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Pink LS460, epic!

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Default Pink LS460, epic!

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What can I say?
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I want to say repost but not sure. It is horrible but like that crappy Civic with the IS/Crown bits it amazingly seems to be actually well executed.
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Mister Two
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Those wheels are like one inch too large and half an inch too wide... but other than that it's actually very well done... if pink is your thing.
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a serious attention disorder.
a horrible childhood in a very ghetto neighbor hood.

Combination of all three maybe?
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Lol, I knew it was a florida car before I even opened the thread.

I can't comprehend how anyone could do that to a car and think it looks good.

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Old 08-19-10, 12:13 AM   #7
Red Bully
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It has spinners.... god!!!!! Money would be proud! LOL

If you sell drugs raise your hand
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Wow that just hurts my eyes
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The seats look like pink pineapple, ick.
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oh my! what else can i say?

already chipped the painted steering wheel...
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that custom interior looks pretty good, color aside. for a pink ls, it didnt look all that bad. more like hello kitty meets dub. definitely unique.
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at least he will always know which LS is his when he picks up his car after service.

What a waste.
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exclusive matchup
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gosh, just a matter of time.....

actually, sooner than i thought....
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Definitely repost, but still hurts the eyes as bad as the last time
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