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Old 01-06-15, 05:24 PM
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05 Lexus ES330 rear window won't open!!

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Smile rear window stuck

HOORAY! This was the best advise. I love my car I bought it as a leftover in 2005 and have never had a problem with it until the back windows got stuck 8 years later. It did recur but just last week but the same slam worked again. Dealer wanted to charge $700 per window to replace motors and all I had to do was slam the door with the key in the accessory position and poof it was fixed!l
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Old 08-29-14, 01:58 PM   #32
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Default es 330 rear window problems

Originally Posted by arnelmacat View Post
Thanks for this information. I have 2005 ES330 rear window is not working. Slamming my door didnt work for me. So I have to remove the door panel and loosen the bolts and try to bang where the motor is and shake the window assembley inside. Then it works. At the beginning it didnt do anything, because I think the motor overheat after trying the first solution to slam the door. Removing the panel is easy first remove the control for window using thin piece of plastic, then you will see one screw inside it.You will have to remove the power supply. Then remove the cover on the door lock, there is a thin plastic cover that you have to remove by your hand, then you will see one screw. After that you can start from the bottom to snap the door, use the thin plastic to help you remove some pin around it. I find it the top area is the one need the help of this thin plastic to pull it. After taking all the pin, it is ready to pull out, lift it up to remove it. Then you can see the inside of it with plastic cover, in my case need to open it to shake the assembly. You can try loosen the bolts first then bang the motor area, then if that didnt work open the plastic cover and , dont worry can still put it back. Then try to make the assembly move,( push it up and down). Then try testing it,using the driver side or put back the power supply to control ofcourse has to be in ACC or start the engine. Sorry dont have picture but email me if you need help.
thanks for the great help. i have a 2005 es330 that i purchased new. just found out that both rear windows would not go down(we never use them). both fuses were ok then i stumbled on this forum. tried door slamming which worked on 5th try on right side but not on left. pulled door panel per posted directions, loosened 4 10mm screws holding motor assy gave it a tap in the motor area with my hand and the window started working fine. thanks for the help. the only thing i would add to the panel removal instructions is that the plastic cover that must be removed at the door handle is the recessed piece directly behind the handle and not the piece that surrounds the handle. i was confused at first but the whole operation was very simple and took about 15 minutes.
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Default Called Lexus Replaced rear window motor at no cost.

I was having this problem since I bought the 2006 es330. I tOok it to dealer several times and each time they would do something and say that the problem was fixed. It will work for a while but same problem would appeared in hot weather sometimes. Finally I called the Lexus customer service and they told me that they will replace the motor at no charge. Once the motor was replaced, this problem has not occured. This was happening on rear passenger side window only.
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My friend's 2005 ES330 had the same issue. She told me her left rear window would not go down . Since she has no others in her car 99% of the time, she ignored it. I knew about this thread, and I gave it a try. It did not work the first 5 times. The motor was overheated. We went away for 30 minutes, and tried again. Just when it looked like it wasn't going to work, it finally broke free and has only stuck once since then. I used silicone lubricant on all the upper window ledges, and there has been no more problems. Thanks to all of you.
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Old 09-27-14, 08:26 AM   #35
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Thanks for the info. Thought I would be pulling the door panel this weekend.

It took only 1 door slam and the window was working again. Quirky car.
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Old 10-22-14, 07:56 AM   #36
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Wow, great thread. Thanks, JSM1284, for posting the TSB fix.

The rear passenger side window in my family's ES330 has been having this problem with the window stuck in the up position.

The first time I tried the fix (about three days ago), it didn't work. I tried the procedure twice the first day, with a couple of hours between each attempt, each time giving up after several times opening and closing the door with the window power switch held down and no success.

I tried the fix again the next day, and it worked. How about that?

Thanks again.
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Old 11-07-14, 06:22 AM   #37
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FYI, To avoid the rear windows re-sticking, lower and raise the windows once or twice a week. I found that if I do that it sticks less. (But eventually I forget and then it happens again.......)
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Default Thanks

Great! It worked, Thanks so much!

Anyone know where I get front floor mats for a good price?
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Smile Rear Window locked

Just wanted to let you know, that you also helped me...it worked after only one try. Thanks again for your help.
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