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Only a few days left!!!
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Greetings! just returned from business trip and decided to try my luck...
First of all wanted to say that CONCAVO is giving a great opportunity for the LexusClub family!
The set of Concavo wheels is a supreme gift for Christmas!

Besides the design of CONCAVO wheels is really very interesting - very eye-catching, clean and classy.

Here in Ukraine apart from my daily job I also help many Lexus owners to choose, order and import different parts for their cars (like lips, suspension, spoilers, wheels, interior parts etc). So it happened that my car is pretty well-known in Kiev and all over Ukraine even though after 2 years of owning it I only started to mod))

Also here is the link to my car on another regional site dedicated to cars (sorry it's in Russian) -

So if I'll be the lucky one to win this contest I'll proudly represent #TEAMCONCAVO both here on ClubLexus and on Drive2. Lots of photoshoots to come! Besides will attend car meets in Kiev and promote CONCAVO WHEELS as much as possible! I'm also sure that after people in Ukraine see my car with these wheels they'll also want to own them) so suppose more orders to come for #TEAMCONCAVO and a great way for CONCAVO to be well-known in Ukraine and as a result in Russia too)

So here are several pics of my car back in autumn and now (last photos were made today and as you can see the winter in Ukraine is nice ) besides not rolling on G-spiders as used to do till this winter - so the opportunity to win the proper set of wheels is really tempting!)

and pics from today

So much respect for this contest to ClubLexus and #TEAMCONCAVO from Ukarine - Lexus family is trully international)))

Best of luck to every contestant!)
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Loving the entries!
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Hats off to Concavo wheels for a terrific contest for us Club Lexus members

Here is my 2002 Mystic Sea Opalescent green Lexus GS which will shortly under go surgery. The car will not look the same, body wise after it is completed.

From day one I always admire Concavo Wheels, if I were to win this it will truly complement my GS make over for 2013.

I swear no one will rep CONCAVO WHEELS as hard as I would on the mean streets of New York City - From Queens to the Bronx to downtown Manhattan and all tristate car shows

Additional details/pictures of my GS can be found on my blog @

One love,


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First off I would like to thank the Concavo Team just for the thoughtfulness and the spirit of giving to the Club.
I think having a set of your wheels on my 2012 Vert would get the ball rolling for me to go LOW. They are Classy and Sophisticated. I would love to showcase your wheels here in the SF Bay area. This car is my daily driver so they would be seen all over the Bay area, I drove almost 20K miles in the first year of ownership.
No matter who wins this is a great way to show support for the Lexus community and makes for a stronger and supportive Club, My hats off to you guys.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.
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CONCAVO WHEELS CHRISTMAS Giveaway!!! WIN a FREE set of CONCAVO CW-12!!!-2012-is350c-004-800x531-.jpg  
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This is going to be really hard!!!
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I'm so in love with the CW12 Yoan knows it only thing i wished it was the matte black machined face. Yoan and Bob has told me plenty of good things bout this company! Funny thing is I discovered concavo through instagram months ago before you guys became a vendor on here. Check this thread ( by the looks of the pictures the quality looks very well made, the design is very unique, and will be quiet the head turner if im lucky enough to win. And its definitely Something i would proudly put on my car. Hopefully I can represent team concavo in ohio! Here is my 2007 IS250 AWD. I'm one of very few modded Lexus's especially 2IS's around here.
More fotos of all my mods are available at the link in my signature. I can proudly say what makes my car unique is all the mods have been done by myself and yes that includes molding the trunk, the rear quarters, wrapping my roof with carbon fiber vinyl. Win or lose one day ill ne joining team concavo! I haven't been very active lately but im glad I got on and caught this thread. Thanks for the opportunity Concavo!

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First of, I would really thankful for Concavo wheel giving away the new set of wheels! Really a nice Christmas gift as a Lexus enthusiastic.

I've own my 08 IS250 over 9 months only and I did quit of few mods on my car, I really enjoying modding car because this make me feel really good! like nothing compares to it!!! I'm looking forward to a new set of wheels and I think this is a very Awesome chance to be part of Concavo wheels! Im a lover of concave wheels! As Concavo Wheels is one of the concave wheels company, design and production are made by passion! Concavo wheels not only making a car looking spectacular, it also identified a great definition of glowing show car and unbeatable daily driver! My life is going to be cars ALL the way because I just love cars!! Nothing can take away me from there . If I become part of the Concavo wheels, I'm going to put ALL my Passion into it!!! I will be proudly represent team Concavo wheels and would LOVE it!! I live in SF so there are a lot of people with modded cars and car lovers, I'm driving my car going back and forth and around 3 to 5 times a day. I have to because it's my daily driver :P. It's just gonna be TOO great to have both workmanship and new shoes on my car at the same time!!!! JUST LOVE IT!! Can't beat the attraction of Concavo wheels on our LEXUS!!

PS: my mods are in my signature

Thank you Concavo wheels!!
Merry Christmas


CONCAVO WHEELS CHRISTMAS Giveaway!!! WIN a FREE set of CONCAVO CW-12!!!-img_7621-1024x683-.jpg
CONCAVO WHEELS CHRISTMAS Giveaway!!! WIN a FREE set of CONCAVO CW-12!!!-img_5575-800x457-.jpg
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CONCAVO WHEELS CHRISTMAS Giveaway!!! WIN a FREE set of CONCAVO CW-12!!!-img_5573-800x400-.jpg  

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Goodluck to the people that deserve it

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Default concavo + lexus = ?

