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Default I need help figuring out what this is

Ok, made a quick run to Baltimore last night and on the way back this morning around 6:30 the highway was pretty empty. I see this small funny shaped red dot in the distance. Now a small funny shaped red dot in the distance is usually a good thing in that it will turn out to be some sort of exotic. So of course I increase speed (was already on a 2.5 hour pace to NY) to catch up before I lose the opportunity to see what it is.

When I get there, I find:

Excuse the cell phone pics, didn't want to break pace and pull out the digital camera, wish I could have given you guys more detail though.

What is this?
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looks like someone chop the top off of a volvo?
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That looks like an older Infiniti Q45. What a joke.
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yep thats what it looks like the old Q45....riced out of course. *barf*
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Old 03-23-08, 04:45 PM   #5
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Hahahah convertible Q45... looks like he tried to mimic the Auto Couture convertible Soarer but it all turned out peachy.
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Old 03-24-08, 07:40 PM   #6
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a MESS, bro. (ha ha)
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that is sooooooooooo JDM VIP.
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rofl a cheap way to make the q45 look like a convertible
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Old 03-25-08, 12:54 AM   #9
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wow cant belive some one would kill a Q45 like that
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It's an abomination, that's what.
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Old 03-25-08, 04:45 AM   #11
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I dont think it is a Q...
I think it's an American Car...that grill looks familiar...

I def don't think it's a
Maybe it'll come to me as the day progresses...
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Old 03-25-08, 06:05 AM   #12
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It's a Q45 - I can tell by the door handles.

Someone pleeeease burn that thing to the ground if they happen to see it again. I've seen modde Ford Festivas with more appeal than that.
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Old 03-25-08, 11:22 AM   #13
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Yes. It's a pimped-out Q....around a 1994 model or so. That thing is more messed up than Hillary's campaign.
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the rear looks neon'ish thou... wait... huh?
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Exclamation Next Infiniti Q50 spotted!!!

Please caption at your pleasure

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