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Lightbulb New Lexus Slogan


Trademarks: Lexus Slogan Change in the Future?
If recent trademark filings are any indication, Toyota may be considering a slogan change for its Lexus brand. From 1989 to 1999, "The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection" was the luxury automaker's primary tag line. In 2000, that changed to "The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection." Two weeks ago, Toyota registered "The Passionate Pursuit of Potential" and "The Pursuit of Potential." Could a new tag line for one of Japan's most prestigious brand be in the works? Earlier this year, we accurately identified Cadillac's "Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit" slogan. We also found Saturn's "Like Always. Like Never Before." Will Lexus be hit number three?
I think that the slogan is fine but I would like to change the emblem --- the "L" is kinda plain looking especially compared to the elaborate "T" of Toyota.
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I like "The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection" the best.
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The L is famous now , would be weird to change it now . Slogan is fine now .
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Relentless was the best. Potential doesn't sound right, that will never fly.

Potential implies that the product can be good, but it's not the best. Potential is very open ended like "can be", "maybe", "should be".

That catch phrase potentially damaging.
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Lexus = PERFECTION, they should not change that!

I think 'Pursuit of Potential' might work for a potential AMG/M line or something. Or perhaps its an offshoot, for a specific ad campaign.

Just like how Lexus newspaper ads use the tagline:

"Your Lexus Dealer. Pursuing Perfection."
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Swapping "perfection" for "potential" is a huge mistake, IMO.

Saturn's new tagline is horrible, too. They had it right with "A different kind of car. A different kind of company." It's too bad both were accurate for only about three model years...
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They should keep it the way it is.
The L symbol is perfect the way it is too. Simple is good.
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bruce van
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The new slogan sounds really lame. "Potential" always sounds half-assed in almost every sentence I've ever heard.

"That kid's got potential." Translation: He's good, but needs to try a little harder.

"That car's got potential." Translation: It's not looking to good right now, but with a lot more work, it could run okay.
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Pursuit of potential??? WTF? Potential what? Recall? Transmission failture?

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I think those taglines are just hints about what's to come. How credible do you think is that source of where that quote was taken from? All auto-tabloid websites will do anything to stir up attention.
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I think their angle on this slogan would be that Lexus is the full potential of what an automobile can be. Or it's pursuing the ultimate potential of the automobile.

However, most won't interpret it like that.
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umm doesn't really sound right to me..... i prefer the current one...
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Yep, "pursuit of potential" seems like saying, the potential is there but we just can't reach it.
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I think they should stay the way it is now, but my favourite is still "the relentless pursuit of perfection" . . .
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Passionate Pursuit of Perfection or Relentless Pursuit for Perfections.
Or any small variations of the above.

This potential crap is a no go.
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