I honestly do not know where to begin with my car. It is my baby, my love and my true passion. I love working on cars, looking at cars and talking about my cars. I attend regular super car Sundays, caravans, events, shows, anything I can get my hands on. I consider myself a very active member in the car scene and the owner of a rare an unique Lexus. I currently own a 2006, the first year made, Lexus is 350. My upgrades include but are not limited to matte black paint, carbon fiber hood, h and r springs, exhaust intake, gfx body kit, sound system, and for the most part what you see. The matte paint turns more heads than a Lamborghini, as my friends always say, and my exhaust note definitely helps with that too.The car is always transforming and extremely dynamic. I have had many sets of wheels and am always changing because I cannot seem to find a company nor a specific wheel that fits myself and my car at the same time. However, I have recently come across the Concavo wheels previously to this contest. From Vroomin350's instagram to Concavos instagram, Need for speed Motorsports to Diamond Black Exteriors, your company is growing rapidly and I want to be a part of it. I love the simplicity and class to the wheels and not to mention its concave in the back AND front. I would love to be the first matte lexus paint job sitting on Concavo wheels whether it is through this contest or financed on my own. I find myself to be an asset to anything I am apart of and the perfect representative in the auto industry. I was always an active listener, and even more active in discussions and my ability to reflect. I am able to bring something to the table that no one else can. I have a sense of leadership, a sense of dedication, and drive that cannot be overlooked. I am currently at the last steps in completing my bachelors degree in communications where I have learned to communicate through the media, inter personally and very effectively. I have built a talent and more importantly a rare skill that has given me the ability to efficiently market a product or in this case a company and portray them exactly how they want to be and exactly how they should be. I have the connections and drive to get Concavo's name out their and promote brand awareness and expand a target market. I am young but motivated and in the perfect stages of my life to try something new, to become part of something new, and to become something new. I hope you guys pick me as I know Team Concavo will not be dissapointed and I look forward to representing you guys throughout the greater Los Angeles area for years to come. I am stunned by the generosity your company has during the holiday times and congratulate whoever wins this amazing opportunity and look forward to seeing the end results.

I have several grills, this is the first time I have used my underglow in a shoot, and am open for requested changed via Concavo.

NO DROP old picture just to show the contrast of matte black with the silver wheels

"Dreams come true, so dream big"

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Almost there!!!
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Hello Team Concavo ! My car is a 2004 Lexus ES330. The modifications done are KSport Kontrol coilover suspension, adjustable sway bar endlinks, 5% tint all around, a single JL Audio 8W7 powered by a JL Audio Slash Series 500/1 amp, HID headlights & foglights and LED lighting inside and out.
Future modifications in the works are Mercedes Benz signal mirror lenses retrofitted into stock ES mirrors, LED retrofit tail lights, custom interior tables and a new trunk setup, etc.
I hope people can respect that I'm trying to work on a different platform and bring something different to the game. If your trying to show that your rims aren't the "common" wheel, then I think my ES would be a good way to show that. If possible, win or lose I'd like to offer my greatest interest in representing Team Concavo.

Thank you for this opportunity.


Here are some pictures..

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Last Day!!
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Default Why we can help you with those rims.

First off, I'd like to thank #TEAMCONCAVO for giving everybody here the opportunity to own these beautiful wheels. I recently purchased this awesome Lexus CT200h premium and am looking forward to all the modifications and adjustments (Have already ordered kits, suspension, HID's, and all the other good stuff).

PLEASE EXCUSE THE PHOTO: will have professional shoot after building is finished, (Hopefully with these concavo wheels)

Although i have not been in the automobile aftermarket scene long, i currently work for Prestige Marketing ( )as the Social media director, and our next project is, coincidentally, a Lexus CT200h and we are looking for companies to contribute to this project. I would love to win these wheels so i can use them in our next photoshoot or event. Our client list is quite long with notable companies like Bandai, Namco, Savini Wheels, Toyo Tires, Sony, and plenty of others! We are part of SEMA annually, and attend many more.

By winning these wheels, i can not only advertise your company by driving around in them, but in auto-shows, drag race events, photo-shoots, etc.... giving your company the exposure that it needs and deserves. These are beautiful wheels and i would love a set of them to be exposed!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion on why i think i should win these rims!
On behalf of Prestige Marketing, i wish you guys a Merry Christmas. Hope to hear from you soon!

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CONCAVO WHEELS CHRISTMAS Giveaway!!! WIN a FREE set of CONCAVO CW-12!!!-537751_102506293253933_1782565908_n.jpg  

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Warm greetings to everyone. First of all #TEAMCONCAVO... No matter who wins the wheels, that's an awesome thing to do.

Allow me to introduce myself... I am DEJAVU... I'm a graffiti artist from Europe. I have a graffiti showcase/expo during the WHOLE month of May 2013 at Good Girl Art Gallery here in Springfield, MO. (I CURRENTLY LIVE HERE, IN THE USA)

I want to bring so much art to this area, all my talent will go to the show. That's why, I decided to roll my car into the show. It will be FULLY CUSTOM and almost covered with graffiti... Professionally done by me.

Anyways, the whole theme will be gray-scale (black, white, gray). I have looked at many rims and this particular style is one of the FEW that will go perfectly with my car.

My car will be repainted (base coat) pure white. As an artist, I love combining old and new. These fresh rims would be THE finishing touch on my 1995 SC300.

I do not have much money because it always goes to my car or art pieces for the show. Why? I don't care to spend a lot, if I can bring a whole new wave of art to this area.

So if I win, it will be a BLESSING, to both me and my wallet, lol... And May is their busiest month... Which means thousands will see both my art, car, and those beautiful wheels.

Thank you #TEAMCONCAVO for reading.

P.S... YES! The Lexus is scheduled for a beautiful AutoCouture body kit install, air ride install, and so much more.
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CONCAVO WHEELS CHRISTMAS Giveaway!!! WIN a FREE set of CONCAVO CW-12!!!-download-img_20121015_164247-1.jpg  
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