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GS300 Sparkplug swap and MAF Cleaning

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Man, looks whoever did the last oil change dumped a bunch down the center lol. Also, when you pull out the coilpacks, you dont have to remove the clips. You should have enough slack in it just to move them over to the side.

One other thing. The throttle body gets dirty not due to the dirt. It's mainly because your PCV lines recirculate back into the intake tract. So basically all the oil and blow-by coming out of your crankcase is vented back into the intake. Your intake runners(you won't be able to see this unless you removed the entire intake manifold) will also be extremely oily/filthy because the second PCV is hooked into the vacuum side of the throttle body. For my car I just hooked the PCV vales up to an external catch tank with a filter on it. Now my throttle body stays squeaky clean with no hint of oil at all.

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Originally Posted by JeffTsai View Post
For my car I just hooked the PCV vales up to an external catch tank with a filter on it. Now my throttle body stays squeaky clean with no hint of oil at all.

Pics and/or a DIY?
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Just got done replacing my wires and plugs. I ran into the same difficulty actually getting to the plugs. Anther tip...When un plugging all of the wires, some of the old electrical tape cracked and broke into a thousand pieces on me and fell into the spark plug wire ports on the head. I used my air compressor and for one blew out all of that crap so that when I pulled the plug it wouldn't fall into the cylinder, and for two dried up all of the coolant that spilled from some of the hoses.
Overall was a medium hard task only because of the process of getting to the plugs themselves
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great pictorial/write up. I'm about to do this can clean my maf and TB. Also, try to check on my spark plugs. Eventhough i only have <58k miles on my 99 GS400.
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your wife has sexy hands.. no just kidding. Great write up. I love pictures.

Looks very througho.

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it's so hard to take out the MAF to clean, any one knows how to take it out to clean

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input on those plugs?
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Hello boys

I've had the same problem with my gs300{ OIL **
I've got a serious problem!!! HELP PLEASE!!!
I was driving yesterday and all was going well, when i push/Tramped the car car revved up, kicked down as usual and after changing into 2nd: Coplete power loss!? All lights on the dash came on etc! Pulled over and tried starting it: NOTHING! It swings but no ignition! Towed it back to the office; Ripped open the fuel pump to see if its not blocked: everthing is perfect{what i can see ** Fuel is coming through!
Then i proceeded to the spark plugs! ALL 6 bays were filled with oil! ** Completely freaked out** Anyways! cleaned them out, broke some clips on the coil packs ** Brittle ** Now it still wont start! BTW! i didnt remove the negative from the bat!
HELP! PLEASE! What do i do?

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Seriously! Guys im in serious distress here!!!!! HELP!
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it took about 2 hours to do
i was getting pissed off with ever thing that i need to take off and then the coil pack did not want to come off.
then i missed the firing order.
found some oil in the bay but i was not worried about it so much.

when doing this, i would recommend take your time. get the spark plugs and wires....
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Thanks for the DIY!!
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thank you for this..
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Default Valve cover gaskets are BAD

Hate to break it to you, but you valve cover gaskets are bad. The oil is coming from the valves...
Originally Posted by cpone View Post
This is what your engine looks like underneath the MAF and the engine cover. Think about doing a DIY...

Notice that it has the Coil Packs. REMEMBER HOW THEY GO. Tag them if necessary with a little bit of take and a perm marker. I didn't so I had to do it from memory. But it is a good idea to do.

Also careful with these plugs. They are very delicate. I learned that the hard way as the clips that lock them in place BROKE on me. They so far have stayed put after reattaching them but I do not know if they will hold. I may go back in there and use maybe some electrical tape to hold them in place. Any suggestions here would be great too guys.


Ok remember when I said that I hit a HUGE PROBLEM. Well here it is:

Yeap oil leak somewhere. It was in all 3 areas of the sparkplugs. I damn near fainted I couldn't turn back now I went to far. Besides I needed to post this on CL for someone else to possible fix and someone else to tell me WTF HAPPENED?

I assumed from the first 2 bays that it could be oil that spilt when I did my oil change last. But I have no idea of confirming that.

SO I went ahead an tightened ALL of these bolts:

Don't know if that is a bad thing or a good thing but I figured it may be a lead with the gasket or something because they were all REALLY REALLY loose. I am assuming its that. If anyone care to chime in please do. It would be GREATLY appreciated.


So it took me FOREVER to get that oil out. Basically used bits of paper towels and stuffed them into the holes to suck out the oil. Plus there was these little bits of plastic or something that were all over the place in there. I THINK they were the protective plastic lining to the Spark plug wires. They were IMPOSSIBLE to get out with my big hands. So I brought in an expert:

Yeap. My wife

Yes we did not have a flashlight (funny how ALL THE BATTERIES DIE AT THE SAME TIME ON ALL 5 FLASHLIGHTS. LOL)
Her hands were small enough to get in there and take out the oil in some parts and the plastic pieces that fell into where the sparkplugs are.

She is my HERO

It took us FOREVER to get it all cleaned up before I could remove the sparkplugs. It took pieces of tape to stick onto the plastic pieces plastic and remove them. I didn't have an air can which would have been INFINITELY EASIER so we made with what we had.

I then installed these bad boys:

Carson Toyota comes through again!
These bad boys are not cheap I tell ya. 6 came out to 75 bucks! They better be worth it!
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Originally Posted by corkycal View Post
any tips for the coilpack clips (the one that broke?)
Use your woman's hair dryer to warm the clips up some so they are more mailable and easier to remove. It sounds like it would work but I couldn't test this idea due to mine already being broke.

My clips were already broken from the last spark plug change before I bought the car. I bought it with 145k and changed the plugs at 186k, a year and half later, so they will stay attached, tape isn't necessary.

I also had oil in all of the passages. The bolts were also loose so I tightened them and put it back together. It helped stop the oil that was leaking on to the exhaust making it smoke( how embarrassing is it stuck in traffic and your Lexus looks like an Cheech and Chong scene, slight exaggeration!!)
I am not to worried about it because I plan on rebuilding the motor within the next 50k(less than a year, I drive a lot) miles so I can go FI.

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Default Broken clip replacements

For those who broke the plastic clips, these might be the OEM Replacement :
PNC# 19531 19532 19533


I'm not 100% sure but if someone could confirm, this would be beneficial to leave in this thread.
Attached Thumbnails
GS300 Sparkplug swap and MAF Cleaning-sprkplgs.jpg  

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