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The ‘Speed Per Dollar’ Index, A New Performance Paradigm:

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Default The ‘Speed Per Dollar’ Index, A New Performance Paradigm:

A New Performance Paradigm: The ‘Speed Per Dollar’ Index

May 31st, 2007 3:37 PM

It occurred to me that enthusiasts could use a new equation to better quantify a vehicle’s capabilities in view of its cost—something like horsepower-per-pound-per-dollar, a metric that more artfully balances power, weight, and financial outlay. Thus, the “Speed per Dollar” concept was born.

Being something of a buffoon at mathematics and graphics, I sought help to turn the idea into a meaningful standardized equation that would yield useful numbers. The staff at WINDING ROAD rallied around the concept and contacted the fine folks at Funnel Inc. (motto: “Information design that makes the complex clear”), and the concept became a reality.

The basic calculation they came up with is as follows:

(Horsepower ÷ Weight) x 10,000 ÷ Price Point x 100,000 = SpD

We think this SpD metric is uniquely useful because it weighs a vehicle’s accelerative capabilities against its cost. There’s no doubt that the Bugatti Veyron 16/4 is a tremendous technical achievement, but as a value proposition, well, it fails miserably—a development that should come as a shock to exactly no one given its plutocratic price tag.

We like the SpD because it celebrates affordable sports like the Mazdaspeed3, Chevrolet Corvette, and the Ariel Atom. It isn’t perfect (it doesn’t take into account a vehicle’s handling envelope), but nevertheless, we think it’s a better evaluation of enthusiast vehicles than existing calculations.

A few sample equations:

2007 Ford Mustang GT: (300 hp ÷ 3356 lbs.) x 10,000 ÷ $26,370 x 100,000 = 3390 SpD
2007 Lotus Elise: (190 hp ÷ 1984 lbs.) x 10,000 ÷ $42,990 x 100,000 = 2228 SpD
2007 Saleen S7 TT: (750 hp ÷ 2950 lbs.) x 10,000 ÷ $580,000 x 100,000 = 437 SpD

Check out the chart above (click on it to expand), then grab a calculator and run your own vehicle through the formula for fun-the higher the SpD, the better.
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Nice. As soon as I read the title, I knew the MazdaSpeed3 would be at the top! 155mph for cheap!

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I'd still take the S7 anyday...
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bruce van
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The Mazdaspeed3 is the best HP/$ out there.
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Hmm so an SRT-4 gets 230hp / 2,899lbs x 10,000 / $20,700 x 100,000 = 3833...much better than the Mazdaspeed3 and beaten only by the barely road-legal Atom's 3915 (that has no roof, no trunk, no nothing). That's it! My next car will be the SRT-4! Oh wait you say it's discontinued? Oh well at least thanks to this chart I won't be suckered into a Veyron anymore.o_O
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It's funny how Bugatti starts at the top but ends at the bottom and the Atom is vice versa. Then Turbo stays in th e middle.
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sweet posting dude

I would so get the Elise I wonder where the Exige S would land up on this list
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Very interesting...thanks for posting this!
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this is offers a tangible way to consider the ol' "bang for the buck" factor.. very interesting..
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As long as we're not measuring dynamic stats here (0-60, 70-0, 1/4mi, lateral g's, etc.), it got me thinking.
A human on a racing bike... I made some assumptions (bike weight of 20lbs at $500 - I think that this is reasonable). Also, an in-shape person can sustain 0.3 hp for a significant time (an hour or more, athletes can do so for several hours).

So, we have (((0.3hp/200lbs)x10,000)/$500)x100,000 = 3,000. Voila!
That slots very nicely between the Evo RS and the Z06!
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quoted from my friend: its to make poor people feel good about them selves
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lmao, this makes me feel better

this is how it comp's out for my LS400

(((290/4300)*10000)/14000)*100000= ~4,817

and thats with a price thats MORE than what i paid for the car
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shouldnt torque be in this equation? ****, I'm sure with this equation, bikes would blow the living daylight out of these cars.
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They need to do the " Chix magnet index". I'm sure the Veyron is still up on the top all day long....
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I still wouldn't drive half that crap.

I know what I like, you gotta pay to play
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