity to use the funds to upgrade to a GS400/GS430 with a V8. Nice to have more power on tap.

Good Luck
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There's a Sport Edition for the 01???? Thought that started in 02...
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you should definitely get 9,000. My sister crashed her 99 GS3 with 170k on it and insurance (geico) first offered her 4,000 and then she told them to recheck their values and check the KBB value and the NADA value and they got back to her the next day after rechecking the value and ending up giving her 5800. thats $1800 more for saying a few words. They will always try to low ball you since most people are ignorant to how much their car is ACTUALLY worth, they give them money and their happy, but when you present yourself as a educated consumer they respect that. No matter what value they give you tell them your car has super low miles and its worth more and to recheck the value of NADA or KBB and they will rethink their decision.
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IMO they should give you 9-10,000 since you had low miles... UNLESS they try to pull that BS saying they dont determine values based on miles anymore, ever since hurricanes totallled millions of cars most insurance companies changed their polciies to not take miles into account anymore to determine value. But you might be able to BS them and say you paid alot and you want this much and you demand they give you more.
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