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Acura has Civic based Integra Drops name even though its popular and sedan for 2 door RSX.
Acura discontinues RSX, says they are moving to Tier 1 and don't want those buyers anymore
Acura brings TSX, first gen is a hit, 2nd gen doesn't do as well
Acura fails at Tier 1, decides to drop TSX makes up ANOTHER new name
Acura has Civic based ILX, discontinues CSX in Canada. Now says it wants those buyers they abandoned in 2002 or so.

They are clueless

They could have done this 15 years ago lol
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Car looks good to me, but holy crap what a horrible selection of engine choices. Give me a pair of Nikes walking shoes and I could probably out-lap it.

Honda, stop using the same engine over and over and over and over. The K-series engine was a marvel when it debut right after the first coming of Jesus, but it's not impressive anymore.
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Old 02-07-12, 08:46 PM   #48
bad co
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Originally Posted by GFerg View Post
20/29 on a 200hp 4 cylinder? Is this real life?!
Thats the only 4 more then a AMG cls (25mpg) and it almost has 3x as much power!!
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Allen K
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If the TL looked like that from the get go it might have actually sold well. Steering wheel needs more buttons though
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- Nice navi screen
- Rear profile reminds me of a Buick Verano
- 5-speed auto (there is a perfectly good 6-speed to use - yet again)
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Old 02-07-12, 08:57 PM   #51
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This is going to be a huge flop. The interior design is so dated
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Old 02-07-12, 08:58 PM   #52
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Like I commented on Autoblog, I'm sure the interior has no build quality or materials problems (although to be honest, nothing terribly outstanding). My concern is, this is a segment that appeals to places with narrower roads and heavier taxes, like Canada. Since Acura is not a major player in Europe, that leaves the US, a market that still tends to shop larger cars. If Honda really wants to replace the TSX with this, it will be a long uphill battle.

It's fine as a CSX replacement, though.
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Old 02-07-12, 09:53 PM   #53
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Interior and exterior look cheap...a Chevy Cruze has more sex appeal inside and out. Engine choices, as Mike and others have pointed out, are simply laughable.

I'd rather have a Camry SE. Sad part is that the current TSX is a decent car so I'm not sure why they had to go **** on a good thing. If this is Acura's future, they need to pack up and go back home, now.
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Old 02-07-12, 10:34 PM   #54
bruce van
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The Acura brand is completely lost. Is this car seriously based on a Civic? You have to be kidding me right? So where are they going to price it at? $25K? So they are going to cannibalize Accord sales. Really smart.

The design is not impressive at all. The rear is to short. It looks like the back end of doberman. And what's up with the swooping character line on the rear fender? It's totally unnecessary.

Acura is going down the same path as Yahoo. So sad.
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Old 02-07-12, 10:37 PM   #55
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Looks really nice but DAMN, that 2.4 liter engine it's using is pathetic. Only 200 hp and using United States EPA guidelines, it only get 20/29. For comparison, a similar 6-cylinder in that new BMW 3 series will give you 28/34 and more power and torque as well.

In fact, It's worse than the TSX/Euro Accord that it replaces.

They should discontinue that K24 engine now.
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Old 02-07-12, 10:57 PM   #56
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Looks fine, if it was released a few years ago, the interior of a first gen TSX looks better than this! Reminds me when Infiniti released the second gen G20 , looks nothing special and the MPG isn't impressive for 2012 either.
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Old 02-07-12, 11:07 PM   #57
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Makes me ashamed to own an Acura... this car is a fail in my book....and I thought that Lexus was slacking and yet here they had me thinking that they were getting on track by finally getting the NSX going again....
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Old 02-07-12, 11:08 PM   #58
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Acura might as well come back with the 2004 TSX...
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Old 02-08-12, 12:01 AM   #59
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The rear styling is shockingly horrible and screams compact and down-market. They added silly Dodge Charger fender hips, last gen Mazda 3 c-pillars, and morphed a no-trunk ZDX hatchback for the rump. None of these three things match or lend an upscale look. The busy dash is also tired, with the last six years worth of Acuras already having the same appearance. I won't even hit on the lackluster powertrain choices.
It is absolutely sad and stunning Acura is still lost after so many chances.
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Originally Posted by jadu View Post
Acura might as well come back with the 2004 TSX...
LOL exactly!! It's sad that even the 1st gen TSX seems more appealing than's like they are taking steps backwards in a way...
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