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2GS FAQ: Tint thread (add your tint pics and details here)

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Old 05-12-04, 02:30 PM   #46
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Post tint

I had 15% black tint on my old Y2Kgs silver on blk. If you have a dark color interior. You tint will look darker.
Warning: With 15% TINT I got pulled over about 10 X a year. This is almost once a month. Driving around like this in my conservative wealthy municipality has made me very paranoid. I always had my left hand on the trigger ready to roll down my windows any time a COP came my way. I have had wacky cops make dangerous U-turns to stop me for tints. SERIOUSLY!! consider this. If you are a young driver of a GS with DARK tint , you're gonna get pulled over in PA. My local police dept. think they are on the TV show "COPS". Cus of this exp. I am gonna go with 35% tint this time around. my 2 cents

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Old 05-12-04, 02:54 PM   #47
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Originally posted by Alexus-Kia
What does the dvm thing say that was sent and why did ou have your doctor friend sign it?? What was it for exactly?? whats you tint % ?

Also for the person with35% that is on the front 2 windows and 18% on the back and rear???
do you have a side view of the car and not on a angle directly from the side?? i want to see how well you can see into the car!

Here is a pic of my little ol' car... no major mods yet...Just a self chromed grill
your car looks exactly like mine when i bought it on labor day last year!

Make sure you get the clear front bumper lens...to replace the yellow lens. that is another inexpensive exterior mod

My tint is 15% on the side windows and rear. the legal limit is 50% on the front 2 side windows..but w/ the waiver form, i can have the front side windows tinted to 15%. My friend who is a doctor, signed it, becuz i need a doctors sig on the form. i dont really have an eye condition...but he put one on there for me

btw, do NOT GET 3m window tint. There tint peels very easily. 2 of my friends had that 3m tint..and they both are peeling. My tint is Llumar... make sure u dont get the cheapest kind. those will turn purple after 3-5 years. The Llumar tint has a 100% guarantee against not turning purple.

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Originally posted by Alexus-Kia
What does the dvm thing say that was sent
My guess is that you have to call up DMV to obtain a special sticker for your aftermarket tint. Here's what is quoted from the CT DMV page on tinted windows:

"Any vehicle with an after market tinted window must have a tint compliance sticker affixed to it by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Stickers may be affixed to vehicle windows which, when tested, have an allowable light transmittance of no less than 35 percent plus or minus three percent."

If you need a tint darker than 35%, there is however a medical exemption which is stated as follows:

"Medical Exemption: If a medical condition exists which requires tint between 32 percent and not less than 20 percent, a medical exemption form must be completed. The validated form must be carried in the vehicle at all times; stickers will not be affixed to windows in exempted vehicles. The form number is E-220 and it must be validated by the Dealers and Repairers Division in Wethersfield. You may obtain the form at any Department of Motor Vehicles Office by calling the DMV Telephone Center."
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Old 05-12-04, 06:33 PM   #49
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Thanks guys All very helpfull..i love this new form!!

OK... i like the way the 35% fornt with 18% backs and rear look!
So is it only the front that they care about???

Also where would i get those new bumper lights from?? or what are they exactly called so i know what i'm looking for!!!

By the way i have grey on th inside (i wish it was black) So the tints will still look alittle bit darker right!!
one more thing some one posted that stock gs has 3% tint so if i get 35% on top of that what will i have??? (still thinking about tint %)

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Old 05-12-04, 07:31 PM   #50
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i believe each state is different...and it also depends on your area...there r towns in my city where cops will pull u over if your antenna is too shiny...i have never (knock on wood) been stopped for tint but i have gotten ticketed for it after being stopped for something else...if ur not sure go with the law...in my city everybody has dark tint because of the sun being so bright...

on a side note i had LLUMAR for years with no problem but im now using SOLAR GUARD and i like it alot!
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Old 05-14-04, 11:06 AM   #51
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on ebay..do a search... gs400 clear or gs400 clear bumper

here is what i found


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thanks...do they come with the clear light bulbs?? and are they hard to put in???

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Old 05-15-04, 09:17 AM   #53
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hi, no they dont come w/ bulbs. the majority of ppl use the polarg m4 wedge bulb. that can also be found on ebay...in regards to mounting the clear lens...look at this forum

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Old 06-19-05, 03:40 PM   #54
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Cool Tinted Windows Disrupt Navigation System

I own a 98' GS400 w/factory navigation system. About 3 months ago I decided to tint the windows. Shortly after, my GPS was all screwy. I tried calibrating it, but it still didn't know were it was. I took it in to my local Lexus dealership where I had them checked out. He told me the tint was not allowing the signal to go through. I even made sure the tint doesn't have any metal in it. Has anyone had this problem, and if so were you able to fix it?
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Old 06-19-05, 03:44 PM   #55
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i've noticed it but i'm pretty sure that it was off a lil bit b4 i tinted the windows.. and the unit for the navigation is in the trunk anyway
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Old 06-19-05, 09:16 PM   #56
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I have the darkest tints all around, but my Nav is perfectly fine...either on my gs4 or my previous LS430 UL.
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Many people of reported this issue - it usually occurs when you use metallic or semi-metallic tint like you said. I'd suspect the tint you got has something in it that you didn't ask for.
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Old 06-20-05, 01:49 AM   #58
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yeah could be the tint, though to be honest i am still a bit skeptical. my is300 and sc430 both have nav, and both of them i put on metallic tint all around but i have never had any issues with nav.

i wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that i am in cali (regional)? i don't know why
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Old 06-25-05, 09:22 PM   #59
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The brand was not a major brand name. I saw the box after I had already asked the guy which brand it was and he told me it was solarguard. A few minutes later I pointed out the box of tint they were using and said "I thought you used solarguard?" He then told me all tint is made by 3M. I couldn't argue because I don't know anything about tint, so intead of walking, I just said alright whatever and let them to do the job.

Here's a pic, it's just too reflective for me, and not 'flat' enough. I'm sure cops would be more irritated seeing themselves back instead of trying to see me..

You can see the blueish color it has..and even though it's a photo, it looks similar in person.
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Default Help choosing a tint..

I searched around on this topic and didn't really get what I needed so,, no flames please

Anywho, My gs is alpine silver. I always tint my cars charcoal or dark tink. I never liked the silver. It seems like the only other color tint jobs I see are on all the mexican cars, you know the ones with their last names proudly displayed on the back window in old english letters.. Did anyone out there decide to do their car in a silver shaded tint?? I would really like to see pics, especially on a silver car..

Any suggestions would be great!
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