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Wa7ed 04-19-13 10:37 PM

es300 - 03 want change Headlight
hello everyone
I just bought Lexus ES300 - 2003 and the headlights look dirty and yellowed. I want to change it, i found these but i don't it's good quality or what ? any advise ?

Price : $285.40
Price : $195.95 + shipping

Price : $249.79

Price : $264.99

Price : $237.99

Chocolate 04-19-13 11:48 PM

Those are the Eagle Eyes aftermarket headlights. I've seen a few pictures but not sure about the light output. The blacked out ones only look good on a black car, IMO. I like the reflective ones you posted. I have the Eagle Eyes LED tail lights and I like them a lot as well.

The ES 300/330 came with either halogen low and high beams or xenon lows/halogen highs. These aftermarket lights are only compatible with halogen equipped models. You can tell by the color temperature of your lights if you are not sure.

When my passenger side xenon housing got cracked, I opted to find a reseller of brand new OEM lights and had the bulbs and xenon ballasts put into the new ones. (For what it's worth, if I did it again I would have asked to watch the procedure so I would know how to remove the bumper and remove and replace the headlights and ballasts. Lots of headlights with broken tabs on ebay). Total cost for both lights and installation was around five hundred.

Chocolate 04-19-13 11:56 PM

Actually, when you mentioned this I went back on Autotrader to find a car I saw that had these equipped. Much prefer the reflective ones:

Chocolate 04-20-13 12:03 AM

Loaded onto imgur as a backup for when the car is no longer listed:
Definitely go with the reflective or OEM ones!

Chocolate 04-20-13 12:08 AM

These appear to be the TYC aftermarket ones. They look similar to the OEM ones (from a distance) but aren't quite as good quality.

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