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Lexus Rant (But Luxury Makes in General)

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Default Lexus Rant (But Luxury Makes in General)

Sorry, just need to vent my frustration and this isn't with Lexus specifically, but with some of the Luxury makes in general.

These vehicles are not cheap, and I've seen many many people on the road with 10+ year old Lexus's b/c they take pride and keep their vehicles up. My 2011 ES350 is only 3 years old, but is really showing it to be older with the amount of rock chips, scratches, etc on the sides of the car.

This is a direct result of Lexus not offering color keyed splash guards for their sedan lineup. Lexus isn't the only culprit of this, but BMW, Audi, Cadillac, Buick, nor Lincoln offer these on their sedans.

The only luxury makes that do are Acura, Infiniti, and Mercedes.

I've had previous vehicles over the years that had these splash guards, and I can tell you I see a noticeable difference between my Lexus now and my other makes that were the same age with the amount of scratches, dings, chips, etc on the sides of the car.

What really busts my nut, is why does Lexus spend the time and money offering color keyed door edge guards, but not offer their customers color keyed splash guards as an accessory option?? There is no reason why if they can offer the color keyed door edge guards they can't offer the color keyed splash guards.

When we are spending $40k+ for an automobile, that we plan on keeping possibly 10+ years, I want to do what I can to protect and save my car as long as possible. Not have it all marked up to hell and look like **** from normal road use only after 3 freaking years. I mean cmon. Lexus, take pride in your vehicles and let us owners protect them for the long haul!!

Now of course, splash guards don't protect the car completely, but from what I've seen, they do make a considerable difference.

Now I know some of you will say, "Just go out and buy some from Autozone, PepBoys, etc and slap them on your car." - Problem with that logic is, I shouldn't have to go and by aftermarket black plastic crap to put on my $40k+ plus car in order to help protect. Plus, they look like cheap crap on this kind of vehicle. Plus, unless you have a black exterior, you'll notice them. Color keyed splash guards from the manufacturer blend in nicely.

I urge everyone to please write Lexus and ask them to add these accessories on their sedan lineup!!! We deserve to protect our cars and keep them looking nice for the long haul!!
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It may be time to be more pragmatic. What looks worse, the black splash guards that are optional on ths car, or the damage that has you so upset?
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Originally Posted by MDames2 View Post
It may be time to be more pragmatic. What looks worse, the black splash guards that are optional on ths car, or the damage that has you so upset?
Your missing the point entirely by that comment. We shouldn't have to settle on $40k plus sedans to either have rock chips, scratches, dings, etc or buy ugly looking plastic black splash guards to protect our cars. That's the point I'm trying to make. Its silly and ridiculous that we have to choose on something so expensive to have one of those situations happen.
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It could be that there isn't enough demand for the color keyed mud guards, hence their unavailability. If there was a demand and money to be made on them I suppose the manufacturers would offer them.

I haven't had them for ages and really haven't had a problem. But that's just my experience.

Some might argue if that is the major shortcoming of a car, you have it pretty good overall...
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why not use the clear stone chip guards on the nose and behind the wheels - - no biggie-- problem addressed.
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I will agree with you about higher expectations for a $40K car etc. That said, I don't think it is up to Lexus to provide aftermarket accessories to match everyone's taste. Thats why the aftermarket exists.

I for one think mud flaps are ugly and would never use them. I've had no issues with chipping or scratches etc.

For $40K, I would love to have something like a complimentary restuffing of the front seats, polishing and clear coat reapplication, headlight replacement etc at the 6 yr/100000 mi mark., now that would be awesome.

Side note, how much profit does Lexus actually make on a $40K car? I mean after the supply chain, manufacturing, R&D, marketing, etc. how much is left for profit?
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my SC300 has no serious chips from driving.

the thing is people have demanded a more "flush" wheel fitment for newer cars, and this causes said issues. i dont plan on buying a newer lexus, but having a signed "petition" from this forum that requests lexus pruduces color matched mud flaps might get you somewhere.
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I would get the optional splash gaurd regardless of the difference in appearance so they protect my Lexus.
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