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Banky 05-30-10 01:10 AM

my gs300 :D
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hi, my name is Banky. finally the coilovers has arrived.
feel free to comment or suggest.

Mr Jokster 05-30-10 01:17 AM

Very nice... Lower in the front please :)

djMaru 05-30-10 02:42 AM

nice what camera is this?

1SWTGS 05-30-10 03:24 AM


sam430 05-30-10 03:41 AM

Don't drop that camera! LOL, what coilovers did you get? Looks really good.
^ agree, front needs just a little more. but then again, it may mess up the fender when turning.

Bombsquad 05-30-10 03:42 AM

nice...oh sunny days and a shiny GS.:thumbup:

Cuban GS 05-30-10 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by sam430 (Post 5528546)
... what coilovers did you get?..

+2 your car looks great!

mazdaflash 05-30-10 06:59 AM

very nice very clean

CPMD 05-30-10 09:35 AM

Looks very nice :thumbup::thumbup:

YaKuZa_GS 05-30-10 10:29 AM

Nice shots. Looks very clean

Banky 05-30-10 11:02 AM

Hi guys, sorry for a late reply. My camera is Nikon D90 with 18/200 lens and for the coilovers Tein ss.

mex lex 05-30-10 12:03 PM

Cool rolling shots :thumbup:

sleeper408 05-30-10 12:03 PM

Very clean! I still can't believe how amazing our cars look with just a nice drop + wheels.

V8RdnLow 05-30-10 12:13 PM

looks good, just drop the front a bit more:thumbup:

Infamous 1 05-30-10 01:48 PM

Very nice!

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