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ES300 is good for how many miles?

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Old 06-08-14, 07:58 PM   #16
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Smile 205,000 and going strong!

We have owned our 1998 ES300 since 2006 (with 90,000 miles) when my wife's dad who bought it in 2000 (with 30,000) gave it to her. It now has 205,000 on it.

We have NEVER had to perform any major engine or transmission service, only preventative maintenance.

The biggest thing we had done (preventative) up until 2012 was have all the belts replaced later than recommended. Then we found out when we said ALL belts, that they (pep boys) didn't do all belts and replaced out FIRST timing belt at 200,000 this year (2014). They couldn't believe it lasted that long and I made sure to have them check, and sure enough it said Toyota on the original belt. We had them change the water pump and gasket while they were at it since the labor was already done to get to it and we had the hydraulic tensioners replaced with the timing belt since it made sense.

Living in Oregon 2006-2008 (100k miles) warped our rotors splashing our friction heated rotors through cold puddles. Then we moved to the Coachella valley desert and the extreme heat (up to 120 degrees) shrunk our motor mounts so when we moved to Eureka we had 2 of those replaced since the engine was moving about 2 inches but then our rotors warped again at 205,000 miles. No big deal, 30 bucks each plus labor if you don't want a pulsation when you brake.

We also paid about 800 for new struts but kept the old springs which may not have gone out as soon had we not packed out trunk and back seat full to the point of making our car a low-rider both times we moved 1000 miles.

I had to fix a torn driver seat and gave up on the broken front cup holders that the Lexus dealer ship would sell me for $90 -I don't need my drink held THAT bad. Geez! We replaced a clip on the driver side door lock that cost $3 at the Lexus dealership that apparently broke when pulling on the handle and letting it spring back since the door was locked. -That repair took about 30 minutes and a screw driver and some $2 plastic clips (at pep boys) to put the door panel back on. We also replaced the plastic front parking protector since it was hanging which was something like 18 bucks at the Lexus dealership in 2012.

It's been a great car. I've heard of people going up to 300,000 with them before any major maintenance is done. I believe if I drive it like a grandpa, and maintain it when the owners manual says to, it will last to 500,000, but we'll see.

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Old 06-08-14, 11:18 PM   #17
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Holy Old Thread revival!

My ES now has 336K miles

I wonder if the OP ever bought the car.
00 ES300
04 ES330
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Old 06-10-14, 10:42 AM   #18
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I have a 98 Lexus ES300 with 182,000 miles on it. It is so good I bought a 2001 ES300 recently. They are trouble free luxury cars, and last forever. JC
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Old 06-12-14, 07:40 PM   #19
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I bought my 2000 ES 300 in 2006 with 90k miles. Today it was 196k and still runs like a brand new car. Maintenance is pretty cheap and these are easy cars to work on. I recently changed all the spark plugs for the first time. It only took me 2 hours and I had never done it before on a sideways motor. These cars will last far longer than just about anything else if maintained properly.
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Old 06-23-14, 09:19 AM   #20
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I have a 98 ES300 with 182,000 miles on it. Only major repairs have been 2x timing belt replacement, and replaced air cond condenser. The car is phenomenal. I have owned Lincoln top of the line, BMW, and Acura. Nothing compares.

I bought the car with 100K on it, and have had no transmission or other problems.

I plan to keep the car for another 90,000 miles God willing.

Because the car is so great, I recently bought a 2001 ES300, same model only 3 years newer. JC
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Old 06-23-14, 11:53 AM   #21
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Just bought a 05 ES330 with 188k on the clock and the only way you'd know it is to look at the clock. The neighbors thought it was brand new. Everything works perfectly and you couldn't ask for a better ride.
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Old 06-24-14, 08:21 AM   #22
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97 ES300 with 280k miles in crappy Canadian winters.
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Old 07-13-14, 01:00 PM   #23
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I have a 1995 ES300 with 225,000 miles on it.

My maintenance included a rebuilt exhaust system, rebuilt AC, timing belt, water pump, CV joint, new radiator, regular service, O2 sensors, window switches, etc.

I have used AMSOIL synthetic oil changed at around every 10,000 miles.

I have a knock sensor error code now, and I think that I am going to ignore it until the car dies. One down side of that is that my check engine light will always be on, and I will not be able to know if a new code is being generated.

I also have a leaky power steering system. Whenever I refill the power steering fluid reservoir, I can hear the very loud hiss of the power steering and steering becomes easy. After a few months, the fluid is mostly gone, and I lose power steering assist. I don't care that it is difficult to turn, so I usually don't fill it back up for a while.

I would like to drive the car to 300,000-400,000 miles. I might get new seat covers, as the driver side seat has rips in it. I have this feeling that the ride would be better if I replaced all four struts, but then again that seems kind of "cosmetic," and pricey, so I might skip that.
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Old 07-13-14, 06:47 PM   #24
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I got 232892 miles on mine, brought mine 1 1/2 years ago for 2 grand at 206000 miles.
I been a happy camper ever since. I see the timing belt was already changed and the person that had my lexus before me took great care of it. most of the parts in the engine bay are new.
timing belt and water pump was changed back in 2003. so probably needs to be changed again.
but no major problems(knock on wood). My friends have new cars and my car rides the best. Once you go lexus you never go back. I will not hesitate to take my car any where.

Only my AC does not work. so i have to change the expansion valve.
I really wonder if my car with all its mileage will out last my friends cars that only have like 100000 miles.
I really think it will go to about 400,000 with the way it runs now.
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Old 07-13-14, 06:47 PM

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