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Error code C1201 P0057 P0161

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Default Error code C1201 P0057 P0161

So I just bought a used 2007 ES 350. One week into ownership the check engine light, vehicle stability light (car with swerving tire tracks) and check vsc lights all come on.

I got the codes read and they are C1201 P0057 and P0161.

The last two I believe are oxygen sensors and the first is a vague engine control problem?

The lights come on for a few days, then go away for a few days.

The non-Lexus dealer who sold me the car sent me to a mechanic who says the lights will likely go away all together if we just replace the correct O2 sensors.

The car also vibrates when moderately applying the brakes at speeds higher than 60 mph- is that normal?

Any ideas what is going on? I'm concerned and discouraged because I really love the car in general.

Please help! Thanks so much.
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So this is what I found on another message board:

"C1201 trouble code is common on lexus when the brake pads wear out and the the caliper pistons extends to maximum. It will cause the brake fluid to drop and the brake fluid level sensor is activated. Once the bake fluid level sensor is activated for more then 4 seconds, It will set the code C1201 in the system. Check the brake fluid if it is at minimum. Even though the light may not be on but when you go up / down hill it will illuminate for more than 4 seconds and that is what trigger the trouble code. By adding a little fluid and resetting the code you can prove that this may or may not be the probem. However to fix the problem , check and replace the brake pads as neccessary. Only then top up the fluid level to the maximum level , reset the trouble code and that should get rid of the trouble code till next brake job."

The vibration you are feeling decelerating from 60mph is NOT normal. You either have bad pads, warped rotors, or both. I would take the car to a trusted independent mechanic and have the entire brake system looked over. Good luck!
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Thanks for the insight- do you think the three codes are all related? Are brakes on a Lexus something I can have a regular mechanic look at or should I take into a dealer?
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P0057: Oxygen Sensor Heater Control Circuit Low Bank 2 Sensor 2

P0161: HO2S22 Heater Circuit Malfunction

Would appear your rear O2 sensor is going. That is independent of the C1201 code which is an engine control system malfunction.

I'd replace that o2 sensor and the codes will likely go away. The VSC and Skid lights always come on with a CEL because the systems get disabled whenever an MIL is tripped.

As for the vibration when braking, you've either got a warped rotor(s), or your ball joints could be on their way out.
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