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How to change footwell courtesy lights

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Default How to change footwell courtesy lights

WARNING: DO NOT have your keys in the ignition while changing any lights, you'll run a risk of setting off the airbag itself, and the dreaded lame airbag light.
NOTE #1: keep in mind none of the bulbs pictured are the stock ones, except for where noted, I already had my whole interior done in blue LED's remember, so you won't see the EXACT thing that i show, but it'll be a little green GLASS bulb that you need to be carefull removing cause they break EASILY, trust me.
NOTE #2: Once the LED's are installed, if they don't work, simply take it out, flip it around, and install it the other way, since LED's have + and - and only work one way, so if it doesn't work, pull it out, twist it 180 degrees, and push it back in, simple as that

with that out of the way...
to change the lights in the footwells to LED's:

1. Get onto your knees and look under the dash panel where it light comes from, you'll see the cover, take a flat head screwdriver and stick it into the place wehre shown, then twist it, or wiggle it up and down, just to pop the cover off:

2. Do the same thing to the back side of it, like so:

3. You will then be left with this:

4. Pull on the bulb, once again being careful not to break the little glass bulb, it should come out and you should be left with this:

If it doesn't come out easily, you can remove the whole panel itself, and then twist the base just like the key ring light, if you need to do that, i'll take pictures on how, but it's pretty easy, the whole panel comes off with 3 screws, i think it's been covered somewhere in this forum somewhere already, but i can take pictures of that method as well

5. replace the bulb with the LED, if it doesn't work, pull it out, rotate 180 degrees, and reinsert.

6. Replace cover, and move onto the passenger side

7. one the passenger side, i found it easiest to pull out the whole panel off ,and get at it from by pulling out the base. Pull down on the panel with your fingers, or a screwdriver as so:

8. You will be left with this:

9. Twist the base either clockwise, or counter clockwise, i can't remember, pull the bulb out, and put the new one in. I forgot to take pictures, but once it's twisted out, it'll be exactly like the key ring light. You can also pry the cover off using a screwdriver from the method of the drivers side light

10. Enjoy your new footwell lights as so:
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What led light is this?
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anyone knows the bulb number?
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I think type 74. I didn't switch to LED but I switched to blue lights. It's on Sylvania site I think. I believe it's the same as some turn signal
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How to change footwell courtesy lights-forumrunner_20140301_205536.png

Here ya go. Lol last one on the shelf at Walmart type 194
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