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motorized steering wheel tilt

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Just finished lubing everything in the column in my car. Used white lithium grease, lubing the main shaft for telescoping and the screw drive (like a garage door opener) for the tilt. I removed the plastic cover (obvoiusly) and the lower metal shield, held on by a gold 10mm bolt on either side. I lubed the main shaft, telescoped the wheel, lubed again, telescoped again...same thing for the tilt. I moved and lubed for about 5 minutes, but the squeaking continued. Took about 20 minutes of moving and lubing. All squeaks gone.
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Default how do I replace the tilt motor for the steering wheel in a 01 LS-430?

Hi Hw do you change the tilt motor for the steering wheel in a 01 Lexus LS430?

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Default This give you an idea..

I did a search and found this....

I know yours is a GS, but this still might help.. this post has pictures to got along with it. I need to lube my 99 GS3 too.
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THank you for sharing.
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Another DIY to do. It's getting colder now and the motors that move the steering wheel sounds like they are straining to push the wheel out when I start the car. It sounds way different during spring and summer.
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Originally Posted by VIPtint View Post
ok just did mine. took apart all the lower plastics to expose the motors. you take off the lower and mid section. also the section surrounding the key. i couldnt remove the cover for the steering shaft though. it will expose 2 motors. mine is a 99 gs3 and the tilt motor was the one closest to you, it also had writing facing you. the telescoping motor didnt. i removed the 4 bolts to remove the motor and it comes apart. cleaned it and regreased it with di-electric grease. the dust clumps up the stock grease and takes away constant conductivity. while i was in there i regresed the shaft as well with regular grease. put it back together, and went up and down a bunch of times to spread the grease. it is now good as new. cost:$12.00, time: 1 hour, and i also had to stop and tint half of a a subaru forester in that time.

sorry no pics
Thanks for discussing this! I saw the YouTube video on the ls400 and read all the pages from the sc thread. I took off the plastic casing around the column and realized there was no motor or gears that high up, so I put everything back. I searched and found this discussion. The motor and gears are down right above the air vent that's right below the steering wheel. So, I will be taking off the two lower under panels, the key ignition cover, unscrewing the motor, cleaning it out, and re-greasing it. Not sure what the motor looks like, but the previous poster said its labeled. I already took out, cleaned all and regreased all my servos so I'm pretty happy about getting to fix my up/down tilt as I enter and exit the vehicle. Luckily, it came to grinding halt in the perfect position for my driving, and my comfort so i didn't see a rush to fix it. Thanks!
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Default GS300 Steering Tilt

Can someone chime in, please. I took out and used compressed canned air to clean the tilt telescope ECU, but I was looking to clean and regrease the gears for the tilt feature. Can anyone please assis with this.

EDIT: I found the tilt motor on the steering column now to take it out.

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I located the tilt motor, I unscrewed the 4 screws holding it. When it is unscrewed, the motor will not immediately release, you need to use the joystick to 'back out' the shaft/motor. Once the motor is out of the vehicle it comes apart. After opening it you will find that the copper wires are full of old grease and clumps of dirt. I used compressed air and blew out all the gunk, I regreased the copper contacts, and the shaft where the copper meets the contact points. Put it all back together as it working like brand new!!! VERY happy!!!

It's nothing like the sc thread using the washer as a space or the ls 400 YouTube video. Mine is a 99 gs300.
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