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Don Nguyen 09-05-13 07:28 PM

**Don Nguyen | Vinyl roof wrapping, tail light tinting, black out chrome trim instal
For locals that are looking to get vinyl installed on their cars, I can supply both the materials and do the complete installation at my location. The best way to schedule an appointment with me or reach me is via e-mail at

Here's a link to my Facebook Page - Gallery

I am located in Anaheim Hills / Orange County, California. (Note: I do occasionally make trips to Norcal / Bay Area for vinyl installations/work as well, contact me for more info)

For non-locals (or for someone who just wants or needs some materials) and would like to DIY it, I can supply and sell you just the materials to do the installation as well.

Prices varies for both installation and materials depending on the exact car, vinyl finish, and specific part(s) that you want wrapped, so PM or e-mail me ( directly for price quotes.

- Gloss and matte black roof vinyl (other finishes/colors are available upon request)
- Gloss and matte Carbon fiber vinyl
- Black out chrome/brushed aluminum window trim vinyl
- Interior/exterior trim
- Head/tail light tinting
- Full car wraps
- Graphic/vinyl installations
- And More...

I've done installations on hundreds of cars and have supplied materials to thousands of cars worldwide at this point. Here are just one or two quick pictures of the cars and the work that I have personally done for them, just to give you guys an idea of how it looks like and the quality of my work:

Black vinyl roof install:


Carbon fiber roof install:
Before (hood and roof both originally painted gloss black):


Tinted / smoked lights install:


Blacked out chrome/brushed aluminum window trim install:


For a more concise way of viewing specific examples of my work, I have split the more popular types of installations into specific galleries, which you can view in the links below. Even if you may not see something pictured in one of the links below, feel free to contact me directly, as it is very likely that it is still something that I can do or have done in the past.

Facebook Page - Gallery

Gloss and Matte Black Roofs:
Black Roof Vinyl Wrap Pictures - Q&A/FAQ/etc. - E46Fanatics

3M Dinoc and 1080 Carbon Fiber Roofs:
Don Nguyen - Vinyl Carbon Fiber Roof - Picture Thread - E46Fanatics

Smoked/tinted headlights and tail lights:
Smoked/tinted headlights and tail lights? Opinions? - E46Fanatics

Blacked out chrome/brushed aluminum window trim:
Don Nguyen | Blacked Out Window Trim - Vinyl - E46Fanatics

Let me know if you guys have any questions or if you are interested in getting some work done.


-Don Nguyen

Don Nguyen 09-05-13 07:33 PM

The owner of this dark blue Subaru WRX hatchback wanted me to red out his tail lights, to make it not so white/clear. So what I did for him was use my clear red vinyl film and applied it over his rear tail lights. He wanted me to cut out the reverse light and turn signal portions so that they would show through their original colors still. However, I took in progress pictures to show you guys how it would have looked like if they weren't cut out, so you can compare and contrast which style/look you'd prefer more.


In progress/during


-Don Nguyen

dorkacho 09-06-13 02:41 PM

How much for a full car wrap?

YogiFTLC 09-06-13 04:18 PM

I've known Don for a very long time. His work is amazing and worth the money spent!

Don Nguyen 09-06-13 07:59 PM

Thanks Yogi.

Price for full car depends on the type of car and finish you want it wrapped in. PM me.



whitebeast 09-07-13 07:22 AM

How much you charge for hood wrap? Just like BMW above

IntegresS 09-07-13 02:58 PM

"Black out chrome/brushed aluminum window trim vinyl"

I need this on my 3IS :D

Don Nguyen 09-08-13 10:12 PM

PMs replied to.


6SOARER 09-09-13 09:09 AM


I have a 99 Toyota Tacoma extra cab that needs to be wrapped, how much?

Do you use 3M vinyl material?

VonStar 09-09-13 10:20 AM

How much for gloss black wrap for is350?

Don Nguyen 09-09-13 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by 6SOARER (Post 8131111)

I have a 99 Toyota Tacoma extra cab that needs to be wrapped, how much?

Do you use 3M vinyl material?

What finish? PM me.


Originally Posted by VonStar (Post 8131245)
How much for gloss black wrap for is350?

Whole car, just roof, etc?


Initial_K 09-09-13 05:21 PM

Interested in a matte hood wrap for an 2IS.

Don Nguyen 09-10-13 10:50 AM

PM or e-mail me for quicker responses. I think I've PMed everyone's who posted. If not, PM me.

For this white Lexus IS250, the owner wanted to have me black out the roof of his car with my gloss black vinyl material. We went with the gloss black to give it that panoramic/glass look. The gloss black roof went well with the other black pieces that were on the car (black inserts/accents on the side skirts and roof spoiler, which was only taken off for the install). The only other thing I could have possibly suggested to doing to this car is also blacking out the chrome around the window trim area. However, that comes down to a preference thing and some people prefer having/leaving it chrome, but I like the blacked out look for the chrome since it gives the car a much sportier look. The owner of this car came out to me in Orange County/Anaheim Hills to get the work done.



-Don Nguyen

timmy0tool 09-11-13 10:26 AM

good stuff don. will be hitting you up soon on smoking some taillights for me!

SoCal_450h 09-11-13 07:24 PM

Can you do clear bra? How long it would take to remove and install the whole front (full hood, fenders, bumper, headlights and fog lights, side mirrors) of 3rd gen GS? Can you pm me the price

